Title: Is it to late for love?

Disclaimer: I do not own "Fastlane" or any of the characters in the show.

Author's Note: I love to read about Billie and Van, but there are not that

many stories out there. So,I had to write one of my own.

Enjoy! RnR please!

The man pointed a gun at her. The look in his eyes was calm. Deadly

calm. He had done this before. He had killed people before and he would

do it again as soon as he was through with her.

She was going to die. And she couldn't do a thing about it. Not a single

dammed thing. The drug he had injected in her paralyzed her body and

she couldn't move a muscle, except for her eyes. She could only look as

he put the gun to her head and she closed her eyes and tried to prepare

herself for the bullet that would take her life.

The shot came, but she didn't die. She didn't even get hurt. She opened

her eyes, confused. She should be dead by now. He couldn't have missed.

She didn't see him anywhere. He was gone.

- Billie, are you alright?

Van? What was he doing here? Where was the guy that was trying to kill


- Billie? She could hear the anxiety in his voice.

He couldn't see her anywhere. Had they guy killed her before he shoot him?

Van's gut wrenched at the thought.

She couldn't answer him. She couldn't even move her tongue.

He found her lying with her back on the floor, her eyes full of fear.

- The guy is gone he soothed her. I shot him in the shoulder and he ran.

Don't worry, he is not coming back. But just to be sure, Deaq is on the

look out.

He kneeled down beside her.

- You are going to be alright, you hear me? I didn't come this far to let you


She was getting sleepier by the minute and she knew that it couldn't be a

good sign.

- We better get you to a hospital. I don't know what shit he's given you.

It could be deadly, although I doubt it. He kills people by shooting them,

not by giving them deadly injections. But I don't like to chance.

He scooped her up and carried her out to the car where Deaq already stood


- Is she alright?

- He pumped her full of some shit. She can't move. I don't like it Deaq.

He put her in the backseat of the car and they drow as fast as they could

to the nearest hopital.

He found Van in the corridor outside the examine room. He sat in a chair

with his head in his hands, his body tense.

- She is gonna be fine Van.

Deaq sat himself in a chair next to him and looked at his partner.

- Yeah, I know. He didn't sound convinced.

- We got her here in time. Don't worry.

Deaq put a hand on the other mans shoulder.

Van's jaw clenched and his voice was strained when he spoke.

- Don't worry? Deaq, she wasn't moving. She was bearly breathing.

Deaq sighed deeply.

- I know. I know. I worry too.

Van pulled away and got up from the chair. He walked to a window that

was close by and stood there, staring out into the dark night.

Deaq looked at him for a minute. Then it dawned on him. He finally

understood why his partner was so worried. He understood why he

hadn't been able to sleep since Billie had been abducted.

- You love her, don't you?

Van was quiet for so long that Deaq gave up hope of getting an answer.

Then he turned around and looked into Deaq's eyes.

- Yeah. I love her. A muscle in his jaw twiched. - And now she may die

before I get a chance to tell her.

- She won't die. She is strong.

- I hope so. God, I hope so. He drew a hand trough his hair in a frustated


Deaq saw the agony in the other mans face and tried to comfort him.

- I know so. Hey, it's Billie we're talking about. She would live trough a


- You can't know that Deaq. Nobody can.

Deaq didn't know what to say. He had never seen Van like this before.

-I can promise you one thing though. Van's voice got low and his eyes

turned hard.

Deaq had seen this expression a couple of times before and he didn't

like it one bit. Van's next words confirmed his worst fear.

- I'm going to hunt down the guy who did this and when I find his sorry

ass he is going to die. Painfully.