Chapter 1: Where the road broke into two

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Kira's POV

I've found you; I've finally found you, although it was more likely that you found me first. But most importantly, I am very relieved and glad that you're still alive. In the past three months ago, most of the Archangel crew was talking about you, specifically about your sudden death and they probably are still talking about it. But I didn't believe it, didn't believe that you're dead. Captain Ramius told me to face reality that she and the crew lost contact with your gundam the moment GENESIS explodes. Even Cagalli said that you're dead, and that also includes Lacus, how could she? When she WASN'T REALLY THERE! The last thing Lacus saw that day before passing out, was watching GENESIS explode into pieces. The moment I heard the tragic news, I urge the captain to search through GENESIS's debris to search for you. I knew you are still alive then because I could sense your presence somewhere out there deep inside of me. But she didn't do it, giving excuses that it is impossible that you could survive the explosion. I guess she also thought you were dead, everybody thinks so too. And after some time I myself started to think so too –until now. Three months Athrun, three months! Where have you been? Why haven't you at least contacted us in those three months? If it hadn't been Haro shrieking suspicious words, I would be able to know that you're still alive. But then again, Haro was your creation and you used it to contact me haven't you? At least that's what I want to believe, well did you Athrun? Did you contact me through Haro? There's so many question that I want to ask you, but why are you not facing me now. Athrun…


Kira stood directly behind Athrun just a few steps away. Athrun seems to be lost in his own thought but he is totally aware of his friend's presence behind him. They both just stood like that for a long time until Athrun decided to break the silence.

"So, you finally got my message." he said with a flat tone.

"Athrun…"Kira uttered, taking a few tentative steps toward Athrun.

"Doesn't this place seem to bring back old memories?" asked Athrun before turning to face Kira who is now stopped in his tracks, "Doesn't it, Kira?"

Kira looked up at him with a look of surprise but then smiled a bit at his childhood friend's remark. He knew what Athrun meant. As he studied his surroundings the place does seem to look like the park at the moon. The place they promised to meet before Athrun and his family departed. Before they both separated.

"Yes….it does," It was the only reply he could give.

"Why don't we take a walk and enjoy the view?" Athrun gestured Kira to join him as he began to walk. However, Kira remained where he was and stared at him and after awhile, he decided to join Athrun.

"How are you doing?" Athrun asked again as he continue to walk.

"I'm….doing okay. I guess," Kira said narrowing his eyes, not sure of his own answer.

Athrun tried to smile although he knows that Kira wouldn't be able to see it but it faded just as it appears. Letting out a sigh, he forces himself to talk again.

"How's…Lac…I mean Cagalli?"

"How do you think she's doing right now?" Kira felt something burning shot through his chest. Was it anger? If so, what is he upset about?

'If you are really worried about her, then why don't you just go and see her! Damn it Athrun! Why are you asking such a question when you could've just see her for yourself!'

"I see." Athrun turn to face Kira but then looked up to the sky for awhile. Watching the orange clouds moving slowly in the sunset, it was soothing enough for Athrun to try and breath. He inhaled deeply before looking down to face Kira again.

Kira somehow had difficulties to breathe easily the moment he sees Athrun. He wondered if it's because that he ran here as fast as he could or is it because of his best friend who is standing right in front of him now. This Athrun…..has changed a lot, he thought to himself. Athrun barely blink his eyes while staring at Kira. His face held no emotion at all, and his eyes….his emerald eyes seems lifeless….Kira studied Athrun's eyes more carefully and he sworn he saw a glimpse of sadness as well.

Uncomfortable about the sudden awkward silence, Kira finally broke the silence,

"I've been searching for you everywhere ever since the GENESIS's explosion, Athrun. Why didn't you at least contact the Archangel? All the crew thought you were dead, especially Cagalli….and…Lacus...and…me."

"I am dead," Athrun said in a monotone, as if it was a fact.

