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" Today" Professor Lupin announced to his excited class, " We will be learning abou-"

" Professor." A cold voice interrupted. Lupin looked to his right and saw Draco Malfoy leaning against the door frame.

" Yes, Draco?" The professor inquired.

" You're wanted in Dumbledore's office, Professor" Malfoy announced, drawing out the last word as if mocking it.

" Ah—really? Why…..how strange. Class, open up your books to page 113 and study up on Red Kappa's. We shall save the Moxie for next lesson.

The students groaned, but did as they were told.

Lupin strode quickly out of the room, wondering why Dumbledore had called him to his office. What was the occasion? Remus tried to remember…..was he going too far out of the curriculum? He didn't think so, and anyway, if he was straying from the topic, Dumbledore was a mild mannered type, he wouldn't care so much as to pull Remus out of his class, would he? So what was this about? Surely it couldn't be about…Remus groaned as he thought about it. There was a sinking sensation in his stomach as he realized this conversation was likely to be about…..Sirius Black.