Rescue Me – Chapter 1

Major Samantha Carter stood in the briefing room at the window overlooking the gate. Her mind was fast forwarding through the last two months. Images flickered one after another. The knowledge of the Ancients being downloaded into the Colonel's mind; searching for Atlantis; attempting to contact the Asgard for help; the battle with Anubis and his apparent demise; the terror of leaving Jack behind in the dormata; his time in stasis and Sam's 'visit' with Fifth, not to mention O'Neill's resurrection. All in all, she could really use a day off!

She closed her eyes and sighed, leaning her head against the glass. She was tired…exhausted. The last two months had been entirely too stressful and she REALLY needed some downtime. But with Anubis' annihilation came new responsibilities. Already things were changing. SG-1 would never be the same. The Colonel…er General would no longer lead the team. The President had decided earlier that week that O'Neill had proven himself to be too valuable a leader to go offworld on missions and was needed to head the SGC. The promotion had been announce just the day before. Sam had no clue as to what would happen now. All she knew was that she had liked it the way it was…before the Ancients knowledge, before Anubis' attack.

A noise from behind her broke into her thoughts. She turned and saw Colonel…er General O'Neill – she MUST get used to the new title - enter the room. She jumped to attention and broke into a crisp salute.

"For cryin' out loud, Carter. It's only me," he said impatiently.

"Yes, sir," she responded, holding the salute until he returned it. She then stood rigidly at attention.

"At ease," he snapped, moving to the head of the table. She relaxed marginally, waiting for him to be seated. He glared at her and then motioned for her to take a seat.

"I'm having second thoughts about the whole 'General' thing, I tell 'ya!" He grumbled. "This morning, when I came in, Walter was waiting at the elevator with a cup of coffee, fixed just like I drink it. I want to know how he knew I was on my way down?"

"That doesn't seem too bad, sir. I wish I had somebody to do that for me!" Sam grinned. "Some days I can't find time to go to the commissary to get coffee!"

"Well, before I could say a word, he started filling me in on what was scheduled for today! It seems he has my day all planned out to the minute – and he's even giving me a bathroom break from 11:37 to 11:41 – aren't I lucky! Hope that's long enough. You know how I love timetables…." O'Neill slouched in his chair dejectedly.

"Cheer up, sir. You are the only person who can run this base. You know the ins and outs of gate travel and what we will find out there. The President made the only possible choice." Sam assured him with a smile. "Although, you know I….er We will miss…."

"General! Sorry to interrupt but," Walter spoke from the doorway. "Senator Johnson is on the phone wanting to talk to you. He says it's urgent."

Ah, the life of a General! God help me!" O'Neill grimaced. "Inform Daniel and Teal'c that we will meet in the briefing room at – what time can I have a few minutes with them, Walter?" He turned to the man in question.

"13:30, sir", Walter replied.

"Inform Daniel and Teal'c that they can have exactly 6 ½ minutes beginning at 13:30. And don't be late!" He added the last as he headed into his office – his new office.

Sam leapt up as the General stood. When he disappeared into his office she let out a big sigh. I'm…er WE are going to miss him!"