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Scene change

Chapter 10 - What happened to Ranma? Or A certain Panda's PAIN!

As the Senshi stared at the spot where Ranma had vanished from, Usagi stood straight with a murderous glare directed towards the Tendo Dojo. The other scouts, noticing the look backed up slightly to avoid having it directed at them.

They then heard Usagi mutter, "Whoever caused my cousin such pain, and whoever made him disappear like that, they are going to PAY!"

The rest of the scouts all felt the same as their princess, after remembering that their friend just before he vanished had been wiping tears from his eyes. The expressions and especially the looks in all their eyes hardened with resolve. They were going to make sure someone paid for what had happened to their friend in several cases (with the possible exception of two others, besides Usagi) possible love interest and they were going to start with a certain panda!

They all turned towards the Tendo Dojo where Genma Saotome, who even though he couldn't move, felt a shiver run down his spine and inexplicably felt terrified for his life, more than he ever had in the past. With this resolve, the scouts headed towards the Tendo Dojo with pain and retribution on their minds.

Somewhere in Japan? (If it actually is in Japan that is)

A certain red-headed scientist, in fact the self-proclaimed greatest scientific genius in the universe, looked up as alarms started sounding all over her sub-space lab. With an inquisitive gleam in her eye, and a slightly (ok, more than slightly) demented maniacal chuckle, Washu headed over to the nearest computer monitor to see what was going on that set her alarms off like this. For these were her "someone/something powerful has appeared or someone/something interesting (guinea pig status) has finally drawn attention to him/her/itself" alarms.

As she looked at the screen, her eyes widened slightly in surprise, before a grin appeared, everybody would recognize that look in the house where she lives, and it would cause all of them to run for cover. It was her "I have a new guinea pig in my sights" grin. She started to type furiously on the holokeyboard in front of her, and zoomed in on the location of the source of the readings, even though it had only lasted a moment. She then headed upstairs, and called a family meeting, to tell everyone what was going on, and that they were headed for Nerima, to investigate!

Nerima, near the Tendo Dojo

The Sailor Scouts all headed towards the Tendo Dojo with one purpose in mind, major pain infliction. They had stopped in an alley just a few minutes after they had witnessed Ranma's disappearance, and transformed. They were all very upset at Ranma's disappearance, but they were even more upset over what they had found out about how Ranma had been treated by his father, and also by the other members of the NWC. They were planning to make sure the members of the NWC paid for what they had done to their new friend, but they first had to make sure a certain panda-man felt the pain and humiliation, and torment that he had earned!

Arriving at the Tendo Dojo, Sailor Moon walked up and knocked lightly on the door, which was opened a few moments later by Kasumi. They all smiled in response to her peaceful smile, and bowed respectfully.

"Oh my, the Sailor Scouts? What can we do for you today? I am afraid Ranma-kun left to see you a few minutes ago. Didn't you see him?" Kasumi asked in surprise.

Sailor Moon looked sad for a moment, and then firmed her resolve, saying, "We saw him, and we saw him vanish before our eyes, in a bright flash of light, and we have no idea what happened to him." She started to tear up and was preparing to start wailing when Mercury gently nudged her arm.

Sailor Moon paused a moment, and visibly got herself back under control before continuing, "We are actually here to see Ranma's father, and make him suffer for the pain and anguish he has put Ranma through in his life. Sailor Pluto informed us of Ranma's life, after using means we can't go into just yet, and we can't let Genma's actions go unpunished!"

Kasumi looked at all the scouts in surprise, and then with a whispered, "Oh my", let them in. "Uncle Genma and father are just inside the living room, you can't miss them, they are actually being useful for once, and acting as coat racks!" Kasumi said with a smile. The scouts all looked at Kasumi in surprise, then headed for the living room.

Upon entering the living room, the nine senshi saw that Kasumi was correct about them not being able to miss the two fathers. But before they could enact the start of their plans, a commotion just outside the living room shoji (doorway) leading to the backyard drew everyone's attention.

Everyone watched in shock as a whirlpool seemed to form in the koi pond, and as they watched, two figures seemed to rise slowly from its depths. A young girl, appearing to be about 12 or 13 years old, with a mallet slung on her back, and an older girl, slowly floated up from the whirlpool, and then floated over to the rocks bordering the pond.

