Mysterious Saviors

Aya was just back from the holidays when strange things began to happen. Two guys have saved her from school terror and outdoor accidents. But why are these two guys coming to her rescue and what do they want from her? R&R please.

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Chapter 1: Savior No.1

A couple of girls were waving at a golden-hair girl. Flowers were blooming here and there. The girl ran towards them.

"Ohayo, Aya-san. Thanks for the souvenirs you got from America from us," Miori smiled. Aya smiled back.

"How was it in America? Was it cold there? Is it early winter over there?" Chidori eagerly asked Aya.

"Good. Yes. No. It was late winter. The scenery is very beautiful over there," Aya spoke slowly. Suddenly, something touched her shoulder.

"Hello, Aya. What a wonderful place to talk! I heard you've given every single classmate of yours a souvenir from America except ME! Surely there's a reason behind it, right?" the school bully asked her as she spitted at Aya. Miori look at Arisa in disgust.

"How dare you do that to her! I'll report this to the principal!" Miori shouted. Arisa raised an eyebrow at her.

"That's so PATHETIC! LAME! Is that all you can do to get away from me?" Arisa laughed. Chidori scowled.

"The rules said that if anybody were found out bullying students, they'll be suspended from school!" Chidori yelled, trying to fight back. Arisa laughed again.

"Rules? Watever. No cases of anybody being suspended from school. Lots of bully cases happened in this school but no bully has ever got that punishment," Arisa spoke.

"I'll never a give a souvenir to such a person like you, rude and spiteful. Who wants you?" Aya spitted back at her sworn enemy "come, let's go girls and leave the dunce here." As the girls headed towards the entrance gate of their school, Arisa was boiling up. The word 'dunce' repeated in her head over and over again.

"Darn you, AYA MIKAGE!" Arisa shouted as she threw her paper-slicing at her. (about this paper-slicing, it can cut people's skin. It looks a bit like Naruto's Shuriken, except this is made out of paper.)

"WATCH OUT!" Miori shouted as she watched the paper at the back of Aya. Suddenly, all of the girls saw a shadow grabbing the piece of paper and throwing it back to Arisa.

"KYAA…!" Arisa shouted and managed to bent down as the paper flew centimeters above her head.

A red-haired guy about 5'10" tall stood in front of Arisa. He had such a serious and cool look that Aya blushed as she looked at his face.

"Keep your hands of Aya Mikage," the guy warned Arisa. Arisa looked at him.

"Who are you? What are you doing here? I'm not afraid," Arisa asked him coldly.

"I'm Aya's protector. Get out of here or I'll…" the guy showed his fist at Arisa. Arisa frowned and move away quickly.

"Wow! Is that your boyfriend? How charming!" both Miori and Chidori whispered to Aya. Aya raised an eyebrow.

"Cuz not. You've never seen me going out with him, right? Besides, I do not have a boyfriend," Aya spoke to both of the girls.

"Hey! The guy left already!" Miori pointed at where the guy was standing a few seconds ago.

"Damnit! I want his autograph!" Chidori spoke in a childish voice. Aya hit her head.

"Hello? He's a total stranger to us. Whoever he is, I don't know. So let's forget about this event," as Aya left. Miori and Chidori looked at each other.

"She must be hiding something from us! I saw her blushing just now!" Chidori whispered to Miori. Miori nodded.

"Hey, why not we follow her secretly and see what's she up to?" Miori suggested. Chidori gave a thumbs-up.

"Who was that guy? My protector? I mean, he did save me for once from being bullied by my sworn enemy," Aya thought. The class teacher looked at the daydreaming Aya.

"MS. MIKAGE! STAND!" the teacher commanded the golden hair girl.

"What is UNESCO?"(I don't know any hard questions since I'm not even 16 yet) the teacher asked her. Aya sweat.

"Calm down, girl. You surely know the answer," Aya whispered to herself. She looked outside the window when she saw a very familiar person on the tree. He putted out a signboard.

"United…Nations…Education Scientific and…Cultural Organization? What is that…" Aya thought to herself as she read the words from the signboard silently. The teacher waited impatiently.

"AYA! Are you looking outside there dreaming your journey in America? Quick! What is U. N. E. S. C. O.?" the teacher shouted loudly at her. Everybody laughed at Aya except Miori and Chidori.

"Err… is it United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization…?" she spoke as she trembled. The whole class went silent. The teacher almost dropped from her seat.

"So… this is your first time you get to survive from my punishment," the teacher smiled as she arranged her seating position. Aya sighed with relief as she slowly sat down on her chair.

She survived from two scary 'punishments'. Her savior had helped her for the second time. How could she thank him? That guy disappeared just as he finished rescuing Aya.

She blushed a little as she recalled back the face of her protector. She must know whom this guy is no matter what happens.

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