Summary: No job is too much for Natalie, the new student at Domino High. She is a match-maker who is determined to make Tea Gardner and Seto Kaiba fall in love. They both want nothing to do with each other, but what happens when the two wake up to discover that they have switched bodies?

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Chapter 1: Natalie

Natalie mindlessly walked through the halls of Domino High. This was her first day at school, but she wasn't just a student. She was there for one reason, to complete a job. Her face as she continued through the school halls seemed to be serious; however, it was not an accurate display of her character. Anyone who knew Natalie knew that she was a kind-hearted, bubbly teenager. What people didn't know about her, though, was that she was an expert match-maker...or at least that's what she kept telling herself.

Her main goal in life is to make people fall in love and to show them where they can find true happiness. There were no two people out there that she couldn't handle.

'It shouldn't be that hard to get a pure heart and a cold heart together here,' she was dressed in the school uniform. It wasn't the most flattering on her, but it was going to have to do. She had auburn hair that reached to the middle of her back in addition to greenish blue eyes.

'By the end of the day I'm pretty sure I can get my plan into action,' she stopped at the corner. There were two students there, a blond haired boy and chestnut brown haired girl. She made sure she wasn't seen.

The school bell rang loudly throughout the halls. It was 7:45, indicating that it was time for class. Tea closed her locker and turned in the direction of the classroom. Beside her was Joey Wheeler. Hearing his groan, it was easy to tell that he was not ready for class. They were heading to Algebra, Joey's least favorite subject in the entire universe.

"I hate Algebra!" Joey exclaimed as he dragged his feet.

"But Joey, this needs to be your favorite class, you're failing...really bad," Tea said in a serious voice.

"But it's so boring! All Mr. Mysuno does is talk, talk, talk...'bout too many freakin' numbers, that add up to a single freakin' letter-"

"You are dense, Wheeler," a voice came behind the two, almost startling them.

Turning around, they came face to face with none other than the cold hearted, CEO of Kaiba Corp...Mr. Jackass himself.

Joey was now pissed off. He certainly didn't like Kaiba, and he didn't like it even more when Kaiba talked about him.

"What'd you say?" He asked raising his voice along with his fists.

"Put your paws down, Mutt," Kaiba said staring at him with his icy cold stare.

This made Joey growl, which only made Kaiba laugh.

"Stop you two...we have to get to class," she said grabbing Joey by his collar. Kaiba was also in the same first period...unfortunately. It was just another requirement that all Domino High students had to take.

Natalie smiled. 'Seto Kaiba?'


They took their seats as Mr. Mysuno walked in, but he was not alone. With him was a girl that no one recognized.

"Well class, as you see we have a new student today. She came here from Tokyo just a few days ago. Why don't you introduce yourself?" He said to her.

"Well, I'm Natalie Tohomiko," she said. Kaiba didn't care, but that didn't stop every other boy in the class whistled.

"Well, Natalie, go sit behind Kaiba and let me begin with the lesson," the teacher said. She did as she was told, but not without sneaking a glance at the CEO. She had heard all about Kaiba, and how no one could tear down his walls and touch his icy heart. She smirked. That was going to have to change.

'A soul mate for Kaiba...they should come directly from his class,' Natalie thought.


"Hello there," Natalie said walking up to the table that the gang was sitting at.

They looked at her and friendly greeted her. "Hi, I'm Yugi Moto."

"I'm Joey Wheeler, how ya doin'?"

"Hey, I'm Tristan Taylor."

"And I'm Tea Gardner, nice to meet you."

"Thanks," she smiled. "May I sit here? There's probably no one else as friendly as you guys."

"Sure," they all said.

"Natalie, right?"

"Yeah, this is my first time in Domino," she said smiling

"All this way for a boyfriend, huh?" Tristan asked scooting closer to her, half joking.

"Well not exactly..." Natalie said which made Tristan stop and put his head down. "But I love seeing two people together, it's so romantic," she said started to daydream

"Especially on Valentine's Day, the way boys shower girls with gifts, the way boys treat them like royalty..." Tea said sighing. "I just absolutely love Valentine's Day! It's the best day of the year!"

"Valentine's Day is for losers," said a voice approaching their table. It was Kaiba holding his briefcase in one hand and his cellphone in the other.

Natalie looked up and saw him staring at Tea. "I can't believe you're interested in that kind of nonsense," he said, face looking disgusted.

"Well sorry for my opinion! No one asked you to come over here and eavesdrop," Tea said

"Yeah, so move around moneybags!" Joey said

Kaiba snorted and said "Shut up, Mutt!"

"Oh stop it you guys!" Yugi said, desperately trying to stop the arguing.

"Yeah, Joey you should calm down before someone gets punched in the face...and I have a feeling that it won't be Kaiba," Tristan said holding Joey back from doing something stupid.

Natalie blinked and asked "Kaiba, I'm guessing you're not into looking for a date for Valentine's day, are you?"

"Absolutely not! It would just be a waste of my time," he said eyeing Natalie.