Nabiki quickly stepped forward, and bowed to the two figures saying, "Greetings Belldandy-Sama, Skuld-Sama, is there something we can do for you, or are you here to begin my training?"

Belldandy smiled serenely at Nabiki, and said, "Why yes, Nabiki-san, it is time for you to begin your training, but I sense that there is something going on that will need to be seen to first. I hope you don't mind putting off your training a little bit?" Nabiki mutely shook her head, and motioned Belldandy and Skuld into the house where everyone else was waiting.

Unnoticed by everyone present, a couple of moon cats had just come down the stairs, yawning, and looking around for their charge, Ranma, who had apparently left them in his room after waking them up so rudely. They both forgot that he had been packing while they cleaned their fur of all the water still present after he splashed them to wake them up, and that he was going on his training trip today.

When they spotted the senshi though, they ran over to see why they were all there. Sailor Moon, noticing that Luna and Artemis were there, bent down, and picked up Luna. Venus noticed Sailor Moon picking up her pet/advisor, and looking down, saw Artemis, and picked him up. Sailor Moon then said to the two feline advisors, "Sailor Mercury will fill you in on what's going on, and then we will see about handling a major problem, and dealing justice where it is deserved." Sailor Moon then looked at Mercury and said, "Would you please take Luna and Artemis into the backyard and tell them about what we have learned?" Mercury nodded, and both moon cats jumped from their respective "owner's" arms, and followed her to the backyard.

Sailor Moon turned to face the two paralyzed fathers, and scowled darkly. "I don't really like to hurt people, but you Genma Saotome...you have done so much to harm a friend of ours, that we have decided that you need to be punished. I will not show pity, or apologize for what is going to happen, but I will say, that what you are about to experience is only a small part of what we wish we could inflict upon you!" With a scowl, Sailor Moon and the scouts started to walk towards the two paralyzed figures.

Belldandy and Skuld both stared at the scouts in shock, and then Skuld spoke up saying, "What are you talking about? And why are you going to punish him in the first place?"

There was a general air of confusion for a few moments, before Pluto looked at the two goddesses, and started to give a brief general description of what Genma had done to Ranma throughout his life. Belldandy stopped Pluto before she had gone too far into her explanation though, and called up a holographic computer terminal, and started looking up the records of Ranma's life. With a gasp she started to read in depth, with Skuld reading over her shoulder. They already knew a little of what had happened to Ranma, from what Nabiki had told them, but this was more detailed information! Far more detailed, in fact way way way more detailed than what anyone else, with the exceptions of Genma, Ranma, and Pluto knew about…

Skuld turned to Genma with a fierce scowl on her face, and Belldandy looked at Genma with a frown, which for some reason made everyone a little worried. Even more worried than the scowl on Skuld's face did.

Before anyone could do anything though, they heard a knock on the front door, and Kasumi immediately went to see who was there. She opened the door with a smile, and looked upon the visitors to the Tendo home. Standing before her, she saw six people; two males, and four females. With them was a small furry creature that sort of resembled a rabbit. With a smile Kasumi said, "Hello, can I help you?"

Washu stepped forward and bowing politely said, "Sorry if we are interrupting anything, but my scanner's detected a temporal/spatial anomaly a little earlier, and when we started asking questions of some of your neighbors, they all said we should come here, and ask for a Ranma Saotome. Is this person around?"

Kasumi bowed in return, and said, "I am sorry, but Ranma isn't here right now, but would you like to come in? I am sure there is someone here who might be able to answer your questions, because I believe the Sailor Scouts said they saw him vanish in a flash of white light." With a manic gleam in her eyes, Washu bowed again, and the rest just sweat dropped, upon hearing that the Sailor Scouts actually existed, and then followed Kasumi to the living room where everyone else was still gathered.

Everyone looked towards the front hallway, with the exception of course of the two fathers, to see who had shown up. They all blinked in surprise when they saw the six people following Kasumi. Nodoka stepped forward, and asked politely, "Excuse me, but I must ask this question. Have any of you been engaged to my son or cough daughter, by my husband, Genma Saotome?"

