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Category: Alterate Universe
Summary: Idea #73
What if Lily Potter wasn't a muggleborn witch, but a goddess-possing-as-mortal to be with her lover, James Potter?
Thus, Harry is a demigod, or more...
Who comes into his heritage upon his thirteenth birthday... and whom only his mother can guide him...
How will Harry and others deal with the return of Lily Potter? Especially the Dursleys, who are first to discover the truth when Lily comes to take her son back?

Petunia Dusley heard a noise coming from the living room. Curious, she went to investigate, and immediately froze in her tracks as she looked within the room.

There, peering into the cupboard underneath the stairs was a red-headed woman. Without actually seeing her face, Petunia knew it was her dead sister. That red hair was unmistakeable, as well as that body language. The way she held herself, regal, confident, and sure.

The green eyes that blazed at her in anger still came as a shock.

The cold whisper, "And to think, I once looked up to you, sister." The word sister came out as an angry hiss of disgust.

Petunia tried to say something, what even she did not know. Before she could, Lily yelled at her, "Harry is your flesh and blood, and you treated him worse then..." The roar that came from Lily's mouth was pure frustration. In a sad, empty whisper, "Not even mother treats Hercules like that. The brat."

Vernon Dusley came to living room with a cricket bat expecting to find some freak or two in his perfectly normal living room, upsetting the perfectly natural order of things. And he, a law-abinding citizen of the Crown, would not put up with those abomination any more! As he entered the living room, he raised is bat to defend his wife, and fell over.

"You killed him!" Petunia screamed.

Lily snorted. "As much as your precious mortal deserves it, I didn't. I do care for you, my warward sister, too much to do something like that. Besides, even if I did, you'd just resurrect him."

Petunia had a confused look on her face.

Lily barked out laughing, and remarked, "You've forgotten what we truly are... Haven't you?"

"I'm not some kind of freak!" Petunia protested.

Lily's laugh deepen. "Oh no... You're not some witch, my dear, lost sister..."

Petunia sighed in relief.

"We are so much more then mere magic-weavers, dear sister," Lily stated.

Lily stook her head, as if to clear it. She took one more look at her sister and coldly said, "Father be damned! I'm taking my son home. Neither you, Father, nor Grandfather are going to stop me this time!"

With a huff, Lily went up the stairs and headed towards the room her son was in.

The door disolved as Lily approached it, so she walked straight into the bed. She noted the state of the room: spartan, lacking anything to show it was nothing but a storage room/guest room, broken toys, and broken furniture.

Lily heard Harry wimpered in his sleep. She got control over herself, and immidately scooped her son up in her arms. Although, Harry was almost the same height and szie as her, she had no trouble holding her son to her bosom, and made comforting sounds as she once did when he was but a tolder.

Future Sections Harry finds out that Lily Potter Nee Evans and Petunia Dusleys Nee Evans are goddess of ?Roman?Greek, something pantheon Harry survived the Killing Curse because he was a demi-god Harry upon his 16 b-day is now a full godling Voldermort is being "assisted" by someone from the Dark Pantheon Pantheons (of the world) are wizards/witches that "obtained" immortality and vast elemental powers