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The Salyut, the ship belonging to ES members A-uo and Un-ou is traveling to the distant planet of Oriose. It is some 30 light years away from the nearest civilized system, even traveling via a warp gate. Help, if it gets it at all, is too often few and far in between. Being isolated as it is, the planet has became a haven for thugs, criminals, and people who don't want to be "found". Apparently their mission is to investigate a meeting that will be taking place there in a day's time. It seemed that some of the major factions were trying to cement an alliance forming an even bigger threat to that star system. Intelligence indicates that the who's who of the pirating community if one can call it that will attend the "festivities." Their ship has just gated out and is speeding towards the planet. They should arrive in about an hour.

"If all goes well as planned this operation would be a major blow to the piracy in that area." Chief Eclipse said. "And maybe eliminate it all together."

"Or at least arrest enough of them so that they're out of our hair for awhile. Am I right or am I not right eh A-uo." Un-uo bantered.

A-uo only grunted in agreement. He seemed a little preoccupied at the moment. His eyes were glowing red which means that he is using his special ability, Amplifier. Whatever he saw at the moment disturbed him considerably.

"Geez what is wrong with you today" Un-uo annoyingly asked.

"See, for yourself." A-uo simply replied.

"Ok, let me see." And he put a finger on A-uo's shoulder. This is one of their special abilities; they seem to be able to share their powers if they are in physical contact with one another.

"What the hell!" he exclaimed. As he said that the lights dimmed in the cockpit and all the ships sensors blared and went crazy.

"What happened?" Eclipse demanded.

Un-uo looked at her and he said. "It seems that a spatial anomaly has formed spontaneously right above our target."

"And whoever came out of it is doing one hell of a good job taking care of our pirates for us, single-handedly I might add. " A-uo said impressed

Planet Oriose

The said spatial anomaly formed out of nowhere. Phenomena like these are usually rare but there are records that it does happen occasionally. The air some 1000 ft above began to expand and contract as if someone had thrown a stone at lake's surface. Slowly a hole formed, small at first, but it gradually grew, expanded and contracted as if something from the other side wanted desperately to get out. Something or someone came falling out of it. It then collapsed upon itself and disappeared, as if it never existed in the first place.

He is falling…

Falling faster and faster with every second

He realizes this to his annoyance, which is surprising considering that he has no means of slowing his deadly descent Perhaps a normal person would be screaming and maybe praying right now if he or she were in his shoes. Not him though, he seemed calm, collected, a little amused and yes, very much annoyed. Even as he is hurtling like a shooting star he is taking note of his surroundings, absorbing and analyzing...but it does not alter the fact that he is still falling…

He sighed…"Why do I get myself into these situations" he thought.

As he said this he was perhaps 50 ft till impact and certain doom. He was falling head first.

"Aww crap, this is gonna hurt."

At the last minute he flipped forward and as he did this he hit ground zero…hard.


The crater was 30 feet wide and perhaps twice as deep. Suddenly the rubble at the bottom began to heave and move and then another explosion and when the smoke and debris settled once again, the stranger emerged. The man was perhaps 6 ft 5in, 290 lbs. He has long, flowing black hair that touched his broad shoulders. His brown eyes were thoughtful and everywhere. His heavily muscled physique knotted and rippled as he easily moved rocks and boulders twice his size and weight with the greatest of ease. Whatever devastating injuries he might have had is already healing rapidly. He started dusting himself and coughed." "Ok note to self, never do random dimensional jumping experiments without calculating where the damn portal manifests itself first." He said. His eyes fell on his right arm where some sort of device was strapped in place. It was broken. "Dammit, I knew the stupid thing was gonna get damaged." He said with annoyance. "Now I gotta make a new one, stupid piece of crap..." He stopped, tilted his head to one side and listened. The noise was coming from above. He looked up, narrowed his eyes as if calculating something crouched about halfway to the ground and jumped….

Vargas "The Fierce" was surprised to say the least. Vargas "The Fierce" who is the scourge of the Oriose system. Vargas "The Fierce" who is wanted in 10 different systems was at a loss for words. It wasn't everyday that a spatial-time anomaly or whatever appears right in the middle of your meeting place, spewing crap, and destroying some of your expensive merchandise. And why not, if someone is trying to cement an alliance, you might as well make money while you're at it, right? Bad for business you know, very bad indeed. Then suddenly he hears an explosion coming from the crater itself. That's when they started taking out the guns. "Are we under attack!" someone demanded.

"No, listen" Vargas said harshly.

"Ok note to self, never do random dimensional… jumping experiments…Unfortunately it was too faint to hear. A second later….. "Dammit, I knew the stupid thing…but he couldn't hear the rest of that sentence either.