'Yup, he's the perfect contestant!' she thought

"Oh, Kaiba just admit it, one wants to spend Valentine's Day with you because all you'll do is talk about your machines," Tea then started to drink her bottled water.

"Except you." he said with a smirk on his face. Now Natalie was getting interested in their conversation, or argument...whatever you call it.

Tea quickly spit out her water as the table suddenly got quiet.

"What?" She said through her teeth as she stood up.

"I know you want to go out with me," Kaiba said closing his eyes. "All you pathetic girls are the same. I see the way you look at me," he said as he continued to smirk.

"I would never go out with you, Kaiba, not even if my life depended on it," she spat.

He let out a small laugh, he knew she was being serious, but he thought that it was fun to push the cheerleader's buttons. "Don't talk to me like that and maybe you'll get lucky," he said, taking it too far.

No one could prepare for what Tea was about to do. She couldn't stop herself as her hand forcefully found its way to Kaiba's cheek. The sound of Tea's hand colliding with Kaiba's face went through the whole cafeteria, freezing everybody.

Even Kaiba was stunned, but it wasn't long until his brain finally registered what happened. "Howdare you!" he roared.

"You have no business talking to me that way!" She said pointed her finger close up to his face. "And I will notapologize! I am not, and will never be intimidated by you, Seto Kaiba! You may have power, but you will never have power over me!" She said

Kaiba's cold eyes were glaring down at her. "I'm not going to stoop so low as to hit a girl, Gardner, but this isn't over," he said turning on his heel and walking out the cafeteria.

Natalie smiled. 'Tea, you're lucky contestant number two,' she thought.

After School

"Bye guys, see you tomorrow!" Tea said walking away from her friends. The day seemed as though it was never going to end. She knew that maybe she took the situation with Kaiba a little too far, but what he said was out of line. Still, something in her made her want to apologize to him, regardless of if he deserved it or not. Then she shook her head. 'I'll be happy if I never have to say another word to him ever again.'

"Tea, wait," Yugi said walking towards her.

"Yes?" she asked stopping.

"May I walk you home? I mean unless you've got something else-"

"Sure." she said smiling, making Yugi blush.

They started walking towards Tea's house. The walk started out quiet, neither of them saying a word. Usually, Tea would've already started a conversation but she was too caught up in her thoughts to realize that Yugi had started talking to her.

"So...that was some mishap between you and Kaiba at lunch wasn't it?" Yugi said. It was probably not the best subject to talk about at the moment, but he was so nervous he said the first thing that came to mind. He didn't even have time to consider if she was over it or not. He quietly waited for a response, but Tea remained silent.

"Tea?" Yugi asked, snapping her out of her thoughts and causing her to look at her best friend.

"Oh, sorry, did you say something?" she asked apologetically.

"Is there something bothering you, Tea?" he asked with a voice full of concern.

"No, not at all," she responded. She hated lying, especially to Yugi, but she really didn't want to talk about anything that was on her mind.

"Well, if you're sure..." but Yugi wasn't so convinced.

They noticed Tea's house coming up in the distance and this caused Yugi to sweat. He had an important question to ask her, but didn't know how to. He wasn't good with all, and it was something about Tea that made his heart flutter.

"Um...Tea?" he nervously said, slowly coming to a stop.

"Hm?" Realizing that he had stop, she did the same as she turned to face him.

"Do you have a date for Valentine's Day?" he asked very quietly. Part of him hoped that she hadn't heard him.

"No," she said "Why?" It didn't take a genius to figure out where he was getting at, but she was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she thought nothing of it.

Yugi gulped. " see...I...uh...what I meant to say was..." It seemed like he had been stuttering forever. The words just couldn't find a way to his mouth. It was fascinating how he could duel some of the toughest men in the world without a problem, but when it came to asking Tea out on a date, it seemed nearly impossible.

"I...gotta go...grandpa wants me at the shop in 10 minutes..." He said with his head down. He couldn't ask her. He was too worried about rejection.

"Okay..." she said unsure of what just happened. With that said, Yugi immediately began walking in the other direction.

Coffee Shop

'Where is he? I just saw him,' Natalie wondered. 'There he is!' She had been stalking Kaiba for the last half an hour. Who knew trying to trail Kaiba was so difficult? Everyone knew that Kaiba was smart, but not smart enough to see her. She had to run though; Kaiba was in his limo the whole time. She was looking for a great opportunity to talk to him once he got out of the limo, but the opportunity never came. That is, until he walked into the coffee shop. It looked like he planned on staying for a while.

Kaiba was sitting at a table with his laptop as a waitress came and took his order. Natalie stood by the door until he received his coffee. She had to make sure there were no interruptions. She had a little present to give him and she didn't want anyone to think there was something going on between them.

"Hi Kaiba!"

Kaiba looked up; it was that new girl from school. "What do you want?" he asked sharply.

"I have something for you," she said bluntly.

"Get lost." he said as he starting to type on his laptop. He didn't even bother giving her a second glance.

