Sorry it has taken so long for me to update. I have had this story

in my head for a while, but when I started to write it didn't come out


But now it's here (finally) so please read it and tell me what you think.


They are dating. I should have guessed. Should have seen it coming.

Should have seen the way they were looking at each other. But I didn't.

And now I don't know what to do.

I went to sit outside on sunday morning because I needed to get some air.

Needed to be alone with my thoughts. It had been a couple weeks since

I had found out about Lindsay. Found out that my father had cheated on

my mother while she was sick. That I had a two sister instead of one.

We had been shopping a couple of times. Had a few lunches. And I

liked her, I really did. But it was going to take a while to grasp the idea

that we were sisters. But we were getting there, slowly.

Then I saw them coming out of the poolhouse, hand in hand. He kissed her

goodbye and watched her walk away, a smile on his face. And I never seen

him so happy. So... content.

And I knew what that smile meant. Knew that look on his face.

They had sleept toghether. Ryan and Lindsay. My foster son and my sister.

The thought that they where more than friends hadn't even crossed my

mind. Wasn't he interested in Marissa? Or was it Marissa that was interested

in him? What was going on here?

He didn't see me as he went back inside and I just sat there, shell shocked.

What was I going to do? Yell at him for sleeping with my sister?

Congratulate him for finding a girl that was both beautiful and smart?

A girl that obiviously made him happy.

I did neighter. When he came in to the house a few hours later to eat

breakfast I didn't say a word about Lindsay. I bearly talked to him.

I just looked at him and tried to figure out how to bring it up. I wasn't

even sure if I should bring it up. Was his love life any of my business?

Sure, he was daiting my sister, and sure, it made me feel uneasy

but that didn't mean that I had any right to tell her to stop seeing her.


My sister is a smart girl. If she tought that Ryan would make her happy,

then who was I to say otherwise? And she could have done much worse.

But still... Ryan hadn't the best track record when it came to

relationships and I feared that she would get hurt. Ryan never meant

to hurt anyone, but he was a hard person to get close to and sometimes

he pushed people away. Trust was a big issue for him and when he

thought that someone doubted him he would pull back. Put up walls

around him. Just look at the whole Oliver episode.

What was I going to do? Tell Sandy about the reationship? Somehow I

think that he already knew. Ask Seth to keep an eye on them? No. He

wouldn't do it. Wouldn't spy on someone he considered to be his brother.

If Ryan was happy he wouldn't do anything that might jeopardize it.

Dinner. I should ask Lindsay over for dinner. I need to talk to her.

About our father. About Ryan.