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Chapter 4 "Mizumaru the youkai slayer"

At the outer gate of the village and stared at the large gate.

"Sumimasen" Hotohori shouted suddenly the group was surrounded by many armed guards.

"Way to go, Hotohori" Tasuki groaned.

"Stop!" a unfamilar voice shouted.

Everyone turned to see a young woman who looked to be about 16 yrs. old. Her elbow length chocolate tresses swaying in the wind, her blue tips and bangs standing out vibrantly. Her grass green eyes examing the strange party. The group's attention was drawn to the blue tipped fox ears and tail that otherwise matched her hair. Now the group had seen some pretty wierd things in their time but this took the cake. Their attention was drawn back to reality when said girl began appoaching them the other guards tensed.

"Stand down!...these people are not our enemies...they have to come to see me" the woman announced.

"How do you know we know we came to see you?" Tamahome scoffed slightly annoyed by this girl.

"You are the warriors of Suzaku are you not?" she asked calmly.

"Yes we are but that doesn't answer our question, no da" Chichiri said confused.

"I'm a celestial warrior of Kitsune-kami...my name is Mizumaru" she said brushing away her bangs to reveal the sign of wolf on her forehead the senshi were overcome with joy at finding the next constellation of Kitsune-kami.

"At this rate we'll be able to summon Suzaku in no time!" Tamahome cheered happily.

"Pardon me, but how did you know that we had come for you?" Hotohori asked the young girl.

"The elder told me about and how big of an honor it was so from that day I have been waiting for the warriors of Suzaku to come so that I can fulfill my duties" Mizumaru explained.

"The clues for you were demon slayer and boomerang why did it mean by boomerang?" Chiriko asked curiously.

"Oh, it probably meant my weapon, bring me my weapon!" Mizumaru exclaimed with authority.

A large man came forth carrying a huge blue boomerang as tall as a average person.

"You cn' lift that thing!" Tasuki gaped in shock as Mizumaru lifted the boomerang with little effort.

"You're not human are you?" Chiriko inquired.

"What gave me away the tail or the ears?" Mizumaru said sarcasticly.

"Well, that being beside the point...it's a pleasure to meet such a-"

"Save it monk, I know what you're going to try..." Shikku interrupted Shinjite before he could he could finish his sentence.

"My name is Shikku I'm a priestess and the constellation known as Goddess...and he's Shinjite a perverted monk and the constellation Cat...I suggest you stay away from him anyway pleasure to meet you" Shikku said with a bow.

"Gotcha'" Mizumaru said bowing back trying to hold back a laugh.

"So, what constellation do we have to find now?" Shinjite asked trying to ignore Shikku's evil glare.

"Viper the two clues are bandit and smile" Hotohori stated calmly.

"Sounds like Tasuki.." Tamahome said with a smirk which earned him a smack on the head by Tasuki's tessen.

"Well, before we go looking for this warrior we need to get more supplies" Nuriko said dampining the mood.

"Theres a market around here we could go to..." Mizumaru added and so they set off for the market.

At the market

Everyone was busily running around making sure to go get everything that they needed except for Tasuki who was simply watching they may have called it getting more supplies but it was still shopping and Tasuki hated shopping.

As he stood there sulking he heard some people shouting.

"Get back here you damn bloody thief!" a man exclaimed Tasuki looked over his shoulder just in time to see a cloaked figure collide with him.

Tasuki groaned and sat up he looked over to the person who had collided with him he couldn't see their face as the hood of the cloak concealed it. The person sat up and at hearing the shouts of the angry villagers took off running again.

"Damn bandits always causin' trouble...you alright sir?" the man who had been shouting asked as he offered a hand to Tasuki who took it he didn't know why but he felt like something was missing he reached for his tessen and...

"That little bastard stole my tessen!" Tasuki shouted angrily.

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