Everyone at that point was nervous and maybe for the first time in their lives… afraid. Who ever is down there is still alive. Who ever is down there might not BE human. Because after all it's not everyday that someone falls from the heavens, makes a crater, and still complain about something or rather. It's just not possible!

"YOU take some men and check that crater out and if possible get rid of 'em" Vargas ordered.

"Ah man, that's not fair boss. You know that there's something down there" someone complained. "What if it's some kind of monster?"

Before he could answer him with a biting remark, someone or something shot out of the crater some 20 ft did a few somersaults and landed on its feet. For the second time today, Vargas "The Fierce" was surprised yet again. The man before them seeing that he wasn't alone simply said "Hey guys….uh what's up?"

The Salyut

"What!" Eclipse exclaimed.

"You heard right Chief." Un-ou answered. "There was a spatial anomaly"

"And someone is giving these pirates a good trashing." A-uo added.

"AND I might add that he's actually doing a good job doing our job for us" Un-ou said. "So what are your orders, Eclipse?"

Eclipse was silent for a moment. In all her years in the Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs (G.O.T.T.), she has never, encountered a situation such as this before. She thought that she has seen it all. Ugly trades disputes, kidnappings, assassinations, stolen super weapons and if she listed it all she could probably write a book about it one of these days. This though takes the cake, "Will wonders never seize?" she thought whimsically. Her eyes narrowed and she made a decision. It might be risky but this person whoever he is might just become a useful asset for the G.O.T.T.

"Well gentlemen, we don't want our visitor to have all the fun now, don't we? Why don't you make him feel welcome and give him some much needed assistance?" Eclipsed ordered. She was smiling. "But keep an eye on him just in case, you understand."

"Ok if you say so, you're the boss" Un-ou said. "Ok partner full speed ahead, we don't want to miss all the fun now won't we?"

A-uo smiled and simply replied, "Of course."

Planet Oriose

"Hey guys….uh what's up?" He said.

He was greeted with silence and he was also surrounded from all sides. He didn't want to provoke a confrontation if he could help it. But the tension was so thick in the air that one could cut it with a knife. To diffuse the tense situation would require a very delicate hand indeed. So he did what he normally did in such a situation, he joked.

"Oh my, aren't we a talkative bunch, cat got your tongue eh?"


"Hablan español?"

Again he was greeted with silence

"Oookkaayy, well it was nice having this one sided conversation with you people but I'm a real busy guy so if you would be so kind step aside and let me through, I'll be on my way and you can do whatever illegal thing that you'll were doing before I dropped in on you'll." "Oh I guess I shouldn't have said that huh, don't worry I promise not to spill the beans to any authority types ok…

"Kill him" Vargas said.

"Hey wait up!" the stranger protested.

They all opened fire. Amazingly enough all their laser fire has either missed from poor aiming or it simply bounced off his body. Some over zealous guy fired a barrage of missiles at him and when the smoke cleared, the stranger was still standing, unscathed. He started dusting himself. A cold chill ran up all of their spines and were afraid all of a sudden.

"Ok, that was rude of you to fire upon an unarmed guy who didn't do anything to you people." He said exasperatedly. "Look I don't want any trouble, so if you let me go, I'll let this little incident slide…"

Before he could finish his sentence, a pirate attacked him from behind. The knife that he tried to stab the stranger splintered to a million pieces. Surprised by this, he retreated. The stranger sighed and looked at his attacker. "Ok smart guy, if your little laser show couldn't affect me, what makes you think that your little itty bitty knife would, hmmm?"

"DIE, you monster!" someone from the crowd said.

And a huge beam of pure plasma energy hit the stranger. Surprised he raised his arms as if to block it. His feet gouged deep furrows in hard ground but the force was just too much even for him. He flew about half mile, hit a hill went through it and shattered another to rubble on impact. For good measure, the cannonis fired again and that area was completely obliterated. They watched anxiously and waited for there was only…


Everyone cheered as if they have accomplished some great feat. But their celebration was abruptly interrupted when an explosion was heard from where the stranger supposedly laid dead. And sure enough there he stood his eyes ablaze in anger. His clothes ripped and in tatters. He had a cut right above his eye and his blood ran down his face. His massive muscles were tight as if ready for battle; he clenched and unclenched his right fist. "THAT IS IT, I HAVE HAD IT! IF YOU PEOPLE WANT A FIGHT THEN YOU HAVE IT!" He shouted angrily. He then suddenly moved so fast that he looked like that he disappeared. He crossed a half a mile in an instant and "appeared" suddenly in their midst. Not only did it surprise them, but some of them were honestly really very afraid now. The stranger narrowed his eyes gave them an unforgiving cold stare that would curdle milk and said with a deceptive calmness…

