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Chapter 2: Aya's Exchange Student

"Aya! Aya! Something just happened!" Miori shouted as she raced to Aya's table. Aya almost got a shock.

"If it's nothing to do with me…" but before Aya could finish her sentence, Miori pulled Aya out of her class. Aya didn't want to follow Miori as Aya struggled out of the strong and firm hands on Aya but it was no use.

"LET GO OFF ME, YOU BAKA!" Aya yelled at the blue-haired girl. Miori kept ignoring her best friend's yelling and screaming and pleas until she reached a place where an extremely big crowd of high school girls crowded.

"Where are we anyway?" Aya asked her friend who let go Aya's hands, leaving a mark on Aya's skin. The place was so crowded that the front door and windows could not be seen at all.

Something touched Aya's shoulder. A girl with pink hair smiled at her(I don't know whether Chidori has pink hair).

"The principal's wants you in her office," Chidori spoke. Aya nodded and quickly left but was pulled back by Miori.

"Err…Aya-chan, the office is over there…" Miori pointed to something which shocked Aya that her jaws dropped.

"KYAA…! How can I go in?" Aya shouted as she looked at the so large group of girls in front of the principal's office. More and more girls joined in to make a bigger crowd and lesser space for people to cross over. Guys were standing at one corner. Some of them frowned while others just stood cursing don't know for what reason at all.

"LOOK! He's looking at me!" a girl with auburn hair shouted. Another girl scowled at her.

"NO! He's looking at me!" she argued. Suddenly, a girl with blonde hair stood between the two quarreling girls.

"Silly! YOU'RE BOTH WRONG! He's looking at the prettiest girl in the world, which is ME!" the girl laughed. The two girls looked at the blonde hair girl in disgust.

" 'scuse me! Could you give way to somebody who's entering the office?" Miori tried to push herself into the crowd while Chidori and Aya followed. All the girls looked at Aya.

"Chidori, what's happening? Why are all the girls are giving me fierce and scary looks?" asked the confused golden brown hair girl. Chidori just kept silent.

"Hello, Ms. Mikage. Miori and Chidori, could you help shoo away all that girls standing in front of my door?" the principal spoke politely. The two girls nodded.

"Ah yes,… Ms. Mikage… I remember you have decided to host an exchange student, right? Here's your new exchange student. Meet Tooya Tomokazu from China(Err…just make this an OC)," the principal called Ms. Kuyo smiled. Aya turned to the guy sitting next to her. She almost dropped from her seat.

"Principal… are you sure this is my friend…" Aya spoke with her voice at a shaking tone. Her protector was her…exchange student? (So, that's the answer. Tooya is Aya's protector.) She can't believe it! If he was her partner, then, how come he's rescuing her? Tooya didn't even know much about her! Aya kept thinking as many questions kept popping out from her mind.

Tooya looked at the confused Aya. He knew he had to tell her who he really was and why was he here. But how?

"Ms. Mikage, please show Tooya what is in this school. Please make yourself at home, Mr. Tomokazu," Ms. Kuyo spoke. Aya left quickly as Tooya followed behind her.

Aya didn't even look at Tooya. A few girls peep from their class to see what was happening. Aya broke the silence a few minutes later.

"T-this is t-the music room," Aya trembled. She was quite shy as she blushed. She pointed at another decorative room with little pretty paper origamis on the top.

"Ah… this is the art room," Aya trembled again. Tooya just nodded. Suddenly, Chidori ran towards Aya.

"Aya-san!" Chidori hugged her. Aya was shocked and quickly broke the hug.

"Chidori! You know how rude is it to do like that?" Aya whispered to Chidori. Chidori lowered her head.

"So sorry,… I just wanted that guy beside you an autograph," Chidori spoke. Aya giggled.

"I thought you had forgotten that idea. Just do it later, okay?" Aya whispered back as she messed up the cute girl's hair. Chidori ran back to her class.

"Sorry for her rudeness,…" Aya apologized quickly. Tooya smiled.

"It's alright," Tooya replied. Aya then brought Tooya into her class. Aya felt really terrible when all the girls gave negative looks to Aya except for Miori and Chidori. The teacher then introduced Tooya.

"This is Tooya Tomokazu. He'll be here with us with three weeks and…" as the teacher spoke the girls went 'Yes!' "Tooya hope you enjoy yourself here. You'll sit beside Aya Mikage." The girls were shocked and angry with the golden brown hair girl. Tooya sighed. Aya decided best not to face the girls.

As Tooya sat in the car with Aya, he asked a few questions about her.

"Anyway, I need to know about yourself. You're a total stranger to me," Tooya spoke although he knew about Aya very well. He hoped Aya wouldn't suspect him in anything.

"Oh…me? Err… I live with my brother Aki and my parents," Aya spoke. She didn't want to tell much about her own privacy.

"What about you, err…T-Tooya?" Aya continued. Tooya spoke in a tone that sounds so smooth and gentle like a gentleman's voice.

"I live in Shiang Hai with my parents and my two sisters, Yuko and Haruko. I live a simple life at home. Sometimes I help my mom to do house chores," when Tooya paused. Then he said no more. Aya just said an 'Oh…I see'.

"Hi, dad! I'm home! Meet my exchange student!" Aya spoke happily. Aki came forward to Tooya.

"Don't you ever touch my sister. I'll kill you, if you did. And YOU! Don't you ever date a stranger like him!" Aki scolded them. Aya and Tooya just obeyed and quickly ran away from Aki.

"Hey! I haven't finish talking yet!" Aki shouted furiously as he shook his fist at the two people who were out of his sight.

"Aya, how's school?" all her family members asked her. Aya felt embarrassed of the way her family members acted in front of Tooya.

Aya came out with a simple reply, "School's fine. A lot of fun. I mean plenty." All her family members looked at each other with a 'same old reply' look. And then they ate ignoring the presence of Tooya who was eating his food slowly. Suddenly, Aya stood up.

'I don't seem to have appetite eating. I'll be upstairs," she spoke as she quickly ran quickly up the stairs. She locked the door in her room and jumped into her comfortable bed. The family members gave weird looks like 'She's hiding something from us!'

"Tooya doesn't seem like he knows me at all. Then how come he's saving me?" as she slowly closed her eyes. Suddenly, without Aya's knowledge, a shadow outside Aya's bedroom vanished in thin air.

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