Chapter 2

Harry stood in front of the impressive, twin doors that led to the netherworld. The great stone hall was eerily silent as usual, but the intense feeling of wrongness in his chest only added to the threatening atmosphere. Harry had grown quite used to the ominous, chilling air that surrounded each gate to hell (Inuyasha had taken him around the world to visit a few others) and he even started to find comfort in it. But right now he sensed that there was something threatening his gateā€”and he didn't like it.

A sudden tremble ran down his spine, followed by another and another. He looked down at his watch and scowled. There were only forty seconds to go until the New Year and he was going to miss it. As the strange shudders continued he realized that each shock seemed in sync with a second.

"What the hell is going on?" he muttered, glaring at his watch. Thirty seconds left.

The doors suddenly pulsed with a dark energy and Harry's head shot up.

'What was that?' he thought, frowning.

Twenty eight

Harry approached the doors slowly, noticing the pulsing energy also beat off at each second.

Twenty two

Standing only a few feet away from the gate made the threatening feeling even stronger, almost sending Harry into a panic.


His whole chest was shaking now. There was nothing he could do to calm himself.


A loud crack bounded off the flinty walls. Harry stared strait up to find a large fracture appeared near the top of the left door.


The crack spread, moving forth down the chiseled stone, destroying the crafted art that had been there for centuries, raining gravel on the bare ground.


Harry took a couple of steps closer. The gate was calling out to him through the bond of a guardian. It was in pain.


Inuyasha wasn't really going to kiss him was he?


Wind started to pick up, blowing through the cracks of the gate, the sickening air washed over his face. His heart pounded faster.


This was wrong. This was so wrong.


Harry placed a hand on the pulsing gate and everything fell jarringly still.





"Hey," Alaina said looking around her, ignoring the screams that went with the New Year, "Where's dad? And where's Harry?"

A young demon looking around twenty with spiked red hair and cobalt blue eyes walked up next to her.

"I don't know, but I think I need my midnight kiss," he said in a deep, suave voice. Before she could respond to that he mashed his lips against hers.

"Cole!" She cried out, pushing him away from her and wiping her mouth. She made a swipe at him but the wolf demon just ducked and laughed, running back into the crowd with his slender brown tail swishing behind him. Scowling, she continued her search for her missing father and his tyro.

"Hey Rin, does the internet still work?" Kouga asked. The woman was already on a laptop checking to see if certain rumors regarding the new millennium were true.

"Yes. Everything's up and running."

"Aw, that sucks," Shippo complained, "I wanted to see some damage."

"I'll give you some tonight," Souten said dryly.

"Ooo," Shippo said, perking his ears up.

"Where the hell is my dad?" Alaina said slightly louder. This managed to draw a few more people's attention.

"I had not realized he had left," Sesshomaru said in his usual dispassionate tone. But he too was looking around himself for his brother with barely concealed interest.

"Maybe Inuyasha's giving Harry that kiss somewhere a little more private?" Kouga suggested with a grin. Shippo laughed loudly at that and Ayame's lip twitched in a smirk.

"Shut up, that's not funny," Bridget said, clearly disturbed.

"Who cares? They'll turn up," Shippo said, downing the rest of his scotch, "I'm getting another drink."

"Me too," a number of the legal adults chorused, heading into the kitchen.

"Grown ups," Bridget muttered before stalking up the stairs to make sure Kouga's suggestion wasn't true.



The second his watch beeped 12:00 an explosion of sorts occurred. Harry was blown a good hundred feet from the doors as a pure, white light filled the hall, blinding him and chasing away every shadow that lurked within the underground hall. Just as suddenly as it happened, the light disappeared.

Harry moaned, rubbing his sore eyes with the back of his hand, trying to be rid of the black spots dancing in his vision. He blinked his eyes a few times and sat up, looking around him. Rubble was everywhere, the remains of what he would guess was the ninth entrance to hell because right in front of him was a large, black hole where the doors used to hang.

But something else was he had lost a part of himself. Harry placed a hand on his chest where the feeling of wrongness had been, realizing it was replaced by emptiness.

An involuntary gasp escaped him as a new horror dawned.

It wasn't just the doors that were gone...the whole gate had fallen.

The fucking gate of Hell had fallen.



I know it's kind of short but I need to get something out in Road to Remembrance in order for certain events to transpire in this one.

Oh, and Cole is Kouga and Ayame's son, nothing major to do with this story.

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