The six visitors blinked in surprise, before they looked at each other in surprise. Tenchi then looked at Nodoka and said, "I didn't know Ranma had a sister. I thought he was an only child...The last time I saw him, about five years ago, he didn't tell me he had a sister." Tenchi's companions, with the exception of his grandfather, looked at Tenchi in shock, upon hearing that he knew this Ranma person.

Nodoka looked at the young man that looked to be about the same age as her son, and asked, "You know my son?"

Tenchi nodded and said, "I met him about five or six years ago, while he was on a training journey. He and his dad stopped at my grandfather's shrine for a couple of months. We became good friends, and were going to keep in contact, if we could, but we were never really able to keep in contact. Now if I might ask, why would you ask if any of us were engaged to your son, or your daughter?"

Nodoka and the rest of the people in the room turned to glare at the frozen form of Genma Saotome, who just started to sweat profusely. Washu stepped forward and called up her holo computer keyboard and monitor, and started to scan the two frozen fathers. As she started to make strange sounds, the rest of her companions started to inch away from her, knowing that those sounds indicated that she has just found something very very interesting. Tenchi then looked back at Nodoka and the others, and said, "I am sorry, let me introduce myself, and everyone with me. My name is Tenchi Masaki, this is Princess Sasami of Jurai, my grandfather Katsuhito Masaki, Washu Hakubi..."

Washu interrupted Tenchi saying, "I am the greatest scientist in the universe!" Two puppets that looked like Washu appeared on her shoulders, throwing confetti and proclaiming her to be the greatest.

Tenchi and the other's who had came with him sweat dropped, before Tenchi continued saying, "This is Ryoko Hakubi, Washu-san's daughter..." again Washu interrupted with a pointed clearing of her throat. As everyone looked at her, she glared at Tenchi and started to lightly tap a button on the side of her holo computer, and Tenchi blanched saying quickly, "I mean Washu-CHAN's daughter and Princess Ayeka of Jurai, and the cabbit there is Ryo-Ohki."

Everyone bowed as his or her names were spoken, except for Washu, who just sorta waved a hand over her shoulder, having turned her attention back to her computer monitor. Nodoka then introduced everyone else present, and when introductions were finished, Washu looked up from her computer, and asked of everyone in general, "Who immobilized these two men? It is a very interesting type of immobilization! Very interesting indeed!"

Nodoka smiled with obvious pride and said, "That would be my son Ranma. He felt the need to keep these two idiots from trying anything stupid where he was concerned, so he used pressure points to freeze them in place. If you would like the answer to your earlier question Masaki-San, we will tell you about what my idiot of a husband has done to cause problems for my son, and also explain why he is about to be punished quite painfully! I am not sure what you know of my son's training trip, but we will try to explain what we know." Tenchi and the others all nodded, and so everyone sat down where they could find some room, with Ryoko and Ayeka glaring at each other as they each latched onto one of Tenchi's arms, and snuggled up with him.

Nodoka started with what she knew of the training trip, and by the time she was done, the Masaki contingent, along with everyone else in the room were both glaring at Genma, who just continued to sweat profusely. Before anyone could say anything though, Sailor Pluto spoke up and said, "I think I might be able to provide a more comprehensive picture of what Ranma's worthless excuse of a father put him through. I can't really explain how I got this information, but I assure you, I have the means to view a person's life, and I have looked into Ranma's past, and this is what I observed." Pluto then proceeded to go into greater detail of Ranma's past with Genma than anyone present, with the exception of both Belldandy and Skuld, had ever heard before.

After Sailor Pluto finished with her tale of Ranma's life, everyone was both sickened and absolutely livid with rage towards Genma. They all turned their glares towards the frozen martial artist, and started to talk amongst themselves about what to do to cause maximum pain to the fat panda-man.

