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I am in Love

Chapter 1

It was fall. I remember that much. I may be old, but I remember that her beauty was a fresh breath of air in an otherwise dreary world. The signs of age and death all around us, she was all that remained spring-like. I remember that much…

I remember the way she danced down the corridors, never to tired to stop in and see how I was doing after a long night of reconnaissance. I remember the smiles she graced me with and the hugs she gave me to pretend to never like. They felt like being wrapped up in a warm blanket; I never felt safer then when I was with her. That loose green sweater that she always wore seemed so smooth and secure. And beneath it all, beat the heart of a warrior. She was stronger then she looked, and she knew it too. She just never showed it off unless her temper exploded. Not many people got to see the fire that burned in those eyes without also receiving a flurry of attacks ultimately leading to a stay in the infirmary. Every time I saw her explode, it made me happy. It let me know that she was still human. Of all of the KND, she was by far the most complex. All of the others were mostly skin deep in their characteristics, but she had multiple layers of personalities that were very complex and difficult to read. I could read her though; too bad that I was only an observer and never a participant.

I remember the day that I knew I could never be with her. It was October 15, and I was walking down the corridors of the KND tree house. I happened to pass by numbuh 3's room and I peered inside. What? I work for a group of secret agents. I am naturally curious. Anyway, that's when I saw her, the light of my eye. She was talking to someone else, but I couldn't see who. The only thing I heard her say was, "OH, I never knew that ..."

I remember that day. It was then that Nigel Uno stepped out of the shadows and took her into his arms. That jerk. He had his mouth all over her. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My anger began to build almost too uncontrollable levels and I was mere seconds away from bursting into the room when it hit me like a ton of bricks in the face.

"I, Wallabee Beatles, love her. I love Kuki Sanban."

I remember that day. I remember that instant. Then the events that I just witnessed began to weigh heavy on my heart. I realized that I had missed my opportunity with the woman that I loved. For the first time in my life, I felt like not going on. I felt like jumping out the window down the hall and never coming back. I knew that wasn't the answer, besides, it would make Kuki sad. If there was one thing that I couldn't stand, it was her tears. I slowly walked over to my room and rested my head on a pillow that I had thrown on the floor. I had never cried since I was a baby, but today I just wasn't strong enough to fight it off. I began to throw my fist into the pillow with all my force. Tears streaming down my face and screams coming out of my heart. It burned, and I never wanted to feel something like this again.

I remember the alarm went off while I was in the middle of my venting session. I looked at the time and I had apparently been beating that pillow for close to an hour. I wiped my face off put on my toughest look. God help the bad guy that I run into today. It turns out that Father had taken over a playground construction company and has forced to them to use their equipment to make war machines. Everyone looked horrified. All I had to say was, "Father…good. I could use a good work out today."

Everyone looked at me with this mortified expression on their face. I guess when they saw my expression, they knew not to mess with me. We were given our mission specs and plans directly from home base. The plan went like this. Four team members would infiltrate the construction site and disable the war equipment while one member would act as a distraction for Father and his goons. The latter was obviously more dangerous and Nigel automatically volunteered. I refused to allow it this time though.

"Nigel, you may be good at sneaking round, but this mission required someone with brute strength to counter Father's numbers. When it comes to brute strength, everyone knows that Numbah 4 is your man."

Nigel thought it over and all I could imagine was pounding my fist into his face. He finally said, "Fine Wally, just don't screw this up. It's important."

I growled a little bit at that comment but I just let it go. I just promised myself that I would have to show just how it was done.

I remember just how uncomfortable the flight was. I think Nigel could feel the animosity I had towards him at the moment. He kept glancing back at me and giving me a look like he was on to me or something. Jackass. Thinks he's all high and mighty. Well I'll just have to show him up by doing a better job then he would do against Father alone.

Nigel got up a few minutes from our destination. He walked back to my seat and stared at me. "Are you going to be ok with this mission? I mean, you're going to be on your own here."

I just looked at him and felt like I was going to slam my fist right through his face. "Yeah I'll be fine, you just worry about your end."

"Ok Wally." He walked back up to the front of the ship and when he passed Numbah 3 he ran his fingers down her arm. The anger started to build up. Nigel started to give his little speech while I got ready to jump out of the ship. He said stuff like we need to hurry so that we can help Wally, like I was some kind of loser who couldn't handle a mission. I'll show them. All of them.

My spot came up, and I stood on the jump platform that Numbah 2 installed for missions like these. He really is a genius when it comes to things like these. As my spot came up I released my ripcord and I could see Numbah 3's face slowly disappear. I liked it better that way. At least up here I don't have her as a constant reminder of my own problems. I could see the entrance to Father's office building. Knowing him, he has a spot in the basement that is specially designed to survive fire. Well, I'm ready for him. This grenade that I fashioned months ago was designed just for him. It's filled with a flame retardant goo that will cover his entire body. That will certainly make this a fair fight. Funny. There are no guards on the ground.

