Chapter 9

When Eclair and Lumiere showed themselves out of Eclipse's office to prepare for their mission on Planet Silas; they were more than surprised that Aimee is waiting for them outside not far away from the office doors. The green eyed and beautiful android sees them and waves in greeting. She then walked up to them and said some pleasantries and true to her nature as she didn't mince her words and got strait to the point...

"Ms. Eclair, Ms. Lumiere I want to assist you on your latest mission on Silas, will you have room for me in your ship? she said matter of fact. "Or perhaps shall I take Artemis so as it won't be inconvenient for the both of you?"

"Uh, how did you know we were going there Aimee?" Lumiere asked .

"Oh let's just say that I have very good hearing that's all." Aimee smiled at them.

"That's going to be a little problematic though."

"Oh and why do you say that, Ms. Lumiere."

"Well, I think the Chief might have to approve your involvement first."

"I see so shall I ask for her approval?" Aimee said puzzled. "Rather inconvenient but it cannot be helped..."

Aimee then bowed to the both of them and went strait for Eclipse's office. She entered and disappeared into the room. Five minutes later, she emerged with a positively radiant smile on her lips. It would seem that she would burst with excitement and would jump for joy but she contained herself as she thought her master would not approve of her behaving in a childish and unrefined manner.

"It would seem that Chief Eclipse has approved of my involvement in this mission." she told them.

A window popped out of nowhere and appeared before the 3 of them. It is Eclipse confirming and approving Aimee's involvement in the case. She then asked the two E.S. members to accommodate the android and her equipment, should the need arise of course, and give her a ride with them to the planet.

"Besides, I think this would be a very convenient way to train her our methods of operation and to further observe her to better utilize her specialties and capabilities."

"I understand Chief, so what is her role exactly?" Lumiere asked.

"For the first phase of the mission she is to be your eyes and ears only." Eclipse told her. "If she deems it necessary I authorize her to follow strict protocol and if she feels that she and the both of you are in danger then she can unleash her power and defend the two of you and herself from hostile forces. I am giving her some room to make the appropriate decisions based on the situation."

"Understood, ma'am, I am to follow GOTT protocol and only use force if I deemed it necessary and if myself and my companions are in danger." Aimee repeated.

"Very good, now go home and get some rest." Eclipse told them. "From what I understand, the journey to Silas will be a long one. I want you girls to be ready when you'll get there. Good luck and report to me when you find something."

"Will do chief..." Eclair saluted. "Umm one more thing though, let's just say that we encounter Jin along the way and ask him for his assistance. Would he comply with that request?"

"Well he is on vacation and perhaps the last thing he wants to see is people from work he sees everyday!" Eclipse began to say. "Eclair WHAT are you implying?"

"Oh nothing, just wanted to know that's all..."

"NO, Eclair you are to leave those two alone do you hear me!" Eclipse said to her.

"What it's not like I'm forcing him to help us or anything but if it so happened that we got ourselves in a little bind I'm just wondering if he would be willing to help us that's all!"

"Well, that's up to him now..." Eclipse sighed. "Anyway try NOT to ruin his vacation...I have a mission for him when he gets back and I need him refreshed and ready when that time comes, please!"

"Yes of course Chief I wouldn't dream of it!"

"Anyway, you ladies get going and prepare for tomorrow, dismissed."

The 3 of them saluted and the screen in front of them disappeared. They walked silently through the empty corridors of the building. They didn't really say much to each other. Whether or not they were concentrating on the mission at hand or they were thinking of something else entirely is rather moot. However, the silence that permeated the halls didn't really last long...

"So Aimee, why did you decide to come with us anyway?" Eclair asked the android.

"I have been a weapon of war for centuries and I have done unspeakable things in my time during the past wars." Aimee began. "I was nothing more than a killing machine but he changed all that because he saved my life and it is my solemn duty to give him my absolute loyalty and to protect his life. His continuing good health and well being has given me a purpose to my otherwise empty existence. So you see Miss Eclair I do not go because someone told me or forced me to go on this mission. I go of my own free will and because I want to go.

