Chapter 4: Alone but Alive

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(Athrun's POV)

Do you know what's the hardest part in life is? The one that causes you real pain in a really bad way? Sometimes even worse than you ever thought it would be?

Well, I know. It's "living". Living is the problem. Too hard for me sometimes, if you know what I mean…or do you even know how that is?

You can't deny that everyone lives with a reason, a purpose. And with the essential and right foundation, it helps them to keep on living for that reason. No matter how bad or tragic things become in their lives. They will probably prosper in their lives too, as they clung on to that reason.

So you see; living also needs a good foundation too. But what happens if that foundation falls? Schools never teach us how to face a situation like that. What would you do if the only thing that keeps you to continue living on your life crumbles to a million pieces? Would you try to collect the pieces? Would you continue on living? Or would you try to find another reason to live for?

It's true what they all say, living needs a reason, therefore live with a reason. The only problem is; I seem to have lost mine. And what the heck am I supposed to do now?!



That's our boy" a man said, looking at the proceedings through the camera.

"He's a criminal, he needs to be exterminated."

"Even if he is, he's a priceless asset to us. Just like the other one. "

"But we can't control him! He…he just destroyed our half of our computer mainframes! If we keep him alive, he might blow this whole place up!

"Such frightening mental strength, isn't it? He fights the virtual version of the opponent that we created specially for him in the real world. And when his mind reaches its limit, his 'true' nature will emerge and take over his whole boy, making it so much easier to take down his enemy. Even our latest improved product cannot reach that kind of level."

"We already have what we want. A DNA sample of a second Coordinator generation. Now we can create a new generation of Coordinators. And they WILL be more superior than the current Coordinators. What's the point of keeping those two alive?"

"You must remember, we are obligated to create the perfect soldier. One without emotion or freewill. Those two is the perfect lab rat for this experiment."

"He's an existence that we mustn't forget. Or should I say…enemy?"

"Well then professor, have you ever heard of the phrase 'keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."

"I see. What do you intent to do next with both of them?"

"I think it's time to take this experiment to the next level. Let's see how they survive in the outside world again."


Present Day, location: small cafe

"Would you like another cup of coffee, sir?" a waiter ask him.

"No, thank you. I'm fine." He answered. Where is he? He's supposed to be here now. The waiter leaves and suddenly out of nowhere, the guy he was waiting for came from behind him and sat on the seat across the small cafe table.

"I've got your message. Who's the next target?"

"Straight to business as usual, I see. Why you're late anyway?"

"None of your concern, Tom. Don't make me regret coming here to see you."

"Very well. Here's the info you'll need. Your alias for this mission is Alex Dino." Tom handed him an A4 envelope. As the guy front of him briefly checks the envelope, Tom studied him carefully.

"I'll contact you when it's done." He started to walk away but stopped when the man called him.

"The Agency is lucky to have you, kid. We're glad you have come to us. You made the right choice. With you on our side, we can continue to protect the future."

The other guy smirked then turns to leave again. The future is none of my concern, that's your problem. I don't care about the future, I only want revenge.


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