As I finished the HBP and Tonks' love for Remus Lupin was brought out into the open, I found myself wondering what would their child be like if they ever got married? This, of course, led to me writing this bit. It originally was intended to be a one-shot, but I could make it into a story if you, my dear readers, would like me to do so (although the time in between updates would be long since I'm so busy).

Without further ado, I present to you The Werewolf's Daughter. . .

The Werewolf's Daughter what I'm called behind my back. In the streets people who know what my father is stare at me as if they are trying to find something abnormal about me. What are they looking for? Claws instead of nails? Fur instead of smooth skin? Fangs instead of teeth? A piercing howl instead of normal speech?

Children at school who know long to question me continuously. I know that they are dying to ask me about my father. What is he like? Is he mean? What does that make you? The list could go on. I would love to tell them out right that my father is the sweetest man I know. He is kind to my mother and me, and loves us both. He's never mean and never loses his temper (which drives mum a bit crazy, but in a good way she says).

To answer the last question, I'm as much as a werewolf as I am a Metamorphmagus like my mother. In a few strange aspects, there is a bit of werewolf in me, but it's not predominate and I don't change every month like dad does.

I'm shunned at school by most. . .even by those who don't know. For some reason they can just sense there is something different about me. I'm not sure what they think it is, but I don't want to know.

Coming with the sort of cold shoulder I do feel depressed at times. Sure I have friends, wonderful, zany, caring friends, but. . .I don't know. . .people say 'hi' and wave to my friends in the corridors. No one does that to me.

When ever I feel extremely lonely, I go and sit in Moaning Myrtle's lavatory for a bit. Sometimes we chat about our woes, worries, and sadnesses. Ricky Weasley, one of my best friends, found me in there once. It had been after a particularly bad day, and my PMS was kicking in so I had been crying. Ricky got annoyed (not at me, at the rest of the student body), and said he was going to tell the Headmaster.

I told him no, that it wouldn't matter. Looking confused he asked why in the world not. I told him that no matter what the headmaster said, I have always been and always will be Enna Marie Lupin, the werewolf's daughter.

Not my best work, but I hoped you liked it anyway. . .wondering what strange werewolf related things Enna is talking about? Well, if I do make this a story you'll find out. . .