"Alright, I guess I can't argue with that..."

"Besides, are you not curious as to whom my master has chosen to be his girlfriend?" Aimee asked her. "You don't have to deny it or lie to me Miss Eclair, as I said earlier I have very good hearing and your pulse had just risen to 125 beats a second about a 1 min 45 seconds ago!"

"I don't know about you Eclair but I think she got you good!" Lumiere said laughing.

"Ha, ha very funny..." Eclair said blushing.

Planet Aineiaes-the next day

Jin didn't get any sleep last night as he was just too excited and restless, tossing and turning in bed. As soon as he finally nodded off and fallen asleep, his alarm clock went off at 6 am. Having not gotten any sleep and not being a morning person at all; he ended up crushing the alarm clock and almost pulverized the cabinet with it but he remembered at the last moment and stopped short of smashing it to pieces and perhaps damaging his floor as well! Grumbling, he got up took a shower to wake him up and looked to see if he needed anything else as he packed everything last night. Satisfied that he isn't missing anything except that he noticed his suit hanging and for some reason or another he packed it in with the rest of his belongings. Once out of the shower, he got dressed and is about to call Jenna to see if she is ready but his phone rang and apparently she is probably thinking the same thing but she beat him to it!

"Hey sexy how you doin this fine and lovely morning?" Jin asked.

"Honey, isn't it too early for you to start flirting at 6 in the morning?" Jenna answered with a wry smile.

"Nah I hardly think so!" he answered. "It's never too early for me when my only aim in life is to please you!"

"Aww, that's so sweet of you!"

"Ya of course I'm so sweet I'll give you gingivitis!"

On the other line Jenna couldn't stop laughing. She finds herself looking forward to seeing him and talking to him. She finds that it is always an adventure whenever they are together and the outrageous things that comes right out of his mouth is down right hilarious. Their conversations are always one of the things she looks forward to whenever they went out on a date and it's not because he's hot or handsome or anything shallow like that; it is just that Jenna appreciates his sense of humor, his brevity, his honesty and his intellect. She finds that Jin is one of those people who just loves life and people in general and she couldn't hardly compare him to several of her exes as that would be down right unfair! Compared to them, Jin may have some flaws but other than those little things he is downright perfect and she is so glad that she met him and snagged him as her boyfriend! Wow, she couldn't believe that he just asked her out last night and now they are going on a trip that would surely take their budding relationship to new heights!

"Honey, stop it, you can flirt and please me after we leave and I can get my hands on a cup of coffee, please!" she said half heartedly.

"Well I are you ready or do still need to pretty yourself up." Jin said to her. "Whoops sorry force of habit, it's just so much fun making you squirm. I think you just look so adorable when you're downright embarrassed!"

"Why thank you good sir, I wilt do my best to please thee also!"

"You welcome my lady as giving thee pleasure is doth my lot in life!"

"Wait a minute why are we talking like in Old English anyway?"

"I don't know you started it!"

"Ok, I give up, Jin you're just too much!"

"Ya you know what can I say, I'm the best!"

"Heh, so when are you picking me up anyway?" Jenna asked.

"Look out your window!"

He drove all the way to her condo while they were talking. He is one his way to the door and Jenna quickly hung up, almost tripped herself up making her way towards the door in order to welcome him. Jin is about to knock but the door opened and Jenna came out and almost drove both of them to the floor in a big hug and then their lips met in greeting and both of them didn't come up for air until 2 minutes later. Still somewhat shy as their relationship is still new, they looked at each other with embarrassment and simultaneously laughed at the same time. Jenna with both her arms still around his neck and she is gazing upon those gorgeous eyes of his and blushed like a school girl she couldn't believe how happy she is at this moment! Hopefully this trip will make their relationship even stronger than it is now.

"So are you ready?" Jin asked her.

"Ya I just need your help carrying them to the car that's all!"

"Them huh...girl how much stuff did you pack, your whole closet?"

