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OC: He is a perverted monk named Shinjite Sukoshi he has short blonde hair, dark blue eyes, he is 6ft. and 22yrs. Old.

At a small town called Sakura

The Suzaku senshi had finally reached the town that Chichiri had said he met a monk that sure didn't act like a monk, but he couldn't remember the man's name or what he looked like.

"I hope that most of the constellations are hot babes" Tamahome said with a smirk.

"Come on Chiri..don't you remember anything about the guy?" Tasuki groaned.

"Well, I'm pretty sure he had short blonde hair and blue eyes, no da" Chichiri said glancing around.

"Well that helps a little bit.." Tamahome sighed. Suddenly, Miaka caught sight of someone with blonde hair standing in front of a building she quickly ran toward the man, but she got caught in a crowd when she got there he wasn't there anymore 'where'd he go?' she thought scratching her head her question was quickly answered when she felt a hand lifting her skirt she screamed and whirled around slapping the figure across the face the other senshi appeared hearing the Suzaku no miko scream they stopped and stared at Miaka standing there her face a reddish tint and looking very embarrassed then they looked to the unconscious blonde-haired man lying on the ground a red hand print appearing on his face.

"S-Shinjite! is that you?" Chichiri shouted everyone turned to face him.

"This is that monk you were talkin' about?" Nuriko asked eyeing the handprint. Just then a moan from Shinjite caught everyone's attention he slowly sat up and rubbed his face.

"Oww..huh?oh, hi Chichiri.. I haven't seen you in years" Shinjite said sitting up and brushing himself off. "So, who are all these people?" Shinjite asked so Chichiri told him everything that had happened up until now with the Suzaku no miko.

"So, why did you seek me out?" Shinjite asked.

"The two clues for the first constellation were, monk and pervert..you seemed you fit the description" Chichiri said saying the last part a little quieter.

"Well, now that you mention it I do have this symbol on my hand.." Shinjite said holding out his left hand everyone stared in shock on his left palm was the symbol Cat.

"You're the constellation Cat" Hotohori said with a smile.

"So, Shinjite will you come with us?" Miaka asked her eyes full of hope.

"Well, I guess..after all I don't have anything better to do" Shinjite said standing up.

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