Agent Barrett had been at the SGC for a little over an hour now and the curiosity was killing him. Who was she dating?

He normally didn't care about something like this. But he had been watching Sam Carter from afar from quite some time now. He knew about Shannihan, he had even done a background check on him. He was ok, a bit of a woos.

But who was this new guy. He was completely under the radar. Finally, after the briefing he pulled Dr. Jackson aside. He was one of her teammates, he should know.

"Hey Dr. Jackson, you have a minute"

"Sure Agent Barrett, what can I do for you" he replied.

Tentatively he asked, "I know this is a bit unorthodox to ask you this, but by any chance do you know who Colonial Carter is dating?"

Daniel had known that Agent Barrett was interested in Sam. He caught him staring at her several times. "Is she dating someone?" he asked, trying to sound casual.

"Come on Dr. Jackson, you've been her teammate for how many years, you must know. My curiosity is killing me. What is he another cop or something?"

"Well, no" said Danielle rather slowly "he's not a cop."

"So you do know!" exclaimed Barrett.

"Listen," said Daniel "they want to keep this private." Daniel paused for a moment then added. "I wouldn't waist your time if I were you. This guy's got Shannihan beat by a wide mile. And if he's as smart as I hope he is he will take the opportunity he's been given and run with it."

"Oh" said Barrett. "So you know this guy?"

"Oh yah" said Daniel "about 9 years now." With that Danielle, made an excuse that he needed to get to his lab and left the room. He knew by saying what he did that Barrett would probably figure it out. He just didn't want to stick around so that he could drag some more details out of him. He knew if he was caught responsible for letting the "secret" out Sam would have his head on a platter.

On the way out of the compound Barrett stopped by Sam's lab to say goodbye. He found her on the phone. She looked up, put up a finger to say to wait a minute for her to get off and continued with her conversation.

"Yes, I got it" she said to her caller as she picked up a FedEx package on her desk. "You want me to open it now!"… "Ok, Ok, hold on a minute"… Sam opened the box to reveal a tattered Air Force issue baseball cap and a yoyo; she couldn't help but smile. "Don't you think this would make things a bit obvious?" she giggled into the phone. "I walk up the ramp with this on and I might as well be wearing a banner. You know how the rumor mill in this place works."… "Oh, so that is what you had in mind."….. "What happened to the let's keep it quiet plan."….. "Wait a minute did Daniel say anything to you?" ….. "Teal'c!"….. "I know, I know. Well, listen I have someone in my lab."….. "Yah, I am too. I'll call you tonight when I get off duty."…. "Me, too, bye."

Sam then turned back to Agent Barrett and blushed. "I am sorry that took so long. Are you heading out?"

"Yah" he replied "Was that him?"

Sam blushed even more. "Yep, that was him" she said as she absentmindedly picked up the hat and fiddled with the rim.

"He's a very lucky man" said Barrett with a grin as he reached over and gave Sam a very polite kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you, I think we both are pretty lucky" she said as she placed the hat back on the desk next to the yoyo.

As Agent Barrett turned to leave he added with a smile. "If this guy knows what's best for him, and I think he does… well, just in case, I'll be around."

"Goodbye Agent Barrett" she said with a wave and turned back to her desk to pick up her yoyo and cap and headed out to visit Daniel and Teal'c.


She found them both in Daniel's lab.

"So do you two report every man that flirts with me or just the one's you catch in the act."

"Hey listen we were just talking and it just sort of slipped out" tried Daniel.

"What Daniel Jackson is trying to say" stated Teal'c "is that we have been watching you both for years and it is in our best interest to help ensure the success of your relationship."

"Well, thank you for your brotherly concern but I am a big girl now and I think I can handle myself.

"Hey listen," said Daniel "no one is more supportive of your relationship that Teal'c and I. Hell, Hammond and Thor are probably even doing cartwheels as we speak.

"Yes," added Teal'c stoically "O'Neill's secretary, LouiseMontgomery, has even inquired if there was any way we could convince you to marry so that you could keep him on his best behavior more often."

With that Sam looked strangely at Teal'c.

"LouiseMontgomery" continued Teal'c "seems to think that O'Neill's good behavior seems to correlate with each of your visits to the Pentagon. She says he's much less grumpy when you are around."

"I agree" said Daniel flatly.

Sam just looked at him.

"Well I do!" he insisted. "You have to admit Sam. Ever since you two…" Sam now looked very sternly at him. Daniel continued "Well ever since you two started … dating… let's say. Jack has been much more pleasant to be around."

"Yes," agreed Teal'c "It is quite obvious that you two should enter into a formal union."

"Don't you think Jack and I should have a say in this!" she exclaimed.

"See even hearing you call him Jack sounds much better" said Daniel. "Do you think we would need to start calling her Colonel O'Neill?" he asked Teal'c.

Teal'c just raised his eyebrow as if to concur.


"What is all of this yelling about?" interrupted Jack.

"Jack!" said Daniel.

"General O'Neill" said Teal'c

"Sir" said Sam. At this Jack grimaced "now that just sounds odd" he added as he reached over and pulled her over to him to giver her a light kiss.

"What are you doing here? Hey, didn't I just talk to you in D.C" asked Sam.

"Ah, you talked to me on my cell phone. You never actually asked where I was located."

"Hey, nice of you to drop by" said Daniel.

"Well I was in the neighborhood. Having a jet at my disposal has some advantages" said Jack.

Sam gave him a "look."

"Yes, I do actually have a reason for being here" he said. "I have to meet with General Landry regarding this Baal thing. This whole clone thing has me a bit concerned. It was bad enough with one of them around."

Suddenly over the com, "Colonel Carter please report to the control room. Colonel Carter please report to the control room."

"Duty calls" she said with a sigh. "Hey how about team night?" asked Sam.

"How about we meet for drinks about 1800" said Jack giving Daniel and Teal'c a look.

"Sure" said Daniel while Teal'c just gave his obligatory nod.

After Sam left the room Jack turned to his former teammates and said "you do know you two will be getting lost after dinner right"

"I thought as much" said Daniel. "Indeed" added Teal'c.

"Sweet" said Jack. "I have this whole post dinner thing planned."

Daniel and Teal'c both looked at Jack wondering if it was going to be a "special" post dinner thing with any shiny gifts involved."

Jack could almost read their thoughts. "NO" he said with a smirk. "Give me some time guys. We have to work up to that one. We've just been dating for a few months now."

Both men just looked at Jack as if to remind him of the 8 years he spent working side by side with Sam.

"My god you guys are pushy. What have you been having secret meetings with my secretary or something?"


By 1800 all four were seated at O'Malley's in a booth in the back corner near the pool tables. Daniel and Teal'c on one side and Jack with is arm around Sam on the other.

They were laughing and reminiscing about the "old days" bringing up each others most embarrassing moments. Enjoying their dinners and of course each being beaten by Sam at pool.

Suddenly Daniel added "You know I'll have to say it is nice to see you two like this."

"Like what?" said Jack and Sam at the same time.

"Like this," said Daniel "happy, truly happy."

Sam and Jack just looked at each other and smiled. "Yasureyoubetcha" said Jack as he tightened his arms around Sam.

"The way my secretary talks I am "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" depending on where Sam is located in the universe."

"And she's never seen you before your first cup of coffee" laughed Sam.

"Yes, but I will have to say that woman can make a mean pie" said Jack.