"Shut up, we're going to a conference and I'm doing a presentation remember?" Jenna told him. "You know this girl has to look her best in front of the top cheese!"

"Ok sure, although in my honest opinion you're already a goddess anyway so you really don't need this stuff but if you insist I can't deny my princess anything, I guess."

"Ha ha funny and thanks for the compliment honey!"

"You welcome my dearest!" Jin said with bow.

As he carried all her luggage on his shoulder in one trip, Jenna is still amazed and at awe at Jin's awesome physical strength even though she knows what he is showing now is only but a fraction of what he normally uses. She has studied the video that was recorded when he first appeared and she still could not believe to this day that a man is stronger than any robot or people with enhanced powers via nano technology. Still she did not fall for him because of his powers but because she thinks that he is much more than that after all. Jenna then watched as he put the bags in the trunk but since she had 4 large bags, he put three of them inside the car and then put the other one on top of the roof.

Since Jin didn't anticipate her packing so much stuff, he had to put the last one on the roof and since he didn't have any way of binding it. He then used his power, his hands glowing that eerie blue color and little lights begin to appear and seemed to be attracted to one another. As the lights begin to form and lengthened and when he finally satisfied with what he had, the glowing stopped and in his hands is a piece of rope that he made out of thin air. Jenna is again awestruck as she has witnessed someone constructing a piece of rope out of nothing.

"Honey, how did you do that?" she said in amazement.

"Oh that little trick, I used the matter in the air and reconstituted it to another form. That is I literally made something out of thin air!"

"Why have you never told me about this anyway?" she pouted. "I thought you were suppose to tell me everything now that we're an item!"

"Well I showed it to you instead that sort of counted right?" Jin asked her. "I'm sorry babe, I was gonna tell you but I just recently was able to control it again, so will you forgive me?"

"Well, I guess you're right, still next time you have to tell me when some new ability appears!" Jenna told him. "I am in charge of your health and well being and I am concerned that your powers are a little unstable although your command of them has been improving. You have to promise me, ok?"

"You're right, I'm sorry and yes I'll tell you next time when something happens, I promise."

"Good so we better get going now, I hear the line at the airport is a killer!" Jenna looked at him. "Honey is something the matter?"

Jin's brows were frowning, his facial features lacked the flirting and playful demeanor from earlier and is replaced with a wary, calculating, and serious look that she has never seen in him before and his head moved slightly as if to hear something from the distance. He then promptly disappeared and reappeared not far from a wall of bushes a block away. Jenna is concerned and ran to him. She is somewhat frightened as she noticed his huge muscles bunched up and his fists clench at his sides as if readying himself for a fight. When she caught up to him, she hesitatingly called his name.

"Jin...honey is there something wrong?"

"I could have sworn that someone was watching us just now and I saw movement in this direction so I came and investigated." Jin said seriously. "But whoever it was they are not here now!"

"Well there looks like nothing is there now..." she said as calmly as possible. "I'm sure it was just your imagination that's all."

"Ya maybe you're right..." Jin said suspiciously. "I never did got any sleep last night and it must be catching up to me!"

"Come on babe, let's go or we're gonna be late!" Jenna said pulling his arm towards the car.

Jin looked back and scanned the area one more time but he still couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. He must be really tired if he starts getting delusional all of a sudden! When they finally get going he reminds himself that he should catch up on his sleep when they are on the ship. He can't afford to have his senses playing tricks on him as that would be fatal in battle! When they finally got to the car, they got in and drove off to the airport.

Three women were hiding behind the backyard on one of the houses whose front yard terminated into a wall of bushes. Eclair and Lumierre were panting and couldn't seem to get a breather. When they saw Jin disappear, they panicked and if it wasn't for Aimee's quick assessment of the situation. Aimee knew from her master's demeanor that he would investigate this area and she swiftly grabbed the two of them as gently as possible and used the speed that would rival her master to disappear as Jin had reappeared in front of their position. She then told them as soon as they appeared in the backyard to stay still and not make a noise. When the two of them finally went back to the car and drove off was when Lumiere and Eclair blew out the air that they have unconsciously held in for the last 2 minutes.

