Authors Note: Hey Hi. Be nice this is my first wrestling fic. Sadly I only own Kyle and Lynne.

Several weeks had past since Wrestlemania 21. It also had been of course weeks since Randy had RKO'd, his girlfriend Stacy Keibler. He only had done it because he was very confused and just trying to make sure he was going to get through his match with the Undertaker.

It was June 6th and RAW was in St. Louis. It had been a little over two years since RAW had been there. St. Louis was one of the biggest cities of fans. Everyone here was a fan, and I mean everyone. Anyway tonight was one of the final nights of the draft pick. Everyone was really anxious to see who the pick was. The show then began

"Here we are tonight folks, in St. Louis, Missouri," said JR.

"I can't wait JR, to see all the lovely ladies here tonight," said the King.

"Is that all you think about is women?" asked JR.

"Probably," said the King jokingly.

"So King did you here that not only is one of the draft picks here but there are also supposed to be two other new arrivals?" said JR.

"No I didn't but I hope they are beautiful women with beautiful puppies," said the King.

"Oh just shut up," said JR.

They continued to talk and bicker. They show went on and on and then the cameras went back stage to reveal a young woman walking. The cameras are in front of her and it shows her wearing a Randy Orton T-shirt and a Randy Orton hat. She's wearing jeans and talking on her cell phone while wheeling a suitcase around. You can here some of her conversation.

Young Woman: "Hey where are you?... I thought you were going to be here by now I can't find my way around this place…. Hey yeah ok the arena buildings are like really, really big…. Fine ok then if you think you're so good with directions then why aren't you here trying to help me find the locker-room… HUH?"

She turns around and it reveals a young guy that seems to be around her age. She drops the suitcase and gives him a hug. He's wearing a plain white tee with a Randy Orton skull cap and jeans. He picks up the girls suitcase and they begin to walk.

Girl: "I thought you said you weren't coming."

Guy: "Yeah well oh well I thought I would come now instead of later."

Girl: "You are a big jerk you know that?"

Guy: "Yeah well so? You still like me anyway."

Girl: "Yeah I guess well I can't believe Katie was such an idiot for dumping you, I mean you're a great guy and good looking and one of the best guy friends I know in the world."

Guy: "Yeah friend," he said kind of sadly.

Girl: "Come on let's go."

The camera cuts back to JR and the King.

"Who were those two, JR?" asked the King.

"I don't know, possibly they are the two people we saw earlier," said JR.

The show goes to commercial and comes back with the highlight reel set up. Chris Jericho is standing in the ring with a mic I his hand.

Chris: Well everyone here we are at another wonderful show and what a way to kick off the summer, than to introduce the newest draft pick to the raw roster. But before I bring out my main guest, I would like to bring out two very young and talented people who have been with the show since the middle of May. They are both young and are both related to two of the greatest young superstars to ever hit the business. Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome Lynne Keibler and Kyle Orton."

The crowd is a little confused but cheers anyway. Coming down the ramp are the same people that were backstage earlier. Lynne is in a very cute black dress that has part of the hem above her right knee and the other half just a little below her left, a diagonal cut, with matching black shoes. Kyle is in a pair of Khakis and a nice blue polo. They get in the ring and grab mics from Chris.

Lynne: Hey everyone what's up? You are probably all wondering how we are related to the people Chris mentioned. Well I'm Stacy's cousin and Kyle over there is Randy's little bro, yeah I know a shocker isn't it?"

Kyle: Yep we are here on an internship this summer and we are just going to have the time of our lives. Now enough about us, back to you Chris."

Chris: Damn you two talk a lot, now these two are going to help me introduce the highlight of the night ladies and Gentlemen please welcome….

All three together: "MR. John Cena!"

John's music begins to play and the crowd is cheering like crazy. He gets in the ring and poses around it. He goes and grabs a mic.

John: "Yo. Yo. Yo. What's up St. Louis? I'm glad to be on RAW. Now I was talking backstage with these two earlier and they are going to be my managers or consultants or something. But I'm here to say that RAW is just now heating up. And that's all I have to say about that."

He drops the mic and his music begins to play again. The group heads backstage as the show goes to commercial.

Authors Note: So how was it? It wasnt that bad was it?