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Gusts of Wind hurtled past the exterior of the small metal aircraft, as the propulsion of the engine increased speed. Panicking, the natural in the cockpit began rapidly pushing buttons in attempts of either stopping the machine, or at least slowing it down.

Even in such a small plane, there were hundred of multi colored buttons, knobs and monitors. Everything seemed to have a different beeping noise or ringing sound it would make every so often. Even for a coordinator, the ship would seem complex.

Milly reached around the seatbelt and pushed a large yellow knob in hopes of succeeding. This did not stop the ship, but slow it down. This gave Milly the ability to glance out the window. The aircraft was headed away from the Mother ship and away from Central Base, into the ocean.

Each object that flew past the aircraft was usually only a bird or squirts of water, none of which were what Milly seemed to be looking for. There always seemed to be something missing. It was as though she kept shooting for a particular destination, and yet kept misreading something. She never ended up where she wanted to go…if she even knew where she wanted to go…

At the very front Milly's mind, memories of her and her family flooded through. Clearly, Milly watched a younger version of her self playing in the sand. Her and her family, were on summer vacation. It must have been early afternoon, because the sun shone bright enough that Milly and her mother wore large matching beach hats. Sifting the sand in and out of her intertwined fingers, the small child giggled. It was rare that the Hawes' would get to take leave of their regular activities for something like the beach.

Being only seven, Milly's parents had already enlisted her in universities and had her taking classes of different calibers and types. It was seldom that Milly would get to play or be with her friends.

A grin illuminated Milly's face as she trotted over to the edge of the water. Unfortunately, that was as close as she ever got to the water. Her parents absolutely forbid her to actually go into the ocean. Who knows what could be in there.

Blinking, the eighteen year old returned her focus to the task at hand, stopping the plane. Peering out the window, Milly watched as the water sped by from underneath the aircraft. Maybe that was it. The ocean. All of her parents warnings, all of the battles over the ocean, all of the possible dangers, all of the memories pulsing in Milly's mind were over rode by one simple thought. The answer.

Whether or not the solution lied below her, Milly had to at least try to find out. She had just broken a dozen rules and did not want to go back empty handed. She would not go back without finding something, that much was certain. Through out her entire life, Milly had always been organized, prepared, and knew what she was doing, why she was doing it, and how she was going to get there. Everything always seemed to fall into place.

Jabbing brutally at the small red button on her left side, Milly felt the machine lurch. Both engines died in unison as a high pitch beeping sound emitted from the monitor. Reading the words carefully, Milly regretted her decision. The monitor distinctively read; Auto pilot switched off. Manual drive put in place.

The ship coughed and Milly's stomached jumped as the ship fell into the depths of the water.

Pushing every button in hopes of returning auto pilot to the ships monitor, Milly felt a shallow feeling sinking into her. Great.

Gasping, Milly watched as the ship's screen, in reaction to her button pushing, read DIVE. The engines started back up, and the air craft pointed down and began to slowly descend.

"No. Stop." Milly pleaded, wishing the ship would be considerate and start to go back up. It didn't.

Leaving the hanger of the ship, Dearka began programming his Gundam to search for signs of the aircraft Milly supposedly took. Though, he felt dazed and mostly unaware of what he was typing. Why would Milly of all people take an aircraft? Why the hell would she just get up and leave. It was either that fact that Dearka was worried about Milly or the fact that this whole situation seemed too much for his mind to comprehend, that gave Dearka a headache.

Rubbing his temples, Dearka's mind raced. Why would make Milly act so irrationally? Milly. The neat and tidy person who would never break the rules…the small little natural who labeled every drawer in her room…the girl who always seemed to over work herself unless someone forced her to stop…

Something was missing…

Dearka's head shot up. That was it. Something was missing. That's why Milly left. All of the pictures Milly had taken, the piles of unorganized papers and camera film. She had told him that there was always something missing….that's why she kept taking pictures.

Taking long, slow breaths, Dearka thought. What exactly did she go out looking for? Everything seemed so improbable.

Switching the tracking device on, Dearka's Gundam ascended into the air and began to propel forwards. Even if Milly could figure out how to fly the aircraft, the highest possibility of finding her would be if Dearka went strait ahead.

The Gundam increased velocity as Dearka desperately tried to organize his thoughts. He was searching for Milly, who was searching for…pausing, Dearka rethought everything. He had always teased Milly about how hard she worked…about not being a coordinator…it was his fault she left. She'd probably run into an enemy ship and it would be his fault because he had made her feel like she was supposed to be something more. Could he be even more of an idiot. She probably thought that what's missing is her ability to do anything…which isn't true.

