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Chapter 3 "Shikku the archer"

At some inn in the village of Sakura

"So, what constellation are we looking for now?" Chiriko asked curiously.

"It said the constellation Goddess...the two clues are Priestess and arrows" Hotohori looked over at Tamahome and Nuriko who were trying to keep Tasuki away from the bar.

"Come on just one drink!" Tasuki groaned.

"No Tasuki, cause one drink turns into twenty" Nuriko said tightening his grip on Tasuki's arm then Hotohori looked over to Chichiri and Shinjite chatting happily then he heard talking behind him he wasn't interested in the conversation until he heard the word priestess then he listened closely.

"Oi, did ya hear the priestess in the next village found a markin' that said goddess on her body" one man said.

"Ya don't say...wonder what constellation she's from?" the other man replied that settled it Hotohori knew where they had to go next...they would go to see the priestess in the next village.

At the village of Rabenda (lavender)

It was very early in the morning as they arrived in the village after asking around they finally found the school where girls learn to become priestesses." Wow, there are a lot of pretty girls here..." Tamahome said drooling slightly.

"Tama stay focused" Chiriko said poking his arm.

"So, how do we know which priestess is the one we want?... I mean we can't just walk up and say... hi, we're the Suzaku senshi do you have a symbol on your body?" Nuriko said sarcastically.

A woman with short black hair approached them "Excuse me, may I ask who you are?" she said politely.

"Oh, we are the Suzaku senshi and we have reason to believe that one of your priestesses could be a constellation we are looking for" Hotohori said calmly.

"Oh, well then I shall show you around" the young woman said turning and walking down a stone path they quickly followed her she led them to an area where girls were shooting arrows at targets they turned their attention to a girl who was firing with unbelievable accuracy.

"Whoa, she's really good" Tamahome said pointing to a girl with long raven hair and baby blue eyes.

"Oh, she's one our most talented priestesses...Shikku! Come here for a moment!" the young woman called Shikku approached her.

"Hai, how may I assist you Lady Tsume?" Shikku asked with a slight bow.

"Did you not say that you had found a symbol on your hand?" the woman now known as Lady Tsume asked.

"Hai" Shikku said showing the back of her hand everyone was shocked to see the symbol goddess written on the back of her left hand.

"You're the constellation we're looking for!" Nuriko shouted happily.

"Yes, it's a pleasure to meet such a fine young lady..." Shinjite said approaching Shikku who gave a small smile...until she felt a strange caress on her rear.

"You...HENTAI!" she shouted slapping him across the face "back off priest!" Shikku said giving him an annoyed glare.

"I'm a monk not a priest..." he said rubbing his cheek.

"I don't think you're either" Shikku said with a sweat drop.

"Well, now that we've found the second constellation...who are we looking for now?" Tamahome asked.

"The next constellation is Wolf...the two clues are demon slayer and boomerang" Hotohori said quietly.

"Pardon me...but perhaps you should go to the demon slayer's village not far from here...I happen to know where it is ..." Lady Tsume said calmly. After an hour of rest, a meal, and getting directions to the demon slayer's village the group was ready to head out.

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