"Fine, if that's how you want to play. Let's play"

That's when all hell broke loose…

Before anyone could stop him, he raised his right fist and hit the ground. Spidery cracks raced through the hard rocky ground, it buckled and then shattered from the tremendous force of the blow. It was so strong that it created a shockwave that send a multitude of them flying like rag dolls. The miniature earthquake that he generated swept some off their feet. As soon as his fist connected to the ground, he "disappeared" again, and only appearing with a blink of an eye later destroying targets with a cold and calculating precision at random. With no rhyme or reason, he continued the grim business of dismantling vehicles with ease, destroying battle droids like they were toys and mowing through the poor unfortunate fool who got in his way like ripe wheat. Strangely enough, as much destruction that he has caused, none of the fallen were killed, beaten to a bloody pulp perhaps, but alive nonetheless. Efforts to stop him or even mount some kind of offensive were futile. He seemed everywhere all at once, never stopping or never letting up.

The Salyut arrived 5 minutes into the fight and landed a few miles away from the battlefield. A-uo and Un-uo were just in awe at what they saw. "He's already taken out almost half of these folks, chief." Un-ou said. "Whoa, will you look at that, he just took out those combat droids like they were nothing!"

"It seems that our stranger has the same powers like Éclair does he not?" A-uo asked.

"Yes it would seem so although from what I gather so far, he is even more powerful than Éclair and she's strongest and the fastest of all our ES members." Eclipse observed. "Although I can't help but wonder if he is holding back somehow…"

"What are you serious, Eclipse? Do you think he might be a G class?" Un-uo said skeptically

"I'm not sure but you can't deny that he is talented. Perhaps there's something more to him than meets the eye."

"True enough." Un-uo paused for a moment. "I guess we should go help him now don't you think A-uo?" He grunted in agreement.

"Be on your guard you two" Eclipse said. "Oh and incidentally try not to get too enthusiastic in destroying the evidence like our stranger here is doing…"

"Uh...sure" Un-uo said.

They both got out of the ship and rode Ganador, their to the battle field. As they arrived, the stranger happened to crash on a nearby hill. And he got up although a slowly and a little shaky this time. He was bleeding in quite a few places but these injuries were not bothering him if at all. He finally saw them and rolled his eyes upwards. "Dammit, where are you people coming from, geez you'll multiply faster than rabbits!" He said exasperatedly. He tensed as if getting ready for an attack.

Un-uo realized that he probably wouldn't know they were on his side, that they were the good guys. He and his partner climbed down Ganador and with both their hands raised up in a gesture of peace. "Take it easy there buddy, we are with the G.O.T.T., we are not here to harm you ok?" He held up his badge for the stranger to see. Au-uo did the same.

"Oh so you guys are the cops or something huh, well finally you're early for once." He said. "I was getting lonely beating the snot out of those punks for you, you know."

Un-uo smirked. He was actually getting to like this stranger. In spite of the situation this man before him had the gall to joke around. It didn't seem to matter that he was in a middle of a battle and a bunch of cut throat pirates wanted his head on a stick. Grace under pressure as the saying goes, and that is an admirable trait after all.

"Well, we're here now!" Un-uo said grandiosely "The cavalry has just arrived!"

"Right, so when are the rest of your people coming?"

"Oh if you mean reinforcements, that would be us for now. Well the rest of them are coming soon but it's going to take them awhile to get here though."

"You're joking right?" he said unbelieving.

"Nope I'm afraid so my friend. Do not underestimate the G.O.T.T., we were after all sent here for a reason you know."

"Swell. Fine, I believe you. Although I would complain to the higher ups about hiring more people and probably bum them for a bigger budget, you know." The stranger said

"Don't worry; I'll make sure to register your complaint. A-uo said with a strait face.

"Well anyways how rude of me. We haven't introduced ourselves. I'm Un-uo and this is my partner A-uo and you are."

"Jin, nice to meet you guys."

Suddenly a screen appeared in front of them. "I hate to break up this little get together gentlemen, but there are a bunch of angry pirates gunning for your heads you know" Eclipse said.

"And this is…" Jin asked

"Oh and this is our beautiful and ever irresistible Chief of the G.O.T.T., Eclipse." Un-uo said

Un-uo, that's enough." She looked at Jin. "I see that you are the one causing all the commotion down there. On behalf of the G.O.T.T., we appreciate your valiant efforts in apprehending all of these miscreants."

