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Part 14

A grave mistake it was to allow him to continue on in a fashion like that. If we just let him do what he did best, and stood by him, he would never have been taken from us by such a cruel twist of fate. I loved him, even though I had not seen him for years. In my heart was an impression as old and timeless as stone of our love for one another. Oh Wally, will I still be able to say that I remember you in one hundred years, or will your memory fade from my mind like the sweet and mild smell of lavender blown in with the spring and faded away with the fall? I hope that I remember you. I will do everything in my power.

But who are you? Are you Wally? Or are you Numbah 4, the most incredible fighter to ever grace the rosters of the KND? But perhaps the most unknown aspect of my memories of you will be my knowledge that you were the protégé of Nightwing. I don't know who you were then, but have it on good authority that you always rose to meet the challenge. That sounds like Wally to me. The most unknown memory to me, however, is the idea that you existed for a year without existence. When you were alone and homeless, were you scared? I suppose that no one will ever know. That is my greatest fear. That I will never be able to experience who you are, were, and will be. That year of loneliness will be forgotten simply because that will never be known to begin with. Will that be the start of your arrestment and my quickening? Could it be a hole burnt into the book that is my memory of you by a cigarette slowly turning my reminiscence into cinders?

I only pray that this tombstone will forever be a reminder to me of what it means to be a true hero. To stand up in front of adversity and not let up until your body commands it. I won't forget how strong your spirit truly is. Even though your spirit never truly gave up, your body and luck finally failed you. Why couldn't you come to me before it was too late? Please, don't find it ill of me to say such terrible things about you at the anniversary of your death my friend, but if you had come to me at any time I would have protected you. I would have held you like I know you needed. I know you did what you did in order to protect me, but I would have gladly accepted my fate in order to be with you longer.

I know that you hate birthdays and all, and I have no cake, ice cream, or present for you. But I do have one thing that you might like. Please, if you are watching over me, like I know you are, don't think of this as sentimental junk. It is truly from my heart.

The blue heart smiles at thee,

As it never forgets how your

Never ending love cries for me.

The ground quivers in sadness,

From the top to the bottom

It circles in madness.

What is it that will create?

In the dead of day

There will be a conjugate.

I will see the crop,

But not after a brief visit

At the inevitable butcher's shop.

My constant love will live immortally,

And can not be looked back upon

Without a visage of you

My unstoppable ally.

My name is Kuki sweetheart. So long as you remember that; I will remember you. Please don't forget how I promised that to you. I know that you will keep your end of this covenant, and I will never forget my end. The ends will not be slipped upon by my awkward sentimentality. Goodbye my sweet Wally. I WILL meet you again.