"Okay, look I have a necklace here for you," she said pulling it out of her pocket. It was half of a ying yang sign, except that it was red and the small dot was colored in pink. Also the small chain was gold.

Kaiba looked up at it and laughed. "That's the most ridiculous thing I've seen all day. I hope you don't expect me to wear that," he said laughing again.

"Why won't you wear it then?" she asked.

"Not my style or color. Now leave, I have work to do," Kaiba said sternly.

"But Kaiba-"

"Leave," he said much more demanding this time.

She sighed as she got up. She started walking when her hip hit his shoulder.

"Watch where you're going!" He barked at her. Surely there was enough room for her to walk past him without touching him.

"Oh...sorry," she said walking out of the coffee shop.

Once she was outside she smirked. "Kaiba you have no idea what surprise you're in for now that the necklace is in your pocket," she said aloud. Natalie had put part one of her plan into motion. She made sure she bumped into Kaiba so she could distract him, making it easier for her to drop the necklace right in his trench coat pocket without him noticing.

Tea's house

Tea was sitting on the couch watching a movie. It was nice not having any obligations and enjoying her time alone, even if it's just for a little while. It was around 6:45 when she started the movie, and it was one that she had been dying to see for weeks. It was a typical romance story about a woman finally opening her heart again after the death of her husband. Although she couldn't personally relate, she always found joy in seeing someone else fall in love.

About halfway through the movie, the doorbell rang. She reluctantly stopped the movie and made her way to the door. She opened it to see none other than Natalie.

"Hey Tea," she said smiling. "I hope you don't mind me stopping by, I asked Yugi for your address."

"Hey, no it's fine. Come on in," Tea said stepping out of the way, allowing her in. Natalie, however, didn't plan on being there long.

"Oh! No thanks, I have to be on my way in a minute. I just wanted to give you something," she said pulling out the other half to the necklace. Through Tea's eyes, the necklace was gorgeous, but she couldn't ignore the fact that it looked expensive.

"Natalie, this is beautiful! Where'd you get this?" Tea asked, reaching out for it to get a closer look.

Natalie handed her the necklace. "I bought it in Tokyo before I came here."

"But...this must have been expensive. I can't take this," Tea said moving to hand it back, but Natalie held her hand up, signaling that she refused to take it back.

"Oh, nonsense! It's my present to you, and I'll be offended if you don't accept it," Natalie told her with a smirk. "I was never good at making friends, but for once in my life I have a good feeling. I feel like I've actually found a friend...a friend in you."

Her words were touching. Tea knew that she didn't do much, but it was proof that a smile and kindness was all it took for someone to feel like they belonged. She still felt like she didn't deserve the necklace, but she didn't want to upset her. "Thank you," Tea said putting it on.

"It's nothing. Well I better get going. Talk later?"

"Yeah. Bye Natalie," She said with a smile.

'Tomorrow's going to be one heck of a day,' Natalie thought as she smirked to herself. She had done this many times, but she was definitely interested in seeing how things were going to turn out between them.

The Kaiba Mansion

Kaiba was in his office looking through everything he had. He was looking for his flash drive that held some important information on it. He stopped for a second to retrace his steps. He then looked at his trench coat pocket. "Of course," he stuck his hand into the left side pocket and pulled out the flash drive, along with a necklace.

"Here it-" he cut himself off when he noticed the necklace that was hooked to his fingers as well. "How did this get in here?" he asked aloud. "That dork must have slipped it in my pocket unnoticed," he said as he took it and tossed it across his room.


It was midnight and Kaiba and Tea kept tossing and turning in their sleep. They looked as though they were having a nightmare, the same one perhaps. They had the urge to open their eyes, but something stopped them from doing so. Then suddenly their bodies froze. Without realizing it, their souls were lifted from their bodies and descended into the other.

Seconds later, they seemed to be sound asleep, though their lives were going to change in the morning.


Kaiba heard an annoying sound to the right of him. He stretched his hand and knocked whatever it was over. He didn't remember having an alarm clock. Kaiba sat up and let his legs reach over the edge of the bed. He got up and started walking towards the bathroom. Kaiba's eyes were still completely closed, but he thought he had a pretty good idea where the bathroom was. He walked until he abruptly bumped into a wall. He groaned and rubbed his face. He slowly opened his eyes to see a wall. Confusion covered his face. He had the same bedroom for years and not once did he remember a wall being there. He turned around and his eyes grew wider.

"Where am I? This isn't my room!" he yelled. He felt something on his neck and he touched it. I was something silky. He looked at it to find that it was hair. "What the-"

He looked down to see that he didn't have a chest, he had breasts. He also noticed that his waist seemed to be wider and that his toe nails were covered in light pink nail polish. He gasped and ran to the nearest mirror he could find.

He stared at his reflection in the mirror and immediately screamed. It was impossible.

He stared at his body and noticed that he wasn't Seto Kaiba; he wasn't even a man. He was shocked to find out that he was the one and only Tea Gardner.

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