An Unlikely Team by Emachinescat

An American Dragon: Jake Long and Kim Possible Crossover Fan-Fiction

SUMMARY: Monkey Fist and Huntsman have teamed up in order to defeat their respective foes. With Monkey Ninjas, goblins, dragons, nacos, spy gear, magic potion, secrets, regrets, and tears, no one is going to escape from this situation without changing somehow.

Word Count: 12,353

Disclaimer: I don't own American Dragon or Kim Possible. This is just for fun, and no copyright infringement is intended.

An Unlikely Team

Chapter One: Huntsman Has a New Ally

It was a cold night in New York City. All of the buildings had their windows tightly shut, and all of the heaters were on high. On the outskirts of Central Park was the Huntslair. Huntsmaster and Huntsgirl waited by the entrance, not showing any signs of being cold. Suddenly, something stirred in the bushes.

"Show yourself," demanded Huntsmaster. A tall, thin man with hairy hands and feet, and wearing a black ninja costume approached. Several monkeys dressed in the same ensemble followed.

"Hello," said the man. "I am Monkey Fist. I presume that you are Huntsmaster and…"


"Ah, yes. You said to meet me here because you had something that I want…"

Huntsmaster's red eyes gleamed eagerly. "And you have something that I want in return… shall we open the negotiations?"

Meanwhile, back in the city, Jake Long was woken up with a hand shaking his shoulder. "Wha—?" he muttered sleepily, barely opening his eyes.

"Jake, wake up! We have dragon emergency!" It was Fu Dog.

Jake yawned and said, "Seriously, Fu, can this wait until, like, tomorrow? It's late, and…"

"No!" said Fu Dog, pulling Jake out of bed. "Hurry up and get ready, 'cause Gramps has found out that the Huntsclan has a new ally, and they are having a meeting tonight. At midnight! If we hurry, we may be able to get a glimpse of this new ally, but we've got to get to the Huntslair – and fast!"

At the Huntslair, Monkey Fist and Huntsmaster discussed their idea. "So," said Huntsmaster, "if I get you the amulet that will make you the ultimate monkey master, then you will assist me in capturing, unmasking, and defeating my arch foe, the American Dragon?"

Suddenly a voice rang out, "Sorry, dudes, but this party is over!"

"The American Dragon!" growled Huntsmaster.
Jake swooped in, grinning. He was a large red and yellow dragon: the one and only American Dragon. Huntsmaster turned to Monkey Fist. "Our agreement?"

Monkey Fist yelled, "Monkey ninjas, attack!"

"Say what?" Jake laughed. "Did you say monkey ninjas? What kind of freak are you?"

"The kind that will defeat you," said Monkey Fist. As Jake flew, the monkeys jumped onto his back; he swerved, and ran smack into the wall.

"Oooh…" he groaned, and then shaking his head, got up. He started to fight the monkeys, bewildered. "Man, you primates don't quit," he said as one bit his ear. At that moment, a blue dragon crashed through the wall.

He roared fiercely, and the monkeys shrank back in fright. A green light filled the room, and Huntsmaster's voice filled the air. "This isn't over, Dragon! I'll slay you yet!"
And then the room was empty, with no sound other than Jake's saying, "Aww, man!"

~Emachinescat ^..^