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Part 6
"Tommy? Where's Kim?" Trini asked as she stood up.

"You guys better sit down." Tommy began.


"How are you doing love?"

"Tired, but good." Kim replied with a soft smile as she turned her head towards him as he drove. She could see the lights of Duncan and Methos' cars behind and in front of them. "How are you doing Connor?"

"Tired, but good." He countered with one of those heart melting smiles of his that she could never seem to get enough of.

"Are we truly free Connor?" she asked after a moment as she looked back at Chalise while she slept in the back seat.

"As free as we ever were in the life we live." Connor replied with a half smile. "Don't worry love. The only bad guys we have to do with anymore are going to be the ones that are entirely Immortal and we can get rid of them with our swords. No more evil space aliens and all that."



"Do you think Zordon would forgive me for what I've done?" Kim whispered as she looked out the passenger window.

Glancing at the road, he turned his head and reached out to take her chin in his hand. Turning her face to look at him he smiled. "Kimberly, from what you have told me about him. I think Zordon would forgive you in a second. And no doubt understand what it is that we are going through much more than anyone else in the group that you grew up with."

"Thank you."

"Always Kim, always."

"Dr. O! There's a package here for you from New York." Ethan yelled as he closed the door behind him. Since the untimely, and fortunate, demise of Mesogog and his forces; the rangers had had little work. Well after they settled things with the White Ranger, and they released poor Trent from the thing that was turning him evil.

Since then, Kira and Trent had started dating, Haley was busy as a beaver with the coffee shop, and the rangers had kicked off their shoes and just came to bug Dr. O for the fun of it.

"Where's it from in New York?" Tommy asked as Ethan entered the room.

"New York City of course." Ethan replied handing him the package.

"Hmm, wonder who it is from." Tommy mused as he opened the seal and a case fell in his hand. "A CD?" he asked looking at it before walking over to his DVD player. "Too much work to head up to the stereo." He explained as he popped it in the player.

"You're getting lazy Dr. O." Kira replied with a smile.

"Hey Dr. O, I don't think it's a music CD." Connor said a moment later. "You might want to turn your tv on."

Frowning, Tommy turned and turned his tv on, sinking onto the nearest piece of furniture when he saw what was on the screen.

"Hey guys. You're all probably staring at this in complete shock right now aren't you? And before you start thinking you need to send this to the rest of the gang, no worries. I've already covered that. Although you'd be surprised what a hassle it was to get everyone's addresses.

"Anyway. To prove to you all that I am all right and you can quit worrying about me. And to get me to stop driving poor Connor and John completely mad. Not to mention the rest of our insane little gang… well anyway, here we go. This video was filmed a few weeks ago. And I suppose the only thing left to say is:

"Everyone, live life to the fullest. Have no regrets, and don't live in the past. We were all parts of the greatest thing to ever happen in the world, at least our part of the world. We saved the universe on occasion and the Earth on many more. And that is something that we will forever remember and take with us through out life.

"All my love guys. You truly are the best friends a girl could have… And, to end this off. You are all cordially invited to the wedding of Kimberly Ann Hart and Connor McLeod…. Just, don't let anyone else outside the group see this, seeing as technically I'm dead and all." Kim finished with a smile before the screen faded and a new scene appeared.

As the four watched the next two hours of film, they saw a garden, they learned was somewhere in France. Talking and waving at the camera were Danica; Amanda; Michelle; Pierson- who everyone kept calling either Adam or Methos; and Duncan -who was usually found with Amanda in his arms. There was also a young man running around, who everyone kept calling John. He was usually found holding the little girl they had all met. And then they saw Kim and McLeod or Connor or whatever they wanted to call him. Half the group called him Connor, the other half called him Highlander… it was bloody confusing.

Kim was dressed in a calf-length white summer slip dress, with her hair tumbling down her back in a mass of curls. Around her neck she wore a beautiful gold heart shaped locket. Connor in turn was dressed in full Scottish garb, kilt and all. An outfit worn also by Duncan and John.

The actual ceremony was preformed by a man named Joe, Duncan with Connor, then John. And on Kim's side was Danica and in her arms was Chalise. It was beautiful really. The entire group of active rangers found tears in their eyes as they watched.

They watched the small party as they danced around an open area, bagpipes playing off and on. Tommy shook his head as everyone called for the Highland Fling, and the newly married couple complied, Kim being handed off from male to male. After cutting the cake, made by Danica they learned. And Methos ticked Kim off so badly she chased him down and smashed a piece of cake in his face before turning and calmly walking away.

It seemed they turned the tape off for a bit, because the scene skipped to the same area, but in the twilight with hundreds of candles lit around the area. Kim and Connor were dancing, oblivious to the world before Chalise ran towards them and wrapper her arms around Kim's leg. Laughing Kim bent down and picked her up. Turning she shook her head before the camera panned to see what she was looking at. The small group was standing, Duncan holding what was obviously the garter and Danica waving the bouquet telling Kim she had to toss it eventually after all.

Laughing Kim took the bouquet, and tossed it over her shoulder, to be caught by Amanda who promptly planted a kiss square on Duncan's lips. As laughter filtered through the group, Connor picked Kim up and told everyone to enjoy the evening, make sure Chalise got home and in bed and he turned and walked from the garden. The group teased them as they left before waving at the camera once more and the scene finally faded completely to black.

"She looks pretty happy to me." Ethan said with a smile.

"And that's good enough for me." Tommy agreed.

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