'Whew, that was a close one!" Eclair sighed in relief. "I haven't seen anything quite like it, he is just so fast!"

"Yes, indeed and if wasn't for Aimee's quick thinking we would have been discovered prematurely." Lumiere added. "How did you know that Jin was going to do what he did anyway Aimee?"

"I had the pleasure studying master doing battle when we were trapped together in Medeia." she told them. "Master tends to tighten around his shoulders when he uses his speed. I surmise that it is a reflex of some sort but I have observed this little quirk enough times that I know when he is about to "disappear." Still even I cannot predict where he might reappear next, he is perhaps one of the first humans that I know that is as fast as I am as you'll have witnessed."

"Interesting theory, so what do we do now Eclair?" Lumiere asked her. "We can't just spy on them you know and besides we got mission to do remember!"

"Of course but since we are "teaching" Aimee the nature of Jin's relationship and seeing as we need his help in this case and observing him would give us the opportunity to present our case to him!" Eclair said logically. "See we are killing 2 birds with one stone!"

"Oh right and spying on him was part of this great idea of yours too right?" Lumiere said sarcastically. "You know he's going to be mad at us if he finds out!"

"Well we just can't get caught now will we?"

"Excuse me Eclair-san, Lumiere-san, their car has arrived at the airport." Aimee announced. "I believe we should make haste if we are to catch up to them!"

Unknown to them when they left, above the telephone pole an unknown figure stood, his cloaking device turned off and reappeared and after a few minutes disappeared again into the morning sky.

Aineiaes Intergalactic Airport

As the happy couple walked hand in hand and with Jin carrying his belongings as well as hers over the other shoulder without a hitch, a lot of people couldn't help but stare at them out of curiosity. Embarrassed, Jenna asked him if they could get a cart and pull all their stuff like normal people would and Jin shrugged and has done what she has requested. When they checked in to get their tickets and checked their baggage, Jin could have sworn that he has seen this ticket agent before but for the life of him he couldn't remember where! She had shoulder length hair that she tied into a pony tail and a navy blue shirt and wearing a black skirt. She is actually really good looking as she looked like she worked out and she had a really sexy figure but he really can't stare at her too long as he could sense Jenna is frowning and is trying to bore a hole through his head as she glared at him for paying way too much attention to this person and in his honest opinion is but a big misunderstanding! As she worked and printed their ticket and worked on putting tags on their bags, she struck up a conversation with them to let the time pass...

"So where are you and the misses trying to go today, sir?" the ticket agent said pleasantly.

"To planet Silas!" Jenna said blushing. "And we're not married at least not yet!"

"Ah I see, it's a good time to go at this time of year, good choice ma'am!" the brunette said. "So are you going to propose to her sir, she is rather pretty you know you wouldn't want to lose such a catch!"

"Ha your funny, we just started going out just recently so I think would like to get to know her like the back of my hand first before we start talking about the "M" word, you know?"

"Y-ya, he's right, I think I would like to get to know him more if he really the one for me, you know?"

"Uh-huh..." the ticket agent said. "Well sir, ma'am here are your tickets have fun and have a pleasant trip!"

"Thanks" both of them said.

When they went to security to drop off their luggage and left it by a huge machine that scanned all of them for anything dangerous, Jin had another bout of de ja vu as the woman who fed the machine and the one that was operating the x-ray looked rather familiar to him. The woman feeding the machine was rather tall and very beautiful. She had her silver hair tied up in a bun with a pen stuck in the middle so her hair would stay in place. Her green eyes seemed to be darting here and there as if she's looking for something. She wore a some black pants and a white uniform that barely fit her as her rather well endowed figure stretched her shirt to the limit! She was rather quiet and somber but for some reason when she saw him, her eyes danced in excitement and was rather pleasant all of a sudden!

