Japanese: nani - what

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The questions went by rather quickly. Ryou didn't have a family history of disease, no piercings, no tattoos...

"I think we're all set here. Right arm or left, Mr. Bakura?"

Ryou swallowed and held out his left arm. He wasn't shaking, not yet, but even his arm looked very, very pale...

Then the tourniquet was on, and Ryou turned his face away and closed his eyes so he wouldn't have to see that horrible needle. Come on, Ryou... Backwards from ten...

Then he felt the "prick" as they called it... more like a stab... He bit into his lip, managed not to cry out...

"You're doing fine. See, it's not that bad...?"

But Ryou had glanced over, just for a moment, and what he saw made him feel sick and dizzy... Blood, his own blood, squirting rhythmically into a pouch out the other side of the needle...

The boy's eyes rolled up and he collapsed backward onto the table. Dr. Buchanan continued drawing the blood, used to this sort of thing...

What she wasn't used to, however, was her patients' heads suddenly popping up to look at her with red-honey eyes...

"What in the sands do you think you're doing?"

The doctor's eyes widened in shock. That definitely was not the voice the boy had spoken with throughout the interview... 'What in the sands'? What the hell did that mean?

But the narrow, darkly-outlined eyes were all but popping, growing redder as he gazed at his elbow, as though the blood were flowing into them and not out of his arm...

"Is that my blood? Is that MY blood?"

Dr. Buchanan's eyes got wider. She jumped back as the teen sat up, white hair suddenly spiky and sticking upward in all directions... And watched on in shock as he ripped the needle from his arm. Blood spurted momentarily from the wound, then died into a sort of swift trickle... Deftly the boy yanked at the rubber tourniquet, tightening it with one hand. Then his eyes fell upon the 'specimen' now lying on the floor...

His eyes were like magma when he looked up at her. No, not magma. Like hellfire, she decided.

One of the last coherent thoughts she got to have.

His next word burst forth in a roar as he leapt at her like an enraged lion, mane whipping about in a phantom breeze—


Granted, the bloodcurdling scream did attract a bit of attention. But within five seconds, all who had moved to investigate forgot that they'd heard it.

Oh well.



Ryou sat up groggily, rubbing his head. "I knew giving blood was supposed to make one groggy, but..." He looked around his bedroom. "I do wonder how long I've been asleep...?"

Just then, the doorbell to his apartment rang. The boy slid from his bed, surprised himself by still being dressed. "Must have been more tired than I thought. Hang on..." These weren't the clothes he'd been wearing earlier.

The doorbell rang again, and Ryou sighed. He figured he must have accidentally grabbed day clothes instead of the ones he normally slept in... My, he had been dizzy...

Finally he opened the door to find his good friend Yugi Mutou standing out in the hall. "Hiya, Ryou!" The boy beamed brightly down at him. Yes, down. Ryou never ceased to be surprised by how great the boy's growth spurt at seventeen had been...

"Oh, hello, Yugi."

"So. How'd it feel?"


"Making a donation to the hospital. That was really sweet of you, Ryou. Betcha felt great helping people out, huh? So how much money did you give them?"

Ryou gave an embarrassed flush. "I... I didn't..."

"Ryou," Yugi cut in suddenly. "What's that on your hand?"

Suppressing the urge to gulp, the boy looked down. His palm was stained red, and there were hints of black around his fingernails...

"Oh my."


"Eh... I gave blood yesterday? Eheh heh..."

Yugi's eyebrow was raised rather close to popping off the top of his head. "Um. Okay. And then?"

"You know, I really don't remember... Oh and Yugi?"


"Would you do me a favor?"

Yugi blinked.

"Catch me."

And with that, the poor boy passed out, directly into his good friend's shocked but ready arms.


Eh heh. Oh, and um... "Monshi" means "die in agony." Eheh. -flees in terror from the psychotic yami-

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