Washu-chan had a slightly maniacal gleam to her eye when she heard Nabiki make the comment that it was too bad they couldn't clone Genma and make them all suffer for what they had done. Washu-chan jumped up and down, and started to laugh loudly. She looked at Nabiki and said, "Actually my dear Nabiki-chan, I can make as many perfect clones as you would like, and I mean perfect, right down to the Jusenkyo curse and how it is activated! It really isn't that hard, hehehehehehehe!" Everyone sorta stepped away from the diminutive scientist, before they realized what she had just said. With a wicked gleam in their eyes, they nodded, and Nodoka said, "As his wife, I give you permission to clone him...that way we can have one clone at least commit seppuku, and regain the family honor. As for the other's, well I don't think anyone needs to know about them, now do they?" Everyone else just grinned, as they started to brandish various instruments of blunt force trauma.

Before anyone can do anything though, Washu-chan speaks up saying, "Hold on a moment, I need to get some blood from my new guinea pig... err I mean my new test subject...Hehe." Everyone stopped, and watched as Washu-chan changed size, and age, becoming a striking 20 something, dressed as a nurse. They all started to sweat drop as they heard her mutter something about needing to remember to get a "sperm sample" from both his forms. She then drew a couple vials of blood, inflicting as much pain to Genma as possible without causing him to lose consciouseness, before storing them in sub-space. She then looked at everyone and nodded to indicate the mayhem and pain infliction could commence.

Before anyone could do anything though, Cologne and Shampoo jumped over the dojo wall, and both seemed a little surprised at the number of people in the living room area of the house, before they noticed the two frozen fathers. Nodoka looked at Cologne and said, "Oh Elder Cologne, Ranma was going to stop and see you before he left on his training trip. He was going to ask you to unfreeze my worthless husband, and Tendo-san. He used pressure points to freeze them in place, and wanted you to remove it in the most painful way possible. Would you be willing to unfreeze Genma but make it so he can't run away?" Cologne nodded, and moved towards the two frozen figures, and hitting a few pressure points, Genma dropped to the floor, screaming in agony.

Everyone smiled, and then proceeded to wait till Genma recovered from the pain, before inflicting their personal brand of pain and punishment on him. Cologne and Shampoo just stayed back and watched, impressed at the manner in which everyone punished Genma, causing maximum pain and damage, without actually killing him.

After they were all finished, even Belldandy, Kasumi and Skuld had gotten in on the inflict pain on the worthless panda-man (original not a clone), much to the surprise of everyone else. Belldandy then cast a minor healing spell, that healed a few of the more painful and debilitating injuries, namely the broken fingers, arms, and the legs, so that he would still be able to commit seppuku, but not be able to get away easily. Nabiki then went to the phone and called Dr. Tofu, asking him to come over and bear witness to the fact of Genma committing seppuku. The good Doctor agreed, and promised to be over soon.

Nodoka then looked at Genma, and in a tone of voice cold enough to freeze liquid nitrogen solid, told Genma, "You had best compose your death poem, because your going to redeem you're honor, and the family honor. As of now, Ranma is the head of the clan, so named by me, as acting head of the clan, and he will decide what, if any, of your arrangements to honor. Do you understand? And it is no good trying to talk your way out of this! You have damaged our family honor enough. It is time for you to remove the stains on the Saotome family honor."

Genma looked at his wife in abject terror, and just nodded, as he knelt on the floor and started to compose a badly worded haiku. "Clouds rain, flowers grow in the sun, panda's don't like pain." Genma crumpled that one up, and tried again, and came up with, "Clouds dance, flowers eat lions, panda's fall in ponds." Genma tried to stall as long as he could, while trying to figure a way out of his predicament, but finally, to his horror, he finished his death poem. By this time, Dr. Tofu had shown up, and heard about what was going on. He just nodded, and waited for the time to come for him to do his duty as a doctor.

After Genma finished his poem, he was taken to the furo to bathe, and change into his death shroud. After completing his preparations, he slowly moved towards the backyard. He looked at his wife, and softly asked, "Will you act as my second?" With a firm nod, Nodoka handed Genma the Saotome tanto, and drew the Saotome family katana, prepared to finally remove this blot on the family name, and on humanity. The Sailor Scouts, with the exceptions of Pluto and Uranus, all had to go back into the house, because they couldn't bear to watch what was about to happen, despite the pain they had inflicted on the worthless panda. Pluto and Uranus stayed to make sure he suffered as much as possible to make up for what he had done to their new friend. Kasumi, Belldandy, Skuld, and Nabiki all headed inside as well, drawing Sasami with them, not wanting to see what was to come.