"Hey it's no big deal, they pissed me off anyways." Jin said

"Un-uo they are coming." A-uo said

"Well, so they are." Un-uo said. He looked at Jin. "This is official G.O.T.T. business but since you were ever so helpful, did you want to assist us?"

He grinned. "Oh I wouldn't interfere with this business being official and all but if you insist, I'm happy to oblige the arm of the law."

"Well said" A-uo added

Vargas couldn't believe it. Almost half of the men were either neutralized or injured. Nearly 2/3 of their equipment and weapons were smoldering in ruin or completely destroyed. Some people wisely made a strategic retreat by the dozen. Live and fight another day as the saying goes. Either that or they just don't want to be anywhere but here at the moment. He surveyed the devastation shakes his head, still didn't not believe nor comprehend what just happened. "If this keeps up we will be ruined!" he thought furiously. And it's all because of HIM!" He had no choice, he had to use it. Someone has to do something. He then grimly walked to a truck, opened the security lock and went inside… The mecha that emerged was the latest and greatest in mobile armor technology. Towering at about 25 feet and weighting at about 30 tons and with a humanoid frame design, its maneuverability is excellent. It is armed with 110 mm plasma rifle; two twin 75 mm machine guns hidden on its head, missile launchers hidden in its chest and a plethora of other miscellaneous gadgets and technology.

"If this thing does not stop him, then nothing will." He muttered to himself. He turned on his scanners, located the stranger talking to some people. "Dammit it's the G.O.T.T., so he works for them does he? It doesn't matter this baby will take care of those insects." Then he fired up his thrusters and flew up in the sky.

A-uo and Un-uo's help proved to be beneficial. Together with Jin, they were able to easily defeat the rest of the pirates. But the battle was not over because an unidentified mecha flew in their direction and started pelting them with laser fire. They ran evading the hail of laser and ended up hiding in a cave

"I see it's the new state of the art GAT-2301 assault mobile armor." A-uo said. "I believe that it was stolen just last week."

"Ok and so why don't we just dismantle it now so we can go home already" Jin said "This is actually getting REAL old you know."

"We can't just attack it directly, too much fire power." A-uo answered "And besides it has air superiority at the moment."

"Ok so anybody got a plan?" Un-uo asked.

Jin chewed inside his cheek for a moment. Look around his surroundings and saw a canyon to his right. "Hmm that has some possibilities." He thought. A semblance of a plan began to form in his mind. He looked at the two and then told them what it was. "So what do you guys think" he asked them.

"Not bad, actually not bad at all" Un-uo said. "Ok let's do it."

Un-uo and A-uo rode on Ganador. Since there was no room and it would be better if Jin just ran beside them. Vargas saw them running for the canyon. "I got them now!" he said. He started firing his guns and a hail of laser fire rained down on them. Unfortunately he was going too fast so he slowed down but hit an out cropping of rocks. He suddenly became aware of the fact that he needed to be careful because he was running out of room to maneuver effectively. That was all the time and hesitation Jin needed to act. In a blink of an eye, he cleared the height of the canyon wall which was probably some 150 ft at the most waited for a minute and jump for the mecha when it was passing by him. With his velocity and speed he destroyed its thrusters. There was an explosion as pieces of metal rained down the canyon floor. As the mecha started falling, Ganador suddenly slowed down and fired its weapons on it. It sustained damaged not only from the laser fire but also it rammed into the canyon wall. Rocks were raining down and horrible sounds of tortured metal can be heard. Jin who was following its path decided he really wanted to finish it for good. So with last vestiges of his strength he went even faster if that was at all possible. He jumped off crushing the wall and with his momentum he went strait for the mecha. With his enormous strength he sheared it in half with one blow. The lower half exploded and the rest of it crashed on the floor and slidsome 200yardsbefore it came to a complete stop. The chest cavity opened and Vargas went out and raised his hands. "I give up!" he said "I give up!"

Jin finally arrived to the crash site. He was walking slowly and he was actually breathing hard. "So I guess that's it huh" he asked them.

"Yeah, your plan did the trick, alright." Un-uo answered

"Yes, a plan beautifully executed as well." A-uo added

Jin stopped in front of them and replied "Good". He looked around for a little bit paused and finally said. "Ok so if you'll don't need me anymore and since I see there's no more danger, I'll fall unconscious now if you don't mind…" And as he said this he fell on his back kicked up a lot of dust and when that cleared he was snoring.

"He's a funny guy" A-uo noted.

Un-uo grinned. "Yes he partner yes he is."

"So what do we do with him now?"

"I think we shouldn't bother him at all. He did a lot of hard work today and I think he needs his rest. He deserves it after all."

A-uo simply said. "Of course"

to be continued...