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KamiSama Punishes Nabiki, And Then Some!


Nabiki's Punishment Starts

KamiSama was sitting at his desk, looking over some files, when his computer beeped at him, letting him know that something had happened with one of the mortals he was keeping his eye on. He looked at the holographic computer screen, and noticed that at that current point in time, down on Midgard, there was supposed to be a wedding taking place, but it was in the process of being destroyed. KamiSama shook his head, and considered what he was about to set into motion, because he had warned the person responsible for the destruction of the wedding twice already, and she hadn't listened, and changed her ways. Now KamiSama was going to have to change her ways himself, and not in a way that she was probably going to like!

KamiSama typed a few notations, and changes into the file he was perusing, and then set everything in motion before sitting back, to see what was going to happen with his changes. He was really interested to see how those around her would react as well. They were the one's that she was going to have to help after all! He decided that he would let his daughter's, the Norns, know that they would possibly be called on to help someone that he has just punished, but it is a punishment of change, and attitude adjustment, not true "punishment". So after making the necessary arrangements, he sat back to watch the new story unfold...

Nabiki looked around the dojo at the mess that had been created the day before. She had no idea it would turn out this way, she was just trying to protect her sister and her fiancé from being forced into a marriage they both said they didn't want, plus they didn't feel they were old enough. Well, that's what she told herself anyways. In reality, Nabiki knew that she had "invited" the extra guests so that she could make a little extra yen, but also because she couldn't bear the thought of losing a prime money making patsy. Nabiki thought back to the events of the day before, and even she the ice queen herself, had to shudder at the events, and silently apologize to Akane and Ranma, even if she wouldn't apologize to them to their faces.


Ranma woke up suddenly, to find he was wearing a tuxedo, and being held up by his father and Mr. Tendo. Ranma looked at the priest in front of him, and then he looked to the side where he saw a vision of absolute beauty. Akane was standing beside him, wearing a western style wedding dress, and wearing a look of anticipation on her face. The father's then noticed that Ranma was awake, and told him in no uncertain terms that he and Akane were getting married, and there was no getting out of it this time. Ranma looked at Akane, and asked her a very valid question.

"Hey Akane? Do you really want to go through with this scheme of our father's?" Ranma asked, looking at Akane with an expression of apprehension.

Akane looked at Ranma, and gave him a glare. "Of course I want this, today is my wedding day Ranma, don't you dare do anything to mess it up, you hear me? From now on, you will belong to me and no one will be able to take you from me!"

Ranma looked at Akane, and slowly nodded, while wondering why Akane would think he was going to do something to mess up "their" wedding day! After all, he lo... he loooooo...he lo...ved the stupid tomboy didn't he? Ranma then corrected his last thought, in that he didn't really think of Akane as a stupid tomboy. He knew for a fact that today, he was going to go through with the wedding, and he was going to end the fiancée fiasco!

Before anyone could say anything there was a sudden crash from the compound wall outside the dojo. Everyone turned to look, and were unsurprised to see Shampoo striding into the yard, with a scowl on her face. Raising her bonbori to point at Akane, Shampoo snarled, "Shampoo no let violent pervert girl marry her airen! Shampoo crush violent pervert girl, and take airen back to China with her!" Everyone looked at Akane and Ranma as Shampoo made her statement, and no one was surprised to see Akane glowing bright red, with a larger than normal battle aura, as she glared at Shampoo. Akane then turned to Ranma and was about to start blaming him for inviting "that Chinese slut" as she privately thought of Shampoo, but never called her to her face, when suddenly a cry rang out from above everyone's heads.

Looking up, as Ranma jumped back, everyone saw Ryoga coming down where Ranma had been standing imbedding his umbrella into the ground. Glaring at Ranma, Ryoga said, "Saotome, prepare to die for trying to force Akane to marry you!" Ranma looked at Ryoga, and said, "What are you talking about P-chan? I ain't forcing that uncute tomboy to do nothin'! In fact, she's the one that said she wanted to get married today!" Before Ranma could say anymore, he had to suddenly jump out of the way again, to avoid being malleted by Akane, who was wielding her largest mallet yet.

"Raaaaanmaaaaaaaaaaaa, how dare you say that about me, you pervert!" Akane growled at the pig-tailed martial artist, who was now about 10 feet from where he had landed after avoiding Ryoga's attack. Looking at Akane, Ranma tried to figure out how to make it up to her, and explain that he didn't mean to call her an uncute tomboy. The two father's, and Nodoka, along with Kasumi just stood there looking at this strange scene, wondering what happened to the wedding that had been planned?