With everyone remaining watching in surprising sadness, though they all know this is the only way for Genma to atone for what he has done, that doesn't mean they have to like it. Genma then knelt on the ground, and after reading his haiku, causing everyone to wince and rethink whether it was such a bad thing for Genma to atone in this manner. Genma then took up the tanto laid on the ground before him and with a last look at those around him, made the first cut across his fat belly. With a grimace, and after a deep breath, he made the second cut towards his ribcage before leaning forward due to the pain. He did his best to keep from crying out from the pain, but after a few moments, he opened his mouth to scream in agony. At that precise moment, Nodoka brought the katana in her hands down on Genma's exposed neck, severing his head from his shoulders. After performing her duty as Genma's second, Nodoka collapsed on the ground, sobbing in abject misery.

Washu and Cologne moved over to where Nodoka knelt on the ground, and they both gently put a hand on either of her shoulders', offering what comfort they could to the new made widow. Katsuhito then moved over, and gently picking Nodoka up in his arms, he carried her to the couch, and laid her on it, as she continued to weep. Dr. Tofu then made the call to the coroner, and upon the arrival of the coroner and the police, Tofu handled the questions, keeping mention of the Sailor Scouts, and the two Goddesses being present from coming out. After the police conducted a quick investigation, and found out all the details about who and what Genma was and had done, they found they could put closed to a lot of unsolved crimes, and they left, with no mention of arresting anyone.

Dr. Tofu then moved to comfort Nodoka, as Kasumi, Belldandy, and Sasami got a very light lunch ready for everyone present. Finally after Nodoka calmed down enough, she called the family solicitor, and explained what had happened, and what she had decided just before Genma committed seppuku. He promised to make the changes she wanted made and said he would get back to her. Nodoka then looked at Washu and asked softly, "How long will it take for you to clone him, so we can finish making him pay for what he has done to my son?" Washu smiled a little sadly, but said "It will only take me a couple of hours actually, how many clones do you want?"

Nodoka thought about it, and said, "How about 11 so we can make each one suffer in different ways, one for each year I was separated from my son?" Washu nodded, and tried to think, when she snapped her fingers, and with a few keystrokes on her holo keyboard, a doorway made of light appeared in the wall by the stairs. She walked into the light, and vanished. Everyone then settled down to wait.

2 hours or so later

Washu came back through the doorway of light, leading 11 Genma clones. After they were all in the living room, to show how complete the cloning process had been, she splashed them with cold water, transforming all 11 into 11 giant pandas. Everyone then got rather cruel gleams in their eyes, having recovered from the events of a few hours ago, after the original Genma removed the stains on his family's honor. As they dragged the pandas out into the backyard, they discovered that Washu had made one alteration to the clones. They were completely unable to run away, but they still had all the knowledge and memories of the original Genma, up to the point that the blood had been drawn from the original panda.

Everyone then spent the next several hours, inflicting intense pain in various manners, causing screams of agony to ring throughout Nerima. Or rather the screams would have rang throughout Nerima if Belldandy and Skuld hadn't cast a silence spell around the compound, so that no sound could escape from the inside. After everyone felt the clones had been punished enough, Washu took them back to her lab, through the same doorway as before, and she put them in stasis in case more "therapy" was needed in the future for anyone present. But as everyone was about to settle down for a huge dinner, they were all surprised to hear the front door open and close. Before anyone could move though, they heard a throat being cleared.

Turning everyone could only stare in shock, as they saw Ranma standing there, with two babies, about 6-8 months old in his arms, and a small figure peering from behind his legs. The small figure behind Ranma looked to be about 4 if he/she were human, but the obvious red/gold fur covering the small form made it clear this wasn't a human youngster. Ranma cleared his throat again, and said quietly, "Hello everyone, I'm home, and I would like you all to meet Sayuri and Kimiko Saotome, my daughters, and Sif Chanure, my adopted daughter, and before you ask, Sif is a Hani. I will explain what happened to me..." At this point, everyone in the room had hit the wall of how much they could take, and everyone in the room fainted, including Belldandy, Skuld, Pluto, and Nabiki. Ranma just sighed, and shook his head.


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