Previously in The Plan: Remus. That was the only thought crossing my mind. The only thought that ever crossed my mind this late at night, and most of the time during the day. I had been thinking about him like this since half way through third year, and the feelings hadn't gone away yet.

Chapter 2: The Case of the Ravenclaw Bint

"You had better start that essay for old Binn's then." James and Peter had returned, they hadn't even been back for five minutes and Remus had started about the homework.

"Aw, come on Moony, we just got back! At least let us unpack first." James looked happy to be back at Hogwarts. He looked tired and in need of a good hug.

"I already did mine!" Peter squeaked up, looking thoroughly pleased with himself. "I got that bored over the holidays, there was nothing else to do!"

"Did you really!" Remus sounded far to happy about this, and forced Peter into a giant bear-hug, squeezing the air out of the boy. For the first time in my life, I was jealous of Wormtail.

It was odd. I knew Moony wasn't mine, but I did tend to get jealous at simple things like this.

"Moony, let him breathe." James rescued Peter from his clutches. Remus always got over-excited when one of us did our homework with being asked. "So it's just me and you doing it then Padfoot, as I'm assuming Moony over there did the stupid essay four weeks ago, when we first got it." James laughed at himself, thinking he was funny.

"Um, Prongs, Moony forced me to finish it the day before Christmas, threatening me with stealing my presents and hiding them from me." I smiled at the memory, he had forced me to the ground, sat on me, and demanded that I do my homework.

Three hours later, we sat in a very noisy Common Room, James continuously running his hands through his un-cooperating hair. He had done it so many times that it was standing on end, well more than usual anyway. Remus was sitting opposite him, watching him, making sure he was staying on task.

Peter was talking to me about his Christmas, it didn't sound like he had much fun.

"And then my mum made me clean the garage for swearing at my cousin, who swore at me in the first-"

"James, just pass it here!" Peter and I both turned to see a smiling James. Remus had obviously grown irritated at James's lack of knowledge about the first ever Mermaid Colony, and was offering to 'look over it' for him. We all knew that this meant he was going to write half the thing.

"I love you, Moony!" James passed Remus his essay, stood and gave him a half hearted hug. I suddenly felt an un-familiar clenching in my stomach.

"You alright Padfoot?" It was Peter.

"Yeah, why?"

"You look a bit sick all of a sudden." I pulled my eyes away from Remus to look at Peter.

"I'm fine, honest." Peter continued to stare at me.

"He was a bit sick this morning." Remus said, not looking up from the table.

"Really? Are you sure you're alright now, Padfoot?" James had joined us on the couch.

Within ten minutes, Remus had finished James' essay and was now sitting in front of the fire. I couldn't help but stare at him, it was one of my favourite things to do. A few minutes passed while I was oblivious to all around me, watching Remus often caused this.

He hadn't looked at me once, how could he not feel my eyes burning into him? How could he not know?

Had Sirius been paying better attention to what was going on around him, he would have seen Peter staring at him. Then following his gaze to Remus, then looking back at him. Realisation written all over his face.

The next day wasn't very eventful, we spent most of it preparing for classes, apart from the two hours we spent down in the kitchen, with the house-elves, and our stomachs were now to full to attend dinner. It was finally nearing seven in the evening, and we were all seated on James's bed, talking about what we, as the Marauders, talked about well: Girls.

This didn't happen very often, as we normally ended up growing frustrated at the annoying, complex minds of girls, but when we did talk about them, it always went the same way. James would start out talking, in great detail, about Lily Evans. The girl he had been obsessed with since he first laid eyes on her.

"Oh, and her hair! Honestly, have you seen her hair, its all perfect and-"

"James, shut up. We've all seen her hair." Peter laughed as he tried to push James off the bed.

This is how it always went. James would reach the part about her hair, after working from her feet up (leaving out the bits that he knew Remus would hit him for talking about) and Peter would tell him to shut up. The conversation would then usually be followed by which girls the other three thought were alright looking. I usually stayed out of this, feeling like being sick every time Remus said he thought a particular girls was pretty.

They all thought I stayed out of these conversations because I thought that no girl could ever live up to the expectations of the great Sirius Black.

"That Bridge girl in Hufflepuff is alright." Peter had said.

"Yeah, she is, but she has nothing on Evans, the way Eva-"


I noticed that lately Remus too, stayed out of these conversations. I wanted it to be because he had fallen spectacularly I love with me, but can you say wishful thinking?

"What about that Cartwater girl, in Ravenclaw?"