Ranma looked at Shampoo, and then at Ryoga, and tried to figure out how to get them away from the Dojo, when suddenly Ranma found himself being hugged, by someone he only considered to be a friend, but who thought of herself as Ranma's only "real" fiancée. Akane started to growl, and her battle aura reappeared, slightly bigger than last time. Akane started to stalk towards Ranma and Ukyo, as Ranma was trying to get Ukyo off him, the whole time being treated to Ukyo's "slightly" upset voice sounding in his ear, saying, "Ranchan, how can you even think of marrying Akane when you know I am your "cute" fiancée? What did I do to deserve having you leave me a second time?" Ranma didn't manage to avoid the mallet strike this time, and even Ukyo got caught by an edge of it, and was thrown back a few yards by the strike, while Ranma was actually imbedded into the ground about 5 feet.

Just as Ranma managed to pull himself out of the ground, a few seconds later, Akane and Shampoo got into an argument, which Ukyo quickly joined in on, while Ryoga just looked at Ranma, and started to crack his knuckles, anticipating pounding his rival for Akane's heart. Before Ryoga could move though, a cry of, "Shampoooooo, I am here for you my love!" was heard just as Mousse appeared on an undamaged section of the wall. Seeing Shampoo arguing with Akane and Ukyo, he looked around the yard, and spotted Ranma, just getting out of the hole that Akane created when she malleted him into it. Mousse then launched a stream of bladed chains at Ranma, with a cry of, "DIE SAOTOME! "

Ranma just managed to avoid the chains, due to the fact that he was still slightly dazed by the mallet strike. But Mousse thought Ranma was just trying to make a fool of him again (not that that is all that hard, I mean come on, this is Mousse after all!), and started to throw even more chains at the pig-tailed martial artist.

Before Ranma could counter attack though, he suddenly found himself trying to avoid a close in attack in the form of Kuno. He was determined that no one would marry Akane Tendo but him, and he would free her from "that foul sorcerer Saotome's clutches, and at the same time he would rescue his pig-tailed goddess!" But again, before Ranma could do more than dodge, he suddenly found himself restrained by a pair of female arms, and he heard the one thing he didn't need at this point in time. He heard a totally deranged laugh in his ear, "OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO, Ranma-Sama, I am here to marry you and save you from that Harlot Akane Tendo. As well as all these other peasant's who think they are worthy of you, when you, they, and I know, that I am the only one worthy of marrying my darling Ranma-Sama! OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO! "

By this time, something rather interesting happened. Ranma looked up at to the heavens, as he broke out of Kodachi's arms, and leapt to the other side of the yard. He then calmly asked, "Kami-Sama, I don' know what I did that made ya mad at me, or if not you, then whatever Kami is mad at me, but could you help me out here? I am really starting to get tired of all this!" Ranma then looked at all of his rival's and "fiancée's" and they all noticed a change come over him.

Before Ranma could say anything or do anything though, Ryoga, Mousse, and Kuno all rushed towards Ranma to attack him. When they all charged him, Ranma's battle aura flared into existence, and it was so much more powerful than anyone had yet seen him manifest, even in his fight against Saffron! Before Ranma's attackers could reach him though, he cupped his hands by his hip, and proceeded to gather his Ki there, at a rate that was unprecedented. He then thrust his hands forward with a cry of, "MOKO TAKABISHA!" When he released his Ki-blast, Ryoga, Kuno, and Mousse suddenly found themselves in a world of pain, as they flew through the air, in three separate directions, until all that was visible of them was a momentary gleam (ala team rocket (tm)), before nothing else could be seen of them.

Ranma then looked at his "fiancée's", and they all noticed a strange gleam in Ranma's eyes. They all collectively backed up a step, before Akane got over her shock, and started stalking towards Ranma, with her battle aura once again visible for the third time in the last 10 minutes or so. "RANMA, HOW DARE YOU PICK ON POOR RYOGA LIKE THAT! YOU PERVERT, I DON'T KNOW WHY I EVER CONSIDERED MARRYING YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE! AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED, THIS ENGAGEMENT IS OVER! "

