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Red Sun

Chapter One

Sanda looked around the small hut. Her father was sharping a blade while her mother looked after the babe in the basket. Her two younger sisters were out running around somewhere.

"Father the Romans are coming. They know of Kandoe's birth, they do not know of his death. Let me go. I can fight." Looking at his eldest daughter he knew that what she wanted he could not grant. "How can I loss you as well? Kandoe died not a week ago and you wish to go in his place. Why?" Standing her full five feet and an ice she replied, "For they will believe that you are hiding him and kill you." "If you go and are discovered you will be killed." "Mother, you're Roman, tell him!"

"Oh Sanda, darling, you are wise beyond your years. Trent dead, she is right, they will believe that we are hiding him. She must go. Come here my darling." Sanda walked over to her mother. "Turn around." She obeyed. "Trent give me that blade." Snitching the blade from his hands she cut her daughter's hair short. Then she added a braid in the front and one underneath the top layer of her hair.

Within minutes the sound of horses came. Her mother handed her a bag full of Kandoe's old clothes. She changed and headed for her brother's horse. As they saw the Romans stop she checked over the others. There were about fifteen to twenty boys most on horses a few on their feet. She would hate the Romans if they weren't her mother's people.

"You're the last, Kandoe. Mount up."

"Yes, sire." Kissing her mother and father good-bye she mounted her horse.

"Ah yes, Maximus, take care of my son for me." Yelled her mother.

"Half-breed pup!" the Roman cursed under his breath.

"How is it that you know my mother?" Giving her this deadly stare as if she should already know.

"Kandoe, this man here was my intended. He would have been your father had I not met Trent. Now, go honey. We'll be waiting for you to come home."

Sanda looked back every five seconds. She didn't want to see them go and she didn't want to leave them behind. She wanted them to come with me.

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