Kira shot Athrun a shocked look upon his response then immediately narrowed his eyes. "No you're not,"

"Indeed I am,"

'I am dead inside….Kira. You wouldn't understand even if I tell you. If you only knew Kira…if you only knew… what happened before GENESIS explodes…what happened in those three months…if you only knew, if you only knew, Kira.'

Athrun thought to himself as part of him wants to speak the words but something prevented him to.

"Why do you say so? If Athrun Zala is really dead, then who am I speaking with? His dead ghost? You're still breathing right! Do you really wish that you are really dead? That you really want to die by exploding with GENESIS!" He sounded angry and disbelieving at the same time that he didn't even realized that he had grab Athrun by the collar when he didn't mean to.

Athrun on the other hand remain cold and lifeless, not surprised by the sudden action from the former Freedom pilot. Gently removing both Kira's hand, he grunted loud enough for Kira to hear .A teasing smirk appeared across his face before answering Kira.

"I didn't ask you to come all the way here to listen or have your question answered. And I don't think that my actions back then needs some explaining. I just did it to end the war," he reached for his pocket and pulled a disk and placed it in Kira's right hand.

"What's this?"

"The reason why I asked you to come here in the first place,"

"What's in it?"

"You're about to find out, well it's actually meant for Lacus but I guess it was meant for the others too. Oh, and say that it was from a contact from PLANTS," Athrun answered before turning to leave but stopped again when Kira speak again.

"PLANTS? Hey wait! Where are you going?"

Turning back to Kira, he let out a sigh before answering, "Anywhere."

"But…what about Cagalli? She should at least know that you're still alive right? Ever since that day Athrun….ever since that day, Cagalli had never gone through a day without crying and Lacus…" Kira's voice trailed off, "Lacus…she…." The sentence was never finished.

"I hope you could keep it as a secret from Cagalli, if not for me at least for her. As for Lacus…keep it as a secret as well"

"And why should I do that?" Kira shook his friend's shoulder as he asked.

"Why? Because you…I have some unfinished business" Athrun said looking away.

Kira tried to say something again but he decided to stay silent as Athrun's gesture seems to tell him do not ask any further question. Then he slowly let go off his grasp at Athrun's shoulder.

Athrun gazed to the distant city in front of him, the place where he decides to build his new life, this time with animosity. He stared at the distant city silently.

Maybe this is the best conclusion…for now. I could progress better with my life like this. Where everyone thinks I'm dead and where nobody knows me. Hmm…a new life…

He didn't want to die in the first place, but he doesn't want to keep on living either, moreover he found it funny that he is still alive. But being in this situation where everyone thinks he's dead, he didn't mind playing along with it. And he definitely doesn't want Kira to know the truth about his decision.

"Kira…" Athrun finally break the silence.

"Huh…?" Kira sounded like a little child to Athrun.

"I don't want to say this is goodbye but I'm sure we'll meet again. As always" Athrun said to his childhood friend without facing him.

"Are you sure you can't stay? At least pay a visit to Lacus and the kids…"

"I think I won't be able to do that. Besides, she thinks that I'm dead too and I'm sure she wouldn't like the idea you're thinking right now." Why does he have to say that name again?

"So you're saying you can't stay with us?" Kira just have to ask.

"I believe so. Till we meet again. And when that time comes, Kira….remind me of the good old days will ya?"

There was a moment of silence before Athrun finally turned to face Kira only to find him staring at him with his eyebrows narrowed. They looked at each other for a moment, and Kira stared at Athrun carefully. And Athrun stared back with his emotionless emerald eyes. Finally Kira blink away giving up the effort after his eyes started to hurt.

I guess he was train properly for this, never show how you really feel so that the enemy won't know what you weakness is…but Athrun, am I - still your enemy?

Smiling, Kira nod with respect to Athrun and then as the sunset grows, he watched the back of the former gundam Justice pilot drift further away from him.


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