Ranma just looked at Akane, as she approached him. When she pulled out her Ultimate Mallet (500 ton's of "Ranma bashing fun"), everyone was surprised to see Ranma close his eyes for a moment. He then opened his eyes and he looked at Akane, saying, "If that is the way you want it, but just know, from this time forward, I will not allow you to strike me for any reason Akane." Akane didn't even stop to listen to what Ranma had been saying, intent on bashing her now ex-fiancé. But surprisingly, she suddenly found herself on the ground, experiencing intense pain, and as she looked at her hands first, she noticed slight burns on them, and then she felt the intense pain of Ranma actually striking her. Ranma then looked at Kodachi, and in a strangely calm voice, and with suddenly perfect grammar, said, "Kodachi Kuno, I am not now, nor have I ever been your fiancée, your boyfriend, or your love. You are far too insane, you and your brother both. You both need to get professional help, badly!" Kodachi just stared at Ranma uncomprehendingly. Then she rushed towards him to try and hug him close, while she kissed him, hoping her drugged lipstick would paralyze him long enough to get him before a priest and get him married to her. When suddenly Kodachi found herself lying next to Akane on the ground, with a broken leg, and severe pain in her body due to pressure point strikes performed by Ranma.

Ranma just shook his head, and then turned to Ukyo. He looked at her and said, "Uch...Ukyo, I am sorry for what my baka father did, by stealing your family Yattai. But even you have to realize, since you gambled it and lost it to the Gambler King, it was no longer your dowry, and your claim on me is invalid because of it! You were, and hopefully someday once again will be my best friend, but I will never marry you. I am sorry that I have to hurt you this way at this time, but it is necessary if you're ever going to move on and find someone who truly loves you. Unfortunately, that will never be me." Ukyo could only stare at Ranma in shock, before she ran from the Tendo Dojo in tears.

By this time, Shampoo is positively glowing, and before Ranma could say anything else, Shampoo performed the ultimate Amazon Glomp. She was rather surprised when Ranma casually broke her grip on him, and then calmly slammed her into the ground, where she lay in surprise. It was a moment before the pain finally hit, and she realized Ranma hadn't just slammed her into the ground. At Amaguriken speeds, he had broken her left wrist, and dislocated her right shoulder and elbow. She looked up at him in shock, and asked him plaintively, "Why airen hurt Shampoo? Airen not love Shampoo?" Ranma looked at Shampoo with a glare that was barely a degree or two above liquid nitrogen. He then told her, in a voice barely warmer than his glare, "Shampoo, I am not now, nor will I ever be your airen. I will never go back to China to your village, where I would be nothing more than a baby-making machine. Especially since I would be lower than any of the animals in the village! I will not be forced into that lifestyle, and I was more than willing to have you as my friend, but you have destroyed that chance now. Go back and tell the old ghoul, that if you try any tricks, love potions, or anything like that, that you and your village will then have me as an enemy, instead of a possible ally! NOW GO!" Too everyone's surprise, like Ukyo before her, Shampoo left quickly, in tears. Ranma then looked at his mother, and bowed his head.

"Mother, if you truly intend to hold me to that seppuku pledge, then get your Katana now, and I will do nothing but my duty, and take my own life, with you as my second. But if by some miracle," (said with extreme sarcasm in his voice at this point), "I have managed to live up to your idea of a man amongst men, then I think you should destroy that contract now, in full view of everyone!" Nodoka just looked at her son in shock, as Ranma stood there calmly waiting for her decision.

Nodoka closed her eyes briefly, and then pulled the contract out of her Kimono, and to the surprise of all present, she turned, and looked at Genma, with a glare that was barely warmer than the one Ranma had turned on Shampoo. "I hereby release my son from his part of the seppuku pledge, but it is obvious to me, that my husband, whom I love, was not the one that made my son a man amongst men! I will not release him from his pledge though! I have not yet decided if I will let him live or not, and I will not allow him to run away from this situation, as he has run from his responsibilities in the past." Genma could only stare at his wife in shock, and then he looked at his son, and started to yell at him, "WORTHLESS BOY, YOU WILL MARRY AKANE AND UNITE THE SCHOOL'S, AND IF NOT, THEN YOU WILL BE RIGHT NEXT TO ME WHEN I LOSE MY LIFE!"

Ranma just looked at Genma, and said, "No, I will not marry Akane, she has broken off the engagement, and that means that my honor is not affected. Her honor is the one that is tarnished, and it does not affect the Tendo family honor at all. You are the one that is without honor and you are the one that is worthless. You have taught me everything you can, and it is time I was acknowledged as a master of Anything Goes."

