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Ever since Mirillia had just barely reached an adult's knee, she dreamed of exploration. She dreamed of seeking out the impossible. Though such stimulating thoughts raced through her mind, everything remained hidden. It would have been foolish to burden others with worry and unease by always straying to far from the 'acceptable' limit.

That's exactly what created a barrier between Mirillia's thoughts and actions. Little did her poised parents realize that their daughter would soon stray millions of light years away, from what they would deem remotely acceptable.

It was her twelfth birthday, an early Sunday morning, when Milly awoke. It was normal for a regular twelve year old to bound down the long flight of stairs that led into the tiny kitchen. In fact, it would have been normal for a twelve year old to sing or skip on that particular occasion. Yet, within the Howe's residence, that would have been considered so irregular, they would assume something was wrong with their child.

Since it was a Sunday, all of Milly's schedule remained the same. She took all of her classes with her tutors, and completed her homework. It wasn't until after Dinner when Milly's parents had scheduled her birthday, and the 'unveiling' of a new age.

Walking sweetly to the couch in front of a large table baring no mark of ever being used, Milly sat politely as her relatives watched quietly around her.

A calm serenity drifted lazily around the room, as the small twelve year old girl sat with perfect posture and began to unwrap the gifts. Each piece of delicately wrapped ribbon was unbound and placed neatly on the polished surface of the coffee table to lay dormant until further use. A peaceful, naïve smile flourished on Milly's rosy face, hiding her lingering thoughts of elsewhere.

Elsewhere, if that is indeed what you'd call it, was where Miriellia was at that particular moment. Though that precise minute was not what the twelve year old had imagined. A thin, blue eyed eighteen year old Milly stood stoic, facing a small window. This tiny glimpse outside the ship allowed her to gaze at the distant PLANTS and past the cold exterior of the vessel. It was, in fact, the very same ship Milly had boarded only months ago along with other soldiers willing to help the neutral side of the war. Though at that time, when the treaty had been signed and hope was very high, the ship had glistened and radiated with such magnificent beauty. Now, even to those just glancing, it only held a dim light reflected by the neighboring stars.

Slouching slightly, Milly wrapped her arms tighter around her middle in hopes of comfort. She and many others had joined this vessel in anticipation of a brighter future. Though, so far, not much had been accomplished, at least nothing worth mentioning.

Large blue orbs penetrated the small frame of the window, as the ship propelled forward. The stars had once given her comfort, or maybe they had given her consolation. Though, both may have been true at one point in time, maybe the real reason Milly had always looked towards the stars was for justification of her just trying to be.

Milly always had a knack for remembering things. She would remember every doll she ever owned, all of her birthdays, and bits and pieces from every turning point in her life. She hated it. There always seemed to be too many memories.

An audible sigh escaped Milly's mouth as she brought her self back from her wondering thoughts.

"You keep sighing like that, someone might think were up to something." A tanned teenager remarked slyly from the corner of the room where a small bunk bed lay. The words lingered within the room as the boy shifted on the low cot.

Dearka. Yes, he had joined the neutral vessel as well. In fact, so did many of Milly's friends, in hopes of finally ending the war. Unfortunately, Dearka seemed to become rather found of following Milly around the ship. Whether or not the reason was because he felt the need to protect her, or just annoy the hell out of her, it was beginning to get on her nerves.

Normally, Milly was always a quite and patient person owing to her child hood, and had a fairly reserved personality. This however, was the moment Milly, after being hap-hazardously thrown into the war years ago and facing so many over whelming problems, snapped.

She was tired, hungry, and so not about to be mocked by a guy who thought himself higher that any other personnel on the ship and anywhere else they happened to encounter.

"Go to heck!" was the horrific retort given by Milly whose temper was rising dangerously. Yes, as horrible as it sounds, Milly had said heck. ;)

Shooting Dearka the dirtiest look she could possible muster, Milly inhaled deeply, watching his smirk grow.

Truthfully, Dearka couldn't take any more. If the eighteen year old said one more word, he would most definitely burst out in hysterical fits of laughter. It took all of his effort in to not cracking up.

"You are being absolutely ridiculous. You can be such an insensitive jerk and you have the stupidest sense of humor!" Milly began to rant and walk towards Dearka who swung his legs off the bed causing a reverberating thunking noise to echo around the room.

Striding to where Dearka was sitting on the bed, Milly look down her nose at him and scowled. At least she was taller than him while he was sitting. Unfortunately, even Dearka could tell that for a brief second Milly looked as though she quite enjoyed the idea of being taller that someone.

Smirking even more, Dearka stood up so that he was a good half a head tall that Milly. Yep. That would annoy her.

A tense glaring contest had begun as both the teens shot each other defiant stares. It was odd that even after all of Milly's etiquette lessons and manner classes, she still liked to win at glaring contests. Especially if it was against Dearka. That was probably due to the fact that whenever Dearka won, he would tend to regard the loser with, if possible, even less respect and courtesy the entire week. Dearka's boastful nature seemed to always get the best of him.

It was true, that Milly had never been greatly competitive. She didn't, however, feel as though she wanted to have to deal with Dearka having one more thing to hold over her. Making up her mind, Milly stretched out her arm and poked Dearka hard in the stomach. Dearka blinked and recoiled slightly. He looked absolutely shocked that Milly had cheated. In fact, it wasn't as though she even poked him hard, it was just the fact that she actually poked him.

"You cheated." Obviously this did not sit well for Dearka. Milly, on the other hand, was highly enjoying her self.

"I won." Retorted Milly enthusiastically as she moved away from Dearka and began to walk to the other side of the room where the huge steel door directed her to the way out.

Feeling her spirits lifted, Milly reached out to the pad lock beside the door to unlock the latch. 'Nqwfty'. That was the six letter code on the lock. Or at least, it was. The machine grunted and the door stayed stationary. Even after the second attempt, Milly couldn't seem to get the door to budge. Then, it hit her.

Spinning around, Milly glowered at Dearka's face which practically shone with triumph. "Tell me what you changed the code to." Milly commanded. It was of course just like Dearka to lock Milly into the room until she pleaded with him to let her out. That plan of his would just have to fail, because Milly truly wasn't in the mood for his stupid games.

"Tell me right now." Repeated Milly very slowly as though she didn't want to confuse Dearka in any way. Regrettably, it didn't seem as though he wanted his victim to get away that easily.

"No." Grinned Dearka slyly.


"I said no."

Great. Dearka seemingly wasn't going to give in anytime soon. Milly's eyes darted from Dearka to the lock than back again. It was so obvious. Only Dearka would use his own name as the six letter combo.

"Goodbye Dearka." Milly said with a smile plastered to her face as she pressed the six digit word into the key pad, D-E-A-R-K-A. The door snapped open and she stepped out into the corridor. "If I were you, I'd sign in shortly." With that, Milly left Dearka standing in the middle of the compartment.

Hearing her fading footsteps, Dearka blinked and stood straighter. Smiling at the still door, he inhaled the motionless air, as though he was waiting for Milly to appear back through.

She did not however return within that minute so Dearka, smirking to himself, followed her path out the door. If anyone had been near enough to hear him, they probably would have said he was insane. Walking down the hall, Dearka mumbled to himself, "it's too bad she thinks she'll get away with doing that."

Grinning broadly, Dearka began to meander down the hallways looking for the one person who had beaten him. Or at least cheated. Peering around the corner, Dearka began to search for Miriellia.

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