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I am in Love

Chapter 4

And there I was, staring him right in the face. I didn't realize how shocking this would be not only for the others, but for myself as well. I honestly couldn't believe that Numbuh 1, my close and personal friend, the man I looked up to like an older brother would cheat on Lizzie like this.

The restaurant was some kind of British themed place I think. The strange aromas and items sitting on plates caused me to get a feeling that I was out of place. I never felt more unwanted than I did at that moment. I could feel the smell of this particular dish that was in front of Nigel begin to rape my nostrils and demand that I left as my senses gradually realized that this place was not where I needed to be. I longed for my musky room at the tree house and a Vegemite sandwich. I didn't realize it but I slowly began to ease my way as close to the door as I could be. I wanted to leave in the worst way.

We had busted into the restaurant merely seconds ago under the pretense that Numbuh 1 was under attack or something. All the others were with me, and were in the same state of shock, but for different reasons. They were shocked that Numbuh 1 was only on a date. Only Numbuh 3 would understand how shocking this situation really is. So I looked over at the girl who I fawned over for most of my life (even though I didn't really understand the feelings until recently), and I didn't see the look of unadulterated shock that should have been there. I saw the look that a girl would give when staring into her lovers eyes. This confused me beyond imagination. When I was that age I was a little ignorant and I was unable to articulate my thoughts at that time. All I could say was "WWHHAATT!"

Everyone stared at me when I broke out screaming. Numbuhs 2 and 5 all made comments about the mission specs being incorrect and thought that I was talking about that. "No, that ain't what I'm angry about. I'm angry 'cause Numbuh 3 isn't freekin out."

The others looked at me like they thought I was just being regular stupid Wally. They just didn't get it. Not even Numbuhs 3 and 1 understood what I was talking about. I finally just lost it.

"NNNOOOOOO DAMN IT! Numbuh 1 is dating Numbuh 3 and Lizzie at the same time. That is why Numbuh 3 is supposed to be shocked. 'Cause her boyfriend is a two-timing bastard. He took the woman I love because he's selfish and one woman isn't enough for him."

All eyes were on Numbuh 1… he was never good at lying and he started to fidget. I could see that Lizzie was beginning to get angry herself. The entire restaurant had fallen silent to watch the scene unfold, like they were watching a movie on screen. Then the one thing I didn't want to happen did. Lizzie started to talk.

"Nigie… is it true?"

Nigel just stood there, under the scrutiny of everyone present and could only do one thing. "Yes, I am dating her. I'm very sorry to everyone for not telling you immediately, especially you Lizzie."

Numbuh 2 finally found his tongue and began to ask questions as his curious nature took over. "Numbuh 3, did you know that he was still dating Lizzie?"

All eyes finally managed to get off Nigel, I could see that he was relieved, and found their ways over to Kuki. She stood there for a minute and finally spoke up. "Yes, I knew. And I also knew about Wally's little crush. I'm sorry Lizzie, but I have always had a special place in my heart for Nigel. When he told me his feelings, I had no choice but to say yes."

Lizzie started to bawl and scream incoherently, finally she began to throw thing at Nigel. I thought that I would have enjoyed watching Numbuh 1 get his just deserts, but after hearing that Numbuh 3 went out with Nigel despite knowing about Lizzie and my feelings for her, I just couldn't deal with the outside world. Numbuh 5 walked up to me and gave me a hug. I didn't even notice her there at first so I didn't reciprocate the hug. In hindsight, I really feel bed for not doing so. When all of my other friends were busy dealing with Numbuh 1's little soap opera, she was the only one who noticed that I was in real pain. Damn that Numbuh 1.

As soon as my hatred began to become focused on Nigel he stood up and screamed, "ENOUGH!"

It shocked everyone in to silence. "This is no way for an elite team to behave. I am so sorry for not telling anyone about this. And I truly regret going behind everyone's backs. The only thing that I can say is that I am in love. I didn't realize it at first, but I am in love with Kuki. I realized that my attraction to Lizzie was not with Lizzie herself, but just the infatuation with having a relationship of my own, just to myself. It is hard to explain it. The only thing that I can say is that I fell out of love with Lizzie. There is no way for me to justify it, but I truly do love Kuki. She is like a black hole exerting an unstoppable force pulling me toward her. I love the way she can giggle at anything, I love the way that she saunters around the tree house, I love the way she…"

He continued to list all of the things that I loved about Kuki and I realized that she was just a loveable character. I also would have to one day accept the fact that she knew that I loved her but that she could never love me. I just wished that I had figured that out sooner.

I slowly made my way out of the restaurant in the middle of Nigel's little speech and started to make my way home on foot. I don't even think that anyone even noticed my leaving. That even made me more depressed. I felt more and more alone with each step I took. Those two words kept repeating themselves in my head. Each time I heard them they burned deeper and deeper into my soul. "I knew." Those two words just killed me. Haunted me. It was like I was in a dream.. no, not a dream… a nightmare. And the only thing that I could do to keep from jumping in front of oncoming traffic was to take another step. I didn't think about Kuki. I didn't think about Nigel. I didn't even think about where I was going. I only concerned myself about taking my next step.

I found out over the next few days that living like that will get you from one place to another, but you still get nowhere fast. Surprisingly, the weather was fair through my trials except for the last day. It wasn't until then that I realized that I was a total fool. I remember finally looking up to the sky for the first time since leaving my friends behind and seeing the dark clouds enveloping the baby blue sky. Normally I would have hated the sight of rain, but my normal feelings were dwarfed by my anguish over Kuki. I remember feeling the first drop of rain hit me. It felt like being struck by a bolt of lightning. The cool substance rolling over my hot body made a contrast that I will never forget. Slowly the frequency of this contrast became greater and increased in intensity. I watched as a drop hit me and slowly made its way down to the ground. The water eventually looked as if it was pouring from the sky like a faucet. I could even see my reflection in the ground as the water sheeted off of me and ran away from me down the hill that I occupied. I didn't know it at first, but I had a revelation at that point.

Now that I am older I can understand it better, but then I had no idea what I was feeling. When I saw my reflection in the water, I knew the truth. You see, the water reminded me of myself, running from my problems. The reflection just standing there reminded me of Nigel; the water seemed to be running away in fear of it. And then I knew that what Nigel did wasn't as bad as I thought. He loved Kuki like I did. If I were in his position, would I do the same thing. No…I would never do something like that to another person, even if it is Lizzie. But I would at least have the desire to do so. I wouldn't want to hurt my girlfriend's feelings anymore then I would Kuki's. I still hated Nigel, but my pride was now under control so that I could go home. I will always be jealous of Nigel and Kuki, but I can at least get back to work and stop worrying my friends and family.

I picked up my communicator and switched it back on. At first I was afraid to call my friends, but then I noticed that I had several dozen messages on my voice mail. I don't know, but there is something about someone worrying about you that makes you feel good inside. It made me feel wanted again. Someone still loved me. "Hey, Numbuh 2…"

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