I don't remember much from the trip to the hospital. Most of it is a blur, but

if I think real hard I remember Van's worried face. His strong grip on my

hand. The hushed words that he spoke to me in the car.

I must have passed out when we got here, because the next thing I know I'm

in a hospital bed with a IV in my arm. I turn my head to the right to look

around the room and that's when I realase that I can move. I try to sit up

but I'm still to weak. I lean back in bed and just lie there, feeling... I'm not

quit sure what I'm feeling. Relieved that I'm not dead? Scared that I only

have as much strength as a newborn child? Tired? Yeah, that must be the

must accurate assumsption for the time beeing. I'm am dead tired.

- You are finally awake I see. Took you long enough.

I turn my head to the left side of the bed and I see Deaq. He is sitting in one

of those uncomfortable chairs that the hospital provide. He's been sleeping

and his clothes are wrinkled and his hair's tousled.

- Hello to you too Deaq. What did the asshole inject in me? I feel like a

boned fish.

- They figure it's some kind of muscle relaxationer, but other than that...

He shrugges his shoulders.

-They don't have a clue.

- Nope.

- Great. Just fucking great. So, when am I getting out of here?

He chuckles.

- The doctor wants you here for at least a couple of days. Observation.

He is afraid that you will have some nasty side affects from the drug.

I groan.

- You gotta be kidding me. I can't catch that son of a bitch if I'm laying in a

freaking hospital bed. I need to get out of here. God.

His face turns serious and I can see that there is something that he dosen't

want to tell me. He gets up from the chair and starts pasing.

- Deaq, spit it out. What is it?

- I'm afraid you're not gonna get the chance to do that boss. Catch him I


- What do you mean? He's not dead. Van told me that he just shot him in

the shoulder. That he fled from the scene.

- Yeah, well, you see, that's kinda the problem.

- Deaq. Just tell me what's bugging you. Now.

He stops and looks at me and I can see the frustation in his eyes. And the

fear. And it scares me. Deaq's never afraid. Not unless... Oh no.

- Van wants to find the guy. He is not gonna rest until he does and then,

then he's going to kill him. Painfully. And I'm just quoting the guy here.

Crap. I should have guessed. Idiot. Oh Van...

- He will get himself killed.

Deaq runs a frustrated hand through his hair.

- I know. That's what I told him. He didn't seem to care.

Damm him. He can't do this. This is not his fight.

- Where is he?

- Outside the door in a chair. He sat here for five hours. I told him to get

home, but he refuses to leave before he knows that you are okay.

- Get him in here.

- Sure. He goes to the door and then he turns back at me.

- Boss?

- Yeah?

- The guy hasn't sleept in three days. Don't be to hard on him.

- Just get him in here Deaq. Now.

- Sure thing boss. He exits the room and leaves me alone with my thoughs.

Why does he do this? Why, god dammit?

Admit it honey, you know why.

- Shut up brain I mutter. You don't what you are talking about.

But my brain dosen't listen to me. It just laughs at me.

You know why. And you would do it for him to. For the very same reason.


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