When I touch down I run for the nearest cover and scan again. I still don't see anyone. It must be a trap or something. I think it over and decide that I had better get inside and complete my mission. This won't be a failure because of me. If it is going to be anyone's fault it will be Nigel's. So I dart into the facility and just as it was outside, it is empty inside. I get worried and decide to make a detour through the ventilation shaft. Hopefully that will keep them surprised.

When I make it to the basement I see Father sitting in a huge throne room chair. The kind you would see in a movie with kings in it. Then I see sitting next to him, the delightful dorks. I decide that a little guile is required to take care of this one and I place a grenade directly over Father and attach a string to the pin. I carefully work my way to the next vent down and pull the pin. It felt like it took the fuse forever to burn out because I swear I was sitting there for nearly an hour. Luckily, it actually did blow and covered both Father and his loser kids. I jumped out of the vent and tore off toward them. They didn't stand a chance against me with Father powerless. They didn't even feel confident enough to try and gloat like most villains usually do. They even tried to call in guards, but they were no match for me when I was in a bad mood. By the time the rest of the KND burst into the room I was sitting in Father's throne watching the family squirm on the floor completely bloody.

It felt great. Relieved a lot of tension. I even got an accommodation for defeating Father single handedly. But I still didn't have what I wanted. I stared at her the whole ride home. I even dreamed about her that night; we didn't do anything but talk in the dream. It was still a great dream though.

The next day, I remember escorting the prisoners to the prison on the moon base. It was funny watching those losers lick their wounds. Besides, it kept me away from the love birds. I was the only one who knew too, so that made it doubly worse. I had no one to talk to. No one could share in my pain or relieve the burden. I couldn't get advice from anyone. I stared out into the black abyss and watched the stars go by; it was comforting to think that there might be someone else going through the same thing somewhere else in the universe. Too bad I can't talk to him.

Then it hit me. I could talk to someone in global command about this. They stay up on the moon base, so they wouldn't be making too much contact with Nigel or Kuki. Plus they are all pretty smart, so they might have some good advice. That was that, I would have a solution to my problem in no time. Or so I thought.

When I finally made it to the moon base I dragged to prisoners to the prison cell. I would occasionally kick the ones that weren't frozen, just for fun. After I threw them in jail, I was invited to meet global command for dinner. The top agent in all of KND wanted to meet me for some dinner. I had never met him, but I'm sure he is ten times as strong as I am. Plus he must be super smart to make it up the ladder that far. The only other person in my unit who has met him is Numbah 1 because he chose him for the post. I walked onto an observation deck that had been set up with a single dining table and two chairs. I was directed to one and took my seat. In walked a girl with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. I was shocked at how beautiful she was. She was no Kuki, but she was still pretty.

She walked toward me and saluted. "It is customary for you to salute your commanding officer back."

I stared at her stunned, "YOU"RE GLOBAL COMMAND! I thought global command was a boy."

She chucled and explained. "It was a few months ago. He turned 13 though, and you know what that means."

"Yeah, so he was decommissioned?"

"Yes, and he went like a former member of global command would be expected to go. With dignity. It was beautiful. I only wish that I can walk to the decommissioning chamber with my head held high and a smile on my face like he did."

"So that means you are the one who has been sending us on all of these offensive missions?"

"Yes, it is part of my strategy. We can never win this war if we keep playing it safe. In fact, to tell you the truth, we were on the verge of losing the war before your victory the other day. With the capture of Father and the Delightful Children, we can now safely say that the adult offensive has taken a great blow. Father was the financial backer for most of the villains that we face on a daily basis; with him out of the picture all of that money is simply tucked away in a bank somewhere and no one can get to it. Of course, no one even thought you would be able to capture him, not to mention his children. I have to say, bravo Numbah 4."

I could feel my cheeks blush and started to stuff my face with food. She chuckled at me again and said, "The description Numbah 1 gave of you was a bit rough, but I have to say I see what he means."

"What did HE say?"

"Well, he said you were probably that best fighter he had ever seen, simply because of you pure brutish nature."

"Well he can go and take his nature and shove it where you…"

"Hey now, that is no way to be talking about your commanding officer."

I thought it over and she was right. I apologized and said, "I did want to talk to you about something, and it is in relation to Numbah 1."

"What is it Wally?"

"Well, yesterday I saw him making out with Numbah 3, and it hit me in a rough spot. You see, I love Numbah 3, and when I saw him do that it made me want to just rip his head off. That was the only reason that I took the mission in the first place, so that I could let off some steam. I don't really have anyone to talk to down there because no one else knows. I was hoping that you would have some advice."

"I'm not sure what to tell you Wally. Since I am in charge here, I can't really have many friends, not to mention friends like that. I can tell you this though, fortune favors the bold and he who hesitates is lost. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, I think I get it. You're basically saying that my ship has sailed."

"That isn't true Wally. No one knows what the future holds for any of us. You can't say that you and Kuki will never have another chance together. You will just have to be patient and be happy with what you have."

"I appreciate the advice."

"I know how it feels to be alone Wally, and trust me. It doesn't get any easier. Hey, doesn't Nigel already have a girlfriend?"

That's when I remembered. My jaw hit the floor.