Why is Ivy so against Kay and Fox being together? That thought led to this being written. If it doesn't make that much sense, I apologize.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

"Fox, listen to me. The right girl for you is out there. But it is not Kay Bennett."

I told him. I told him over and over again that being with Kay would bring him nothing but pain and heartache. But he didn't listen; wouldn't listen. Because he was stubborn, headstrong Fox, who was my son and yet not, who thought he'd finally found the girl of his dreams.

But Kay was too much like her mother. They were destined for heartache.

And that heartache came in the form of Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald, who'd come back to Harmony without his beloved Charity. He tracked Kay down and begged for her forgiveness. He'd been an idiot, chasing after a girl when he had a daughter and her wonderful mother to come home to. He wanted the chance to be a father to Maria and a loving husband to Kay.

She gave him a chance to be Maria's father, but she had Fox. And with him, for the first time in what seemed like forever, she felt truly happy.

Unfortunately, Miguel being around so much led to complications. Fox was okay with him being around Maria, but he knew that somewhere in Kay, she still loved Miguel. That thought scared him. He'd finally found real love. If Miguel stole Kay away, he didn't know what he'd do.

Whitney was still in love with Chad, and after all the lies she'd told him, he really didn't care anymore. Any chance he'd had with Theresa had disappeared a long time ago. She still loved Ethan, much to my chagrin. If things with Kay didn't work out, then he'd have to nurse another broken heart.

But like her mother, she couldn't forget her first love. I'll give her credit for trying though. Kay tried and tried. But she couldn't resist the pull she felt towards Miguel, no matter how much her head, and ultimately, her heart knew it was wrong.

So she told Fox it was over. That she loved Miguel and that it was better he found this out now rather than later.

That didn't help any.

Fox fell into a depression. He was still living in the apartment he'd shared with Kay. Wouldn't step foot out of it for months.

I tried to tell him. I warned him. She's just like me, her mother, who can never forget her first love. Because of that, she can't forget Miguel, no matter how much she cared about Fox.

Like me, her mother, she can never truly leave him, no matter how much he'll hurt her, because he's her first love, and that keeps him tied to her.

Like me, her mother, she'll continue to stand by him, even though Kay has an even better man who would take her back if she'd just leave him.

Like me, her mother, she'll have to suffer at the idea that Fox, the real love of her life, was going to get married, and live happily ever after with the woman he loved, who wasn't her.

So I sit here and watch her with Miguel, noticing how the sparkle in her eyes doesn't seem to be as bright as it was when she was with Fox, as Theresa begins to walks down the aisle, a happy glow around her because she knows she will have her happily ever after this time.

My little girl, the one i'd thought I'd lost at birth, sits there with the man she claims to love, watching the one she really loves pledge himself to someone else, letting only one glistening tear fall free to run down her cheek.

Like mother, like daughter.