After traveling for a couple minutes, Dearka stopped and his Gundam remained stationary in the air. Milly couldn't have traveled that far.

Re routing the Gundam's GPS locator, Dearka rescanned the air waves. Nothing. This was impossible. The one thing that seemed to bring Dearka abruptly from his thoughts was the ringing of the tracer. The screen began listing off coordinates.

Eyes narrowing, Dearka re read the screen several times. This was not happening. Every ounce of logic seemed to have evaporated. Why would the tracker be telling him that Milly and her aircraft were submerged fifty feet underwater?

Replacing her film for the second time, Milly began rapidly taking pictures. Pictures of anything. Water, the cockpit, a fish, seaweed, water, more water. Nothing. Why wasn't this working?

Sighing heavily, Milly buried her face in her hands. Nothing was going her way. In fact, recently nothing was going the way she planned.

Memories exploded in Milly's mind. A short, nine year old girl stood perfectly still beside her parents. A small piece of paper was handed down to her, labeling the next week's routines. This was the first week that Milly had scheduled her classes and tutorials rather that having her parents do it. Everything was perfectly in order. Nothing was out of place or mistimed or misread. She had always liked to have things organized. No, that isn't true. Her parents liked to have everything organized. Even when she was handed the sheet of paper, the small child's mind raced. Pictures of horses and far off places leaped through her mind.

The girl stood in what appeared to be a kitchen. The tiles were all professionally scrubbed. The counters were even and smooth. Nothing littered the table or the cabinets. Everything seemed to be labeled and orderly. The young Milly tightened her hand. She was standing alone in the room, holding a small crumpled Kleenex. Walking over to the royal blue counter, Milly stood on her tip toes and placed the Kleenex gently on the edge. The Kleenex looked out of place. Everything around it seemed so perfect except for the one item Milly had just placed.

Smiling to her self, Milly left the kitchen. The Kleenex was out of place. Everything around it was flawless. The Kleenex was an imperfection…like her. That would annoy the hell out of her parents.

Clenching her hands around the seatbelt, Milly sighed heavily. It would be so much easier if she was a coordinator. Than maybe she could fly the aircraft. And maybe than, she could be useful on the ship. And maybe then, her parents wouldn't think she was a complete failure. And maybe then, Dearka would think that she could accomplish something.

The ship sank lower and lower. Each beeping noise came more frequently. Evening out her breathing, Milly contemplated her next move. What exactly was she supposed to do now?

The water around the ship began to look darker, as the cock pit's temperature dropped slightly. Shivering, Milly listened to her breathing, which was the only audible sound left.

The button below the monitor began to flash. Great. Milly swore that if one more thing flashed or beeped she beat the crap out of it.

Smacking the button with a fair amount of strength, Milly tried to release some of her tension and underlying sense of doom. She was not prepared for what she saw next.

The screen flashed once…twice… then it lit up fully and Dearka face appeared. Milly froze. My god, she was delusional.

Milly stared open mouthed.

"Milly!" Dearka exclaimed as though he was having just as much of a hard time believing it as she was.

"W-what are you.." Milly began. Something beeped again.

"What are you doing?" Dearka demanded trying to sound as calm as possible.

Milly thought for a moment. What was she doing? And more importantly, what did it look like she was doing?

"I don't really know…I mean…how did you find me?" Milly stuttered. Nothing was making sense any more.

Dearka made a face that seemed to say 'how the hell do you think I found you?'.

The sarcasm etched in Dearka's face seemed to tell Milly all she wanted to know. "Well Mr. Elthman, I don't need your help. Kindly get off my monitor."

Normally, she'd hang up the phone or push the 'end-call' button….unfortunately, the ship seemed to be missing that particular knob. Go figure.

"Milly.." Dearka said slowly, he didn't want to upset her…if her ship kept sinking down, the compression of the water on the exterior of the vessel would be too much. The aircraft wasn't meant to handle the depth it was descending at. It would be crushed by the pressure.

"Milly, listen to me. You have to come back. Okay? You'll get hurt."

"Because I'm not a coordinator right?" Milly snapped.

"No." Dearka responded, sounding genuinely taken back. "Because the ship can't handle it and the captain wanted me to bring you back."