Genma just stared at Ranma, and he could see all of his scheme's going up in smoke before his eyes. With a roar of rage, Genma used one of the forbidden techniques he had sealed, and sent a vacuum blade flying towards Ranma. Ranma calmly kicked Kuno's abandoned bokken up into his hand, and without moving very much, sliced upwards, and completely disrupted the attack, to the shock of Genma and those watching. Kasumi was the only one that could say anything, due to the shock of what they had all witnessed, and her response was rather typical, but at the same time, very un-Kasumi like. "Oh my, Mr. Saotome, how could you try to murder your own son in cold blood?" Everyone looked at Kasumi in shock and then all eyes turned to Genma, who was standing there in shock at his actions as well.

At that point, Happosai made his presence known, and declared that Ranma and Genma would battle it out, to see if Ranma was worthy of being acknowledged as a master of the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts. "Before any of you ask, I am doing this to see if Ranma is truly worthy of being my heir!" Happosai said, with a smirk on his face.

Everyone stared at Happosai, and then looked back at Ranma as he cracked his knuckles, and said with a cold smile on his face, that didn't reach his eye's. "It's about time. This is going to be fun!" Genma realized he was about to get the beating of his life. Before he could do anything though, be it to run, attack, or even defend, Ranma was in front of him, and Ranma then proceeded to introduce his old man to an old friend of his, but this old friend, when introduced to Genma, took him to a whole new world. That old friend of Ranma's by the way? Well, that old friend was an entity known as "Pain", and Ranma showed Genma a whole New World of entities, all with the name "PAIN".

After delivering a severe beating, Ranma looked at Happosai, and said only one word, "Well?" Happosai looked at Genma, barely conscious, lying on the ground, and then looked at Ranma. He saw that Ranma was barely breathing hard, and obviously not having broken the slightest sweat in all that has happened, and said, "I hereby acknowledged Ranma Saotome as a Master of the Anything Goes School of Martial Arts, and my heir!" Everyone could only stare in surprise as Happosai named Ranma his heir. Ranma then looked at Soun, and asked, "What about you Mr. Tendo, do you like my father, feel I should marry Akane? I will not attack you; I just want to know what you think here. I am now a Master of the school, and am therefore not subject to you or Oyaji's desires. I am willing to uphold family honor, and marry a Tendo sister, if you still feel that it is a good idea, but otherwise, I will do what I can to repay you for letting me stay here, and after I have paid that debt, I will leave." Soun could only look at Ranma in shock, before wailing about how the two schools would no longer be joined, and how Ranma and Akane would never give him grandkids!

Before anyone else could react, Happosai stepped up to Soun, and hit a pressure point to render him unconscious. Ranma then carried Soun into the house, where he laid him on the couch. Akane came downstairs, and saw Ranma laying her father on the couch, and jumped to conclusions about what happened, and started to yell at Ranma just before she attacked him. "RANMA HOW DARE YOU ATTACK MY FATHER! " Akane then launched herself forward in a straight punch, but her way was blocked suddenly by Nabiki. Akane stopped in shock, and looked at Nabiki. "Nabiki, get out of my way! That pervert attacked Daddy!" Nabiki just looked at Akane, and calmly said, "No he didn't Akane, Happosai hit Daddy's sleep spot, because he was wailing about the school's not being joined, after Happosai named Ranma a master of the Anything Goes School, after Ranma beat his father into a pulp."

Akane looked at Nabiki in shock, and then at Ranma, and snarled, "That pervert has been named a master of this school? I guess he is planning to follow in that old pervert's shoes then!" Akane then turned, and headed back upstairs to her room, to sulk and brood over the events that had taken place, to ruin "HER" wedding day!

Nabiki then turned to say something to Ranma, and to her shock, and that of everyone that had followed Ranma inside as he carried Soun to the couch. They all stared as Ranma's eyes rolled up into the back of his head, and he crumpled where he stood, out cold before he even started to fall.

End Flashback

Nabiki then realized that it was time for her to go to sleep, if she was going to get up early enough the next morning to try and talk to Ranma before anyone else was up. She then turned to go to bed. But as she lay down to go to sleep, she couldn't suppress a feeling of trepidation. A feeling that seemed to have no obvious source, or cause, that she could see, or think of. Nabiki finally shook it off, and went to sleep. If there had been anyone in the room, or even outside looking at her window, or even in the general direction of the Tendo Dojo, on the side that Nabiki's room was on, they would have seen a soft glow suddenly shine forth through the window. But as usually happens, no one was watching, so no one saw the light, but a couple miles away, an old woman suddenly looked up in concern, as she sensed something strange happening nearby! Cologne could only surmise that it was connected to the Tendo Dojo somehow, and that meant Ranma was most likely involved, somehow!

To Be Continued...

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