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Part 9

"Uh! I hate birthdays." I said as I turned off my alarm clock. My name is Wally and if there is one thing that I can't stand it's birthdays. I guess that's why I haven't had a birthday party for the last three years going. I just hope that I don't have to deal with any surprise parties. None of the others actually know my birthday so I don't think it'll be a problem. I had better get on over to the tree house before the others get angry at me. So I start to get dressed and pull over my hoodie and head out.

As I'm walking down the street I see a gigantic bird just sitting on the sidewalk in front of me. I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw. The menacing look on its face was startling and I just stared into his eyes. His brown feathers fluttered and made me jump back; I can't believe it. I was never afraid of birds before, but this one is different. Its wingspan must be nearly four feet. Its beak was curved and looked like a hook and I could just imagine what would happen if it flew at me and tried to poke me in the eyes. I can feel my courage retuning so I decide to take a step forward when I notice the razor sharp talons that it was standing on. I could see that it was clutching something in its claws .As I edge closer and closer to the bird I can see that it is a small stuffed doll. It looked like it used to be something that Kuki would play with. A faint smile comes to my face while I think of her. The bird suddenly takes off; its huge wings create a gust of wind strong enough for me to feel it. I have never seen anything so amazing as that creature taking of into the sky. It dropped the small doll; I guess it realized that it wasn't food. I started on toward the tree house. After about three blocks of walking I see that same bird again just sitting in the road. I stopped to look at it; it stared right back at me as if it were trying to tell me something. I know that's just stupid, but that's what it looked like. BAM! Just like that a car hit it in the middle of the road. That giant bird of prey must have been able to see the truck coming. I just don't understand why it didn't move. Oh well. I really need to get to the gang, I'm really late.

So, I reach the tree house and it is dead quiet there. As I walked up the path I was worried that when I opened the door that everyone would jump out and scream surprise or something. Luckily when I walked in there was no one in there. It was a little weird though because I was never the first one there. In fact usually there is someone sleeping here overnight. I wonder what is actually going on. I walk over to the main computer and notice that there is a message waiting on it. I decide to open it and was surprised to see Numbah One standing there. His clothes were tattered and his glasses were half off of his face. He started going on about leaving on a mission without me. Something about a trap also. Then static. I traced the message and took off to the coordinates.

It wasn't long before I showed up at the location that One called me from. I was shocked to see a building on the outskirts of town in ruins and smoke billowing out of it. I could just imagine Kuki chained up in there and I burst out of the jet. I crashed through the roof and burst into the room with an unrelenting force, I didn't even bother to scream one of my usual kick butt lines like "Who wants some?" or "It's about time to give out some butt whoop." I was just too worried about Kuki, and nothing was gonna get in my way. After taking down about five guys I started down a long hall just opening doors and beating up whoever was inside. Nobody even laid a hand on me I was so fast and it only took one hit each to knock em out. I finally reached the last door and went in ready to beat the tar out of what ever was inside. Suddenly out of no where everyone started to yell "SURPRISE!" I mean come on, what is with that.

"Where is Kuki? I swear if you don't tell me I'll…"

"I'm right here silly. What are you all worked up for, it's just a birthday party."

I grabbed Kuku and hugged as tight as I could. "I was so worried about you."

She started to blush and said "You don't have to worry about me Wally, but thank you."

Numbah One walked up to me and said "Wally, the tree house logs say that you only left the tree house ten minutes ago, you must have been booking to get here that fast."

"Wait a minute, Numbah One, who were all of those people that I beat up?"

Suddenly as if on cue, they started filing in one by one. No that I wasn't in a blind rage I could tell that they were fellow KND operatives. They all looked like they needed to see a doctor. Numbah Five walked up to me and said "Numbah Four, you must have really torn through all of these guys if you flew here and made it through all of the trained operatives in ten minutes. I knew that you were a good fighter, but I didn't know that you were that good."

"Yeah," Numbah Two chimed in, "You may even be better then Numbah Five here, and she is supposed to be the best fighter in all the KND."

"Why did you have me beat up all of these operatives? Are you guys nuts or something?"

Numbah 86 walked in and said in that shrill Irish drawl "Well you weren't supposed to make it through all of them; we were supposed to capture you and tie you up with the others. I can't believe how hard you hit; it's a good thing that you are on our side. Ouch."

I was still a little steamed that they would do that to me but hey everyone seemed to get a little punishment so I was ok with it. I'm just happy that Kuki and the others are ok. I hate birthdays.

So we had our cake and party without any other surprises except there was a little disturbance by the Toilenator, but I went out and just beat the pants off of him just to relieve some steam. The sad part is that I warned him that I was having a bad day and that he had better run, but of course, he started to laugh about how stupid everyone in the KND was to send just me. I got tired of his monologue and decided to just tear him apart. Some of the others decided to watch and were cheering me on like it was a wrestling match or something. I didn't mind; it felt good to have someone cheer for me like I was a super hero or something. While I was breaking his bones and putting him into a choke hold I couldn't help thinking about what my super hero name would be. My mind suddenly thought about that bird and came to a name like black hawk or red falcon or something like that. Whatever. I chuckled.

"What are you laughing at stupid?"

"Your stupid face." And with that he passed out from my choke hold and I cuffed him so that global command could take him to prison.

I sighed and walked back inside. Everybody commented on how strong and fast I was. I thanked them, Numbah five just stared at me. I walked up to her and asked her "Is this what you have to put up with all the time."

"Not really, but then again, I don't think I am as good a fighter as you. One day we'll have to spar to find out."

The rest of the party went off without a hitch and I walked out at about sunset to sit on the roof. Kuki walked out after me about two minutes later. I really wanted to be alone, but I didn't mind her. Anyone else I might have had a problem with, but Kuki is ok. She didn't even say a word. She just sat down next to me and laid her head on my shoulder. We just sat there and watched the sunset. It was pretty much a good day, as far as birthdays go. Not too disappointing. After about 20 minutes just like that Kuki and I walked home. I dropped her off at her house and headed off towards mine. Overall, I thought it was a good birthday, not too bad. Maybe I'll have to rethink my position on them. Nine years old. In four more years I won't be in the KND anymore. That is probably the worst part about birthdays. While I was musing about the future and rethinking the events of the day I tripped over my untied shoelace. I hate birthdays.