Milly froze. "I'm sorry for being such an inconvenience to you, but I'm not done here. Get off my monitor."

Dearka closed his moth. Truly, Milly sounded hurt.

"Hey.." He began.

"I don't want your help. I can handle things my self." In fact, she could handle things herself since she was only about nine.

A heavy silence drifted between them. Barely any visible light encircled the ship and Gundam other than the light given off by the monitors.

Ignoring the beeping noise that rang in rapid succession, Milly inhaled deeply. If she didn't find out how to put all of her memories at ease, and what exactly she felt was missing, nothing would matter.

"I know." Dearka quietly said after a long pause.

"You know what?" Asked Milly impatiently, fiddling with another roll of film.

"I know you can handle this."

Milly paused. For a long moment, her mind was completely blank. "Pardon?"

"I know you can do this. I know you'll be able to find what you're searching for. Kay? Just because you're not a coordinator…I don't care. Seriously. I know that what you're looking for is important…or you wouldn't have stolen an aircraft. Even if it takes a really long time, I want to help you…find it."

Milly smiled softly.

A sound that was new and unheard until that moment echoed in the cock pit Milly was sitting in. It sounded so out of place. A loud crack emitted from the outer walls of the ship.

Immediately, Dearka felt his entire body go numb. The ship couldn't handle any more…

Milly felt the small vessel jerk and a seam on the right hand side split. Water cascaded in before Milly had time to react.

Shrinking, the black pupils of Dearka's eyes were consumed by the outer color. Dearka's mind plunged into SEED mode. Instinctively, equations and solutions began to formulate and Dearka took control over the manual drive of the Gundam.

It seemed that for both Dearka and Milly, everything went black.

Pulling the aircraft up from the water, Dearka typed and jabbed at the controls. Dragging the aircraft behind the Gundam took about three seconds to master. Every move was played out by a formula and worked through using mathematical equations and probability factors.

Both the aircraft and the Gundam emerged from the water simultaneously. Using the propulsion system, Dearka ensured that his Gundam would remain buoyant. Once satisfied with the ratio, Dearka opened the cockpit of his Gundam and leapt a couple feet to where the aircraft lay above the water.

Prying open the vessel's door, Dearka lifted an unconscious Milly from inside. A water-logged and ruined camera was clasped in her hands. Carrying her to the Gundam, Dearka set her down in the cockpit. This was his fault.

Coughing slightly, Milly's eyes twitched and opened. "w-what happened?" Were the first words that came out of Milly's mouth.

"I told you the ship couldn't handle it. Idiot." Dearka said trying to look smug. It didn't work. His face looked strained.

Milly looked straight into Dearka's face. Was he worried about her?

"Listen. I want to get you back. You scared the crap out of me. If you're going to steal something and run off…..tell me first." Dearka sighed heavily.

Both Milly and Dearka sat in the Gundam cockpit. It wasn't for a couple minutes until either of them said anything.

"I'm sorry about your camera." Dearka murmured looked guilty.

Smiling, Milly looked down at the wrecked camera. She had never taken the picture of what she was missing…

Stopping abruptly, Milly blinked. Nothing urgent was pulsing in her mind.

"What you're missing…" Dearka began, keeping his gaze forward. "what you're seeking, is it really that important? You're perfect. Really. I don't know what you'd want, to become better. But if you really are missing something…I want to help you find it…okay?"

Everything was chaotic. Nothing really made sense. It was at that point that Milly realized that she liked it that way. She had always been searching for comfort. Something to not fully understand. Something to help her grow. She found it.

What was missing, wasn't…not really. Just lost. It found her.

"You did." Milly said finally.

"I did what?" Dearka seemingly lost the conversation.

"You helped me find it." Milly laughed softly and leaned into Dearka's side.

"What you were looking for?" Dearka asked glancing down watching as Milly nodded.

Instead of feeling memories reeling in her mind, Milly stayed at that moment. She stayed in the present. Everything didn't have to be perfect or be organized. If she was flawless if she accepted her mediocrity, she would never grow.

"I'm going to be in huge trouble when I get back, right?" Milly asked Dearka, giggling quietly.

"Yeah." Dearka replied.

"Tell the captain…" Milly paused what was she going to tell that captain?

"That you were missing?" Asked Dearka.

"No…" Milly thought for a moment. "You were missing. It's lucky I found you, Mr. Elthman."

Dearka laughed.

"I'm glad you found me."

"Me too."

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