Her partner who wore the same uniform was concentrating working on the monitor. Her rather petite body sat comfortably on the chair. Her purple hair went down to her shoulder and her cute face squinting trying to make out the images. When she looked away from the screen and made eye contact with her, she quickly smiled at him and looked again at her screen.

"Very suspicious indeed!" Jin said to himself.

When they went upstairs to where their gate is at he noticed that the silver haired girl lifted one of the bags which was about 75 pounds with one hand over here head and put it gently at the mouth of the machine. He would have stared had not he felt Jenna's glare on him again.

"Honey, is there something wrong?" she said rather stiffly "You have been distracted lately, I mean I can understand they were rather pretty girls you know!"

"Nothing, I could have sworn I have seen them someplace before but I just can't put my finger on it!" Jin told her. "And what are you talking about, they were pretty but I'm going out with this goddess that I see before me! Don't tell me your jealous!"

"N-no, I-I'm not!" Jenna sighed and got control of her voice back. "It's just you've been really out of sorts since this morning and now you're just staring at girls!"

"Oh babes, come on as I said I will admit they're pretty but who am I with right now and compared to them I think that you're the most beautiful thing that I ever seen in my life and I really mean that, honest!"

"Good answer you smooth talker!" she sighed again. "I guess I can forgive you, this time!"

"I'm sorry babes, I really didn't mean anything that's happened."

"It's ok, come on let's go or we're going to be late!"

When they got to the long line at the checkpoint, they passed the time talking. When they got to the first line of security, Jin could have sworn that she just looked like the ticket agent down stairs but this time she's wearing the white uniform and black pants of the airport security. This time she had red hair braided and is wearing a beret. Having just made up with Jenna for the little fiasco downstairs he ignored his suspicions and just went along for the ride. Once they were cleared they went to the checkpoint and a rather petite looking girl, about 5 feet 2 inches were making announcements to the crowd and telling people which line they were suppose to go. When Jin entered a tunnel looking chamber, it started spinning but he is still standing. After a few minutes a tall brown haired security guard with green eyes let him out. She was looking rather stern as if she is trying to intimidate everyone but when she saw him, her demeanor slightly changed as she didn't scowl when their eyes met and she gave him the loveliest smile that he has ever seen. She showed him where his gate was and bowed to him and as she said goodbye.

Jin shook his head and ignored his rising suspicions that he may know these three from somewhere but he just couldn't figure out where! He could have sworn that they looked just like Eclair, Lumiere, and Aimee what would be the purpose of spying on him if he's only going on vacation! Still, he probably wouldn't put it pass him that the brains of this operation would probably be Eclair because he would expect that of her with her being the hopeless curious type!

"Nah, I must be just imagining things, there's no way those three are spying on me!"

When he met Jenna outside the check point, they continued on to her gate. Still every person that they met, whether it's the cleaning lady, the store clerk, the bartender, and a few passenger or two, looks exactly just like the people they met downstairs but they looked different and just wearing different clothes. Still he kept it to himself and he payed attention to his lovely girlfriend as he didn't want to get in trouble any more that he has to be! When they were finally at their gate, they sat down side by side waiting for their shuttle to take them to their destination.

They were talking quietly about the planet Silas when suddenly there is a ruckus going about as several people were running towards them. Then Jin noticed the problem, one of the trains that were carrying passengers seemed to be not stopping as it is still running rather fast for his taste.

Then the unthinkable happened and one of the track sections just suddenly blew up! A tremendous explosion rocked the entire airport and suddenly a whole section of the track is missing and the train is still moving. It still have a couple hundred yards before the whole thing falls and crashes about 150 feet down below. Jenna sensed his unease and he noticed the subtle changes in his body language, she has been getting good at reading him lately and she knows that the itch to help is already taking a hold of him but he didn't move as she knows that he didn't want to leave her alone!

"Go, you are the only one who can help right now!" Jenna told him. "Just promise me to be careful, ok?"

"Don't worry babes, I'll be right back!"