"Ask Moony that one." James said, casting a knowing glance at him. My head snapped to Remus, who was an un-natural shade of red. I felt my blood instantly boil in anger. I saw Peter looking at me, a weird look on his face.

"You fancy her?" Peter said, his head turning to Moony.

"He's fancied her for ages!" James said, still smirking. I felt my stomach implode. This cant be real.

"How do you know, James? I haven't told anyone!" Remus's voice was slightly higher than normal, the red in his cheeks growing. I wanted to punch someone.

"You mean you do fancy her?" I tried my best to keep my voice normal, but knew I failed. I again saw Peter glance at me.

"Ha! I knew it! I knew I saw you looking at her all the time!" James sounded like he had just won 1000 Galleons.

I knew why. It wasn't very often that Remus took an interest in anything that didn't concern homework, books or his friends, so this was definitely big news.

"I do not look at her all the time!" His cheeks were now on fire, the blush creeping down his neck, but he was wearing a huge smile. My insides collapsed. It was hard trying not to show this on my face.

"Ooo, Moony and the resident brain of Ravenclaw!"

"What's her first name anyway?" Peter finally tore his face away from mine, to look at Remus.

"Linda." Moony sounded terribly embarrassed. I couldn't bring myself to look up from the bed spread and look at him. I felt like he would see right into my mind if I did. I again felt Peter's eyes on me.

"Does she know, have you talked to her, has anything happened between you, are you publicly announcing your engagement yet?" James was very eager. Remus didn't say anything, he simply shook his head.

"So is that a no, you're not engaged, or no you don't like her ?" I asked the bed spread. I tried my best to be my usual self, it was hard.

"She has no idea I even exist." He sounded upset when he said this. Oh no, he really likes her doesn't he?

"Moony and Lindy-"


"Right. Meant that. Moony and Linda!" James was acting like a five year old, if I hadn't just found out that my beloved Remus fancied someone else, I would have found James' antics funny.

"Moony and Linda!" I felt the corners of my eyes prickling.

"Moony and Linda!" James stood and started dancing on his bed, causing me to fall into Moony's lap. Under normal circumstances, I would have taken as much time as possible to pull myself away from him, but not after what I had just found out.

I was angry at him. I pushed him away as hard as I could, causing him to fall to the floor. James had stopped his dancing, all three pairs of eyes were on me. I ran to the door.

"You alright?" It was Remus. The sound of his voice making me fight hard against tears, luckily my back was facing them, so they didn't see.

"Don't feel well, g-going to the hospital wing." I slammed the door as hard as I could, and took off down the stairs, and out of the Common Room.

I only stopped running once I had reached the Boys Lavatory, three floors below. I flung myself inside, locked the door and threw myself at a wall fighting tears.

When did this happen? He only liked that Ravenclaw bint because she was smart. As I tried to calm myself, I thought of the night before James and Peter had returned, what I had heard Remus doing. I felt like being sick. He had been thinking of her hadn't he?

My stomach had been left back in my dorm. I felt like my heart had been torn out and stomped on. He fancied someone else. He didn't fancy me. This wasn't happing.

I knew I was being stupid, what were the chances he was going to fancy me, anyway? Of all the people in Hogwarts, what were the chances that I would steal his glances? I knew I was acting like a young girl with her first crush, but I didn't care.

I felt as though I suddenly had no insides at all. I had to find a way for him to forget all about the girl Ravenclaw. I didn't think I would be able to survive if I had to see him kiss someone who wasn't me. In fact, I knew I wouldn't survive.

I wouldn't.


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Remus: Were you just crying, Padfoot?

Sirius: Maybe…

Remus: I'm sorry.

Sirius: About what?

Remus: Being evil.

Sirius: You're not evil, Moony, and don't worry, I'm not secretly in love with you.

Princess: Of course you're not.

Remus: Blushes

Sirius: Not you again!

Princess: Yes, me again.

Sirius: Why am I so in love with Moony in your mind?

Princess: My mind isn't the only place where you're in love with Moony.

Sirius: …

Princess: So you admit it!

Sirius: I'm NOT in love with him!

Remus: Sirius, stop arguing with her! She's running the show here.

Princess: Darn straight.

Sirius: You think a lot of yourself, don't you Princes.

Princess: Yup.

Sirius: Oh.

Remus: Wasn't the answer you were expecting, was it Sirius?

Sirius: Are you taking her side?

Princess: Looks like he is!

Sirius: Remus, you have scarred Sirius Black's heart!

Princess: So you ARE in love with him!