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Part 2
"How did we come to this,"… a brilliant question Trini. One you will probably never know the answer to. But I have some time to think and so I shall.

Let's see, when did this start… Mesogog's death? No, before that… when we made the pact… no, perhaps when I made that deal with Zedd… No, it started before that even. Before I got Chalise, before I met Connor, before I even met Duncan. Back when I was just an innocent seventeen-year-old training to be a world class champion, when I met Methos.

I had gone to see Braveheart. My night off spent watching Mel Gibson. Perfect break right? Right.

I had gotten there early, and was opening my gummi bears when he arrived. My first thought was 'hello tall man'. Even taller than Tommy. Then I realized he was talking.

:-:-: Flashback :-:-:

"I'm sorry, I guess I spaced out. What did you say?" Kim asked mentally slapping herself in the head.

The man next to her smiled and chuckled softly. "That's alright. I was wondering if the seat next to you is free. Everywhere else seems to be claimed."

"Oh, of course… I mean of course you can sit here." She corrected herself.

He smiled as she stood, letting him sit in the seat next to her on the balcony. "Thank you," He continued once they were both seated. "I'm Adam by the way."

"Kim," She replied with a smile as they shook hands.

:-:-: End Flashback :-:-:

Ok, first I know I had the world's best boyfriend back home, but I couldn't help melting when he talked. He had this amazing British or something accent. And I dare you to find me a girl over the age of fifteen even into their eighties, who wouldn't. Go ahead. Have at it. I'll give the person who does my gold medal from the Pan Globals.

Anyway, back to the past. Braveheart was lovely, then we got to talking about the historical inaccuracies and suck. It was amazing how much he knew about William Wallace, both Edwards, Robert the Bruce, and of course the Queen. Don't ask me her name, I don't remember.

So, we ended up over at Dairy Queen talking for hours, everything from history to movies to personal info.

:-:-: Flashback :-:-:

"Ok Adam, how old are you exactly?" Kim asked as she took a bite of her Reese's Blizzard.

"How old do I look?" he countered with a grin.

"Late twenties, early thirties. Max, mid thirties," Kim replied without a thought.

Adam smiled and nodded slightly. "Turnabout is fair play love. How old are you?"

"Don't you know to never ask a woman her age," She replied with a smirk.

"Call me a glutton for punishment," He remarked as he took a bite of hot fudge.

"I bet," Kim replied with a smile. "And I'm seventeen, I'll be eighteen in February."

"Nooo, you look like you're not a day under twenty-one."

"Most people might wonder about your compliments Mr. Pierson," Kim replied with a smile.

"I don't particularly care what most people think," He replied with a grin.

"No, I bet you don't."

:-:-: neithFlashback :-:-:

We started out as friends. He was someone in Florida who wasn't obsessed with gymnastics. And he knew so much about nearly everything. Plus he helped me out with my French. He became my best friend.

I honestly didn't fall for him for a long time, at least not consciously. I still loved Tommy, was loyal to him. Never even thought about Adam that way…. Then for my eighteenth birthday, we drove up to Orlando to go to the parks. Our third day there, second to last, we went to see the show at Medieval Times. I knew something was bothering Adam all night, just not what. After the show, we were walking back to the car, discussing the show. Our car was the furthest in the parking lot, so by the time we got there, everyone was gone.

Just as we reached the car, we heard someone laugh and stopped mid-step. Out of the shadows came this tall man with a sword. At first I thought one of the knights Adam had been talking to was playing a joke. Well that theory ran out the window when Adam pushed me out of their way as we both nearly missed the blade that swished over where our heads had been.

Seconds later Adam was up and rushing towards the trunk of the car. He had just gotten the keys in when Mr. Sword, whose name I later learned to be Michael Farthing, was charging at him. Adam turned and ran the opposite direction causing Mikey to follow him. It took me a few seconds to realize why Adam was trying to get into the trunk.

I had asked about the case when we were unloading, and it was the only thing still in the trunk. In moments I had been at the trunk, opening it and pulling the long, narrow box towards me. Though I hadn't been expecting to find a sword inside. One I mentally noted was old, well cared for, and gorgeous. But, then I had heard a sound I will never forget in a hundred years. One I couldn't even describe. Turning I saw a sight I will also never forget.

Adam with a sword through his stomach, the blade extending through and out the other side.

I won't go into the rest of the details of that night. But, needless to say that evening produced two results. One, I learned Immortals existed. And two, I realized I was in love with a man over five-thousand-years-old, a man who had died before my very eyes. A man who wasn't Tommy.

Yes, I was in quite the pickle. Don't get me wrong, I still loved Tommy, still do actually. I'm just not in love with him anymore. So… I took the cowards way out, and sent him a Dear John. Yes, everyone in the universe, throw your popcorn at me, get it out of your system.

Feel better? Good. Now, where was I? Oh yes, the infamous letter. You should have seen the messages our poor dorm mother had to take. For days, Adam, Rocky, Kat, Jason, Trini, Zach, Billy… they were all calling. You would have thought Zordon had died. Of course, that didn't happen for another year.

Which leads to my next point, another one of those infamous questions, you know the 'where were you' ones. Where were you when: Kennedy died, both nowadays sadly; when Diana died; when John Lennon died; when Elvis died…

Well, ours is where were you when Zordon died. Me? I was dead too. Little known fact, during the whole Countdown to Destruction thing, while the Astro rangers were fighting in Angel Grove, evil forces were conquering the rest of the globe. And in Florida, I stupidly tried to fight the whatever they were. Take my word, without powers, you're puttie bait, for lack of a better term.

So, I suppose the question now is how that hell I'm on the moon five years later, having lived to die another day?

No, I'm not a vampire. I am quite happily not undead.

Oh fuddle dud, my story has to wait. Seems my time has run out. Oh well, to be continued next death.

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