Chapter 2

"Where are Daniel and Teal'c? I told them to be here at 13:30 hours for this briefing. I need to hear the 'wonders' of PX3-578 before I approve you to go."

"I'm sure they will be here soon, sir. Daniel was buried in studying some of the artifacts that were flown here from Antarctica after you disappeared from stasis there. You know how he is…he loses track of time."

"Sounds like somebody else I know," the General muttered. Sam gave him a grin at his comment.

Before anything else could be said, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c entered the room

"Good afternoon, General," Daniel said, stressing the title while holding back a grin.

"General O'Neill," Teal'c inclined his head to Jack.

"For cryin' out loud." Jack snapped, but stopped when he saw the grins around the table. Even Teal'c almost grinned.

"Jack," Daniel laughed. "We're happy for you. You deserve this. You've earned it."

"Yeah, if you say so," O'Neill mumbled. "It's just you know how much I LOVE paperwork. Now that's all I get to do. I don't get to go offworld with you guys. I get to dot I's and cross T's. If I really live dangerously, I might get a paper cut."

A knock sounded at the door.

"In," called Jack.

"Sir, Lt. Kempson is here. Shall I send him in?" Sgt. Phillips, the General's aide asked from the doorway.

"Sure, tell him to come on in," O'Neill said, turning to the others at the table. "Captain Kempson will be joining you on this mission. I am assuming that this planet is uninhabited and that this will be a milk run per your earlier memo, Carter?"

"Yes, sir. The UAV does not show any signs of recent habitation. Sometime in the past there were people there, but it looks like it has been hundreds of years since anyone lived there." Carter replied, slipping into scientist mode.

While she was speaking, a tall dark haired young man entered the room and snapped a sharp salute to the General. When it was returned, he turned and nodded to the others in the room.

"May I present Captain Larry Kempson. He is just transferring to the SGC and will be assigned to SG-1 for a few missions." He introduced each member in turn. "I want him to learn from the best, so I'm sending him with you." Jack spoke with authority, drawing everyone's attention to himself. He then grinned at their faces. "SG-1 will remain the same with the addition of the Captain. Carter, you are now CO of SG-1. I have every faith in you," he added upon seeing her face.

Sam was surprised. She fully expected someone of higher rank to take over the flagship team after O'Neill's promotion. She knew he trusted her, but thought that the President would prefer at least a Colonel to take command.

Seeing her doubts, O'Neill spoke. "Carter, this comes directly from the President. I had planned to argue to give you command, but he was way ahead of me. Congratulations!"

Daniel and Teal'c echoed his words. Daniel grinned and winked at Sam, and Teal'c gave a pleased nod in her direction.

"Now, back to lovely PX3-578. Dazzle me with the reasons you should go there." O'Neill leaned back in his chair, waiting for the technobabble to begin. He wasn't disappointed.

Both Daniel and Sam started to speak at the same time.

"Ach!" O'Neill growled. "Carter, ladies first."

Sam gave him a mock glare and began her lecture. Moving to the screen, she clicked several buttons with the remote control and started explaining.

"Sir, the planet seems deserted. There is no evidence of recent habitation. As you can see from this footage from the UAV, this area in the mountainous region 8 clicks from the gate looks to have an old mine of some sort. At the normal rate of erosion it looks to be several hundred years since it was worked. You can see the tailings flowing down the hillside in this area, and this opening could be the mine" she said, pointing to what looked to O'Neill like dirt that had washed down the hill and a dark patch against the rocky terrain. "I'm not sure what type of mine this was, but this looks very much like some of the old Naquadah mines we've found on similar planets. I would like to check this out. It could be nothing, but I have a feeling this could be a good thing."

"OK, Dannyboy. Let's hear your spiel," O'Neill turned to face the other side of the table.

"Well, approximately 10 clicks from the gate in the other direction, there looks to be a temple of some kind. It is heavily eroded, but you can still make out some of the pillars as you can see in these pictures." He passed around a stack of photos. "This picture here shows what looks like a form of hieroglyphics, similar to those of ancient Egypt. This civilization could be kin to the ones that served the Goa'uld here on Earth. I would like to take a closer look at these to make a determination."

"Sir," Carter intervened. "We would like to split up, with Capt. Kempson and myself taking a look at the mine, and Daniel and Teal'c going to the ruins. We will camp separately for 1 night and then rv back at the gate to come home, if that's alright?"

"Teal'c you have anything to add?" O'Neill asked, eyebrows raised.

"General O'Neill, I believe that we might learn from this world, and that we should indeed go."

"How about you, Kempson. Any questions?" The General swiveled to look at Kempson, who in turn was looking at Major Carter, apparently lost in thought. "Captain, are you with us?"

"Um, yes sir. Sorry, sir. I was just thinking."

O'Neill grinned. He had seen that dreamy look on many new assignee's faces when they first met his major. "Another one bites the dust…" he thought. Shaking himself, he asked again.

"Any questions about this mission? Major Carter will be CO for this mission. I expect you to follow her orders without fail. She says jump, you do it. You don't ask how high. Do you understand?"

"Sir, yes sir'" Kempson replied, standing at attention.

O'Neill stood, and so did the others in the room.

"Departure time is 0800 hours tomorrow morning. See you then, campers!"