Chapter 5: Everyone Makes Mistakes

Yugi walked away from the scene with his head hung low. He never knew someone could make him feel so alone...betrayed. After everything Kaiba has done to them, she chooses him.

'It's not fair. I'd rather him have the Duel Monsters title. Why does Kaiba get what I have been longing for?' Yugi knew he couldn't face Tea for a long time, at least not after a devastating heartbreak like this.

Yugi opened the door to the Game Shop and quietly make his way to the living room. He sat on the couch and just stared at the television as if he were in a trance. He didn't even notice his grandpa come into the room.

"Yugi, I didn't know you were back. How was school?" He asked from behind the couch, not noticing Yugi's facial expression.

Yugi shrugged his shoulders.

"Well you must be tired." The elderly man said. "You should go up to your room and rest. You did say something about it being test day and all."

Yugi mindlessly arose to his feet and let them carry him to his bedroom. What was he to do?

Tea and Kaiba

Tea watched the girls walk away. Once they were out of sight…they still didn't move. She knew she was hugging her body, but she had a strange feeling inside.

Then someone had to mess everything up.

Kaiba pushed Tea off of him and looked at her.

"What the hell where you doing?" Kaiba's eyes met Tea's and not in a friendly state of mind either.

She looked down at him and was ready to punch him square in the face but remembered that any damage she does to Kaiba will result in her body getting bruised. That wouldn't be so bright.

"What am I doing? What are you doing? You think you can treat my friends like trash and get away with it?" She said in defense.

"Your friends are so fucking annoying! I was mean to them and I don't care. What I do care about though, is you trying to hook me up with one of the desperate fan girls I hate so much!"

Tea laughed. "It's only fair that I did what I did. You were mean to the guys out of pure hatred; I acted as I did with those girls simply out of revenge."

"Two wrongs don't make a right you idiot." Kaiba stepped closer to his own body. He knew he had his body in perfect fighting and self-defense positions, but he knew that the goofy soul occupying his body didn't know how to use it.

"You're stepping into dangerous territory Kaiba!" Tea said looking down on her small body. She knew that he wasn't looking for a fist fight though. I mean a boy verses a girl? The winner is obvious…the girl will win. Boys have the head strong, head first mentality, but girls think about how they will make a person of the opposite sex suffer. Girls think before they leap only because they aren't idiots. Kaiba wouldn't dare hit her anyway because he's in the weaker body.

A cell phone was vibrating. Tea sighed heavily and pulled out Kaiba's cell phone from her pocket. She shoved it in Kaiba's hand.

"It's been ringing all day!"

"You have to answer it! It's an important call!" Kaiba was annoyed again.

"I don't know what to say!" Tea fired back.

"But I have your voice, I have your body. You are Seto Kaiba right now so answer the damn phone!"

Tea flipped the phone open like she wanted to break it. She was kind of hoping that she left a little mark though. "Kaiba speaking."

Kaiba started at Tea the whole time and it looked like she had seen a ghost. All you heard were the occasional 'yes' and 'of course'…did she even know a damn thing that was being said?

Tea then involuntarily closed the phone shut.

Kaiba was getting impatient. "Well?"

She let out another heavily sigh and looked down at Kaiba. "You…excuse me…I…have a meeting with Myoso Kinimara in 30 minutes…"


She knew she shouldn't have agreed to the meeting, but she actually didn't want to ruin Kaiba's rep. She just wanted to get her body back and she doubted that a miracle would happened in 30 minutes, well at least not with the luck that she has been having.

Kaiba actually wanted to go crazy for once. "What were you thinking?!"

"Don't yell at me! Everyone makes mistakes!"

Kaiba let out a heavy, heavy sigh. Out of all the people he ended up switching bodies with, it had to be a klutzy dancer.

"You are going to have to go to the meeting yourself."

"What? No! I can't!"

"Why not?!"

"What if I say the wrong thing and you ended up losing half of your company?"

Kaiba's eyes narrowed. "I'd most certainly kill you…"