He then disappeared and out of nowhere he is suddenly in front of the gaping hole on the track. With great anxiety Jenna fidgeted as he worried about the runaway train and of course her boyfriend's well being. She then noticed that his whole body glowed a feint light blue color and suddenly little wisps of light begin to attract one another in the middle of the hole and it got brighter until she had to cover eyes with her hands because of the blinding light that glowed like a miniature sun. Then suddenly before her eyes, there were tracks again where before there was none. That gaping hole was perhaps 65 feet across and it is amazing that he was able to reconstruct a makeshift track out of nothing just like how made rope back at the house. With her curiosity and her scientist mind taking over, she estimated that if he indeed reconstructed the missing section with just matter from the air, then he gathered enough of it say about 10 tons worth in the seconds that he touched the other end. Of course now that the train isn't in danger of falling all that needs to be done is to try and stop the train! Indeed as soon as the whole track is reconstructed, the train slammed into him with full force! With a quarter of the front end of the train crumpled like an accordion it still keep on going but it has significantly slowed down as Jin planted both his feet firmly gouging huge furrows on the floor. He then slowed it to a complete stop and still hand a couple of feet of room to spare before the whole train hit the wall and caused more casualties. Jin then extricated himself, pulling section here and pushing part there to give him enough room to at least move. When he did get out, the authorities were already on the scene and they would have led him to the station for questioning but he would have none of that and he showed him his GOTT I.D., then his E.S. member badge and when all of it cleared and a call from Eclipse confirmed it's authenticity, they had no choice but to let him go. He did brief them what exactly happened and recommended what measures to plug the hole in the security as it was an obvious terrorist attack! The authorities thanked him for the help and the information and reluctantly let him go.

When he emerged from the room where they interviewed him, Jenna was waiting for him outside. She looked like she was about to have a heart attack from worry but she visibly blew a sigh of relief when she saw that he is ok. Actually, she almost did had a heart attack as soon as the train hit him head on and as he struggled to stop the train before he finally succeeded in doing so. She ran up to him and gave him a fierce hug.

"Honey are you ok, are you hurt anywhere?" she said sobbing. "Don't worry me like that, you almost gave me a heart attack!"

"I'm alright, just a little tired." Jin told her. "Reconstructing that entire section required a lot of matter and then make a bridge out of nothing in seconds didn't really help much! I must be more exhausted than I first thought!"

Then Jenna realized and blushing with embarrassment that Jin wasn't really wearing much of anything anymore as his entire coat is destroyed and he had nothing on except a few strands of his shirt left exposing his huge muscular build. His pants miraculously survived but it was ripped to tatters on the left pants leg and his entire right leg is gone as much as his middle thigh. His boots were obviously ground to People were staring and a lot of the ladies young and old alike looked like they enjoyed and appreciated the view of a very handsome and a very half naked young man! She possessively took his arm and glared at all of them in which all of them suddenly went about their business!

"Honey did you bring any clothes with you, it's a little distracting with you being half naked and all!"

"What you don't like my new look, it has that rather rough looking thing going for it!" he said to lighten the mood.

"I do and I think you're hot but I don't appreciate all these girls staring at my boyfriend!"

"Ok you have a point, ya I think I packed in some shorts, a t-shirt, and some sandals in my back pack!"

"Good put it on, NOW!"

"Yes, ma'am!" Jin said grinning. "Babes did you know that you look rather cute when you're jealous!"

"Shut up and just get dressed already dammit!" she said laughing.

When he got into some khaki shorts that went down to his knees and a muscle shirt, Jenna blew a sigh of relief! At least he's not exposed and half naked anymore and from the smell of him, he smelled rather nice. The mens' room probably had a shower installed which was rather convenient really. Anyway, when they went back to their gate they found to their dismay that that whole section of the airport is closed off. Then suddenly a rather homely looking ticket agent from their space line went up to them and explained that their flight got moved to another shuttle and as compensation for the inconvenience and since Jin saved the day, space line offered them some first class seats! They gladly took the offer and waited for two more hours before they finally boarded the shuttle that would finally get them to planet Silas!

to be continued...

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