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'We left off where a thief had stolen Tasuki's tessen so lets see how he deals with this.'

Chapter 5 "The perky bandit and forgotton crimes"

Tasuki ran through the woods outside the village trying to find the thief that had stolen his precious tessen. He had taken off without a word to anyone he was sure that they would be mad later but he'd worry about that later.

He scanned the clearing he had just entered looking for the little bastard just when he was considering heading back to face the other senshi he saw a group of people around a fire behind some bushes he also noticed a familiar cloaked figure among them.

He snuck up and peered through the bushes to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"Hey ya hear that there is a bandit around these parts that the Suzaku senshi are trying to recrute they say that he's got a character on his body that says viper..." said a middle aged man with short black hair as he took a swig of what looked like sake.

"Really? man I hate to be him...oi Yugi, yer bein' really quiet today ya thinkin' 'bout somethin'?" the man slurred clearly drunk the cloaked figure mumbled something and stood up and walked away from the others toward the clearing much to Tasuki's happiness at the fact that getting his tessen back was going to be a piece of cake he quietly snuck behind the cloaked figure for a few minutes waiting for the right time to ambush them and get his tessen back.

Finally he decided to make his move he grabbed the back of their cloak and yanked it off but the person standing before him was not what he had expected...

"You're a-a girl!" Tasuki said in disbelief.

"Yeah and what of it!" the girl known as Yugi scoffed angrily.

The girl looked to be about 15yrs. old she had long chesnut hair almost to her knees in a ponytail, she had unusual lime green eyes but that wasn't the strangest thing about her she had cat ears and green lizard tail swaying to and fro behind her. She had fangs like him only longer he was captivated by how stunning she was but came back to reality when she began trying to get his attention.

"Here..." she said the tessen into his face.

"Nan da-?"

"You can have it back I don't want it I just like messing with people..." she giggled as she gave him a goofy grin Tasuki suddenly remembered the clues for the next senshi...

'Bandit and smile..' Tasuki thought. "Oi, do have a symbol on your body that says Viper?" Tasuki asked out of the blue catching the girl off guard.

"Um, well...that is...uhhhh...NO!" she stuttered before answering which made Tasuki very suspicous.

"I think you're lying..." Tasuki said eyeing the very nervous girl then suddenly it hit him he had seen this girl before she had tried to steal the tessen several years ago but she had given it back and said the exactly same thing as she said a few minutes ago.

"I know you...you stole my tessen a couple years ago" Tasuki said sounding slightly angry.

"Oh yeah, that sorry 'bout that but I did give it back" Yugi said with a sweatdrop.

Suddenly, a twig snapped behind them they both turned to see...

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