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Harry Potter signed.

It was becoming something of an all too common sight these days. Hermione Granger and Daphne Greengrass were arguing about Wizarding Traditions and Muggle Society. Several witches and a few brave wizards seemed to enjoy watching the two witches get into their heated debated. For the most part, he stayed out of it. Only getting involved when wands were drawn, before any hexes were cast. Or to point out when they were completely misunderstanding each other, which was usually just before the hexing would begin.

Somehow, Daphne Greengrass had found out that he had been researching his heritage and she had decided to helphim along. Of course, she came from a Neutral, or Grey, family, with a very big belief in traditions and customs, so her input at times was very welcome and a good counter to Ron and Ginny's extreme viewpoint. And it just happened that, while helping and leaning close, Daphne's very feminine curves came into his view a lot.

He was half-amused, half-aspirated how on simply off-handed comment to Daphne had altered several witches' outfits and fashions to his taste. It was somewhat amusing to see that even Hermione was not unaffected. The two witches seemed to be compete against each other for his attention. Hermione, he figure, was fightingto keep her friend and protect him, while, Daphne, he guessed, was trying to form some alliance between them and influence him to be align with her thinking.

He had discovered that the Potters had been always Grey, not believing in either Light or Dark sides to magic, but had always opposed Evil, which tended to fall on the Dark side. So Daphne's comments and thoughts were reflective of his own and what he had found in his family's grimoire. Daphne was very patient and explained herself well, something that Ron nor Ginny had ever done. There were logical and psychological reasons behind most of the Wizarding Traditions and customs. Most were created out of necessarity, while others were social-nicety.

He had only been half-listening to the two witches as their agruments usually boiled down to Wizards were in-touch with Magic and Nature, while Muggles were getting more and more technological-advanced. So while they were having their discussionhe was working on his homework. So it was a bit understandable he had missed the beginning of the current agrument, but he clearly heard Hermione exclaim, "Marriage contracts are barbaric!" Which started her ranting on what she perceived as injustice and discrimination.

With each derogatory statement, Harry found his anger growing. And has his anger grew, his magic responded and grew erratic. Those in the audience noticed it first and took several steps back, well aware of his temper and the power behind his temper. Daphne was next to notice, and smartly point her wand down on the table and stepped back, not fully sure what had gotten him so worked up but not waiting to take any chances. She had a few stinging hexes from Harry, which for his power level were truly painful than the minor irritantion from others.

Unfortunately for her, Hermione wasn't that observant so she did not understand her perdicament until Harry growled out, "My parents made a marriage contract and they enjoyed it!"

Hermione could only blink at Harry, as she parsed what he had just said and what she had been saying. Once her brain had caught up with her mouth, she paled and whimpered at the sight of Harry standing there.

Harry's eyes were glowing with his power and anger. His hair and clothes seemed to be caught in the wind. The room felt heavy with Harry's magic pressing down upon her, mostly, and the others. All of them were only standing because they could not move.

Hermione felt Harry's magic flowing around her. Normally, it was a wonderful sensation which she secretly enjoyed, but this time, was not painful, it was not pleasent either. It was like standing before a lightning storm, with the air around her charged and ready to strike. She felt the magic moving her into a chair and facing Harry.

Harry looked Hermione in the eye, and formally said, "Miss Granger, do you even know what you are talking about?"

Hermione took exception to that, but before she could reply, Harry continued, "No, you don't. You are merely assuming, again, based solely upon a very limited understanding of the subject at hand. But, given the subject, a simple test will prove my point.

"Summon: five documents!"

There was a five cracks and five documents appeared floating before Hermione within easy reach.

Harry stated, "A pop quiz, Miss Granger. Before you are five documents. All five are all quite famous and magical, but only one is a marriage contract. Seeing as you consider yourself an expert, you will have no problem finding which one is that is."

Taking up Harry's challenge, Hermione took each of the five documents out of the air and began to read each and every one of them. She read each doument several times. After a while, she set two down separately for the others and concentrated on those. After several minutes, she presented her choice to Harry.

While Hermione was deciding, Harry's face took a neutral expression which he kept upon Hermione's selection. As the summoner, he knew which document was which, so he kept the frown off his face as asked, "Miss Bones, please, tell Miss Granger of her selection."

Susan Bones curtsied toward Harry and answered, "Yes, MiLord." She straighten, walked the few steps over to Hermione, looked at it, and stated, "It's the Notice."

Hermione looked a bit confused, and did not like it.

"The Notice," Susan explained, "was an announcement of the wedding of Sir Andrew and Lady Magda."

"It was famous for several reasons," Harry explained more. "First, it was a major wedding in those days. Sir Andrew was a well known and very well respected among both the Muggles and Wizards. Although, he was but a minor noble, many a Lord sought him out for his wisdom and his potions. Thanks to a wand-accident when he was five, he was a squib, who took his family's alchemy and made it into what's now known as Potions. As noted in the Notice, he paid a bride price worth of a queen. Which upset many of women, both Witch and Muggle, and so several false accusations were made against Lady Magda. The reacts of which changed the entire political landscape of the time. Incidently, Sir Andew and Lady Magda were the grandparents of Nicholas Flammel.

"Choose again."

Hermione went through the four documents again. This time comparing them against each other. After ten minutes of debating with herself, Hermione selected another document.

Harry turned to another witch and asked, "Miss Davis, please tell everyone which document Miss Granger selected this time."

Tracy Davis, who had been in the background, was a bit surprised that she was spotted and called out, but nothing the less, walked over towards Harry, stopped several paces from him, curtsied, and replied, "Yes, MiLord."

Nervous in front of the crowd, Tracy walked quickly to Hermione, took the document a bit more forcely than necessary in her haste and looked at the document. Looking only at Harry, she said, "MiLord, it's the List."

"Thank you, Miss Davis, you may retake your seat," Harry said gently. To the group, he remarked, "Miss Granger, this time, selected what is known simply as the List, or more accurately, as the 'Grocery List that Started a War', the husband who was fulfilling the list was not picky about taking the items on the list from others, by force, usually.

"Choose again, Miss Granger,"

Hermione looked over the documents again and again, comparing, contrasting, and even trying to read them up-side-down. After thirty minutes, she throw the documents and her hands up and exclaimed, "Argh! Alright, I don't know!"

Smiling Harry remarked, "Now, was that so hard, Hermione?"

"Prat," Hermione stated and hit him on the shoulder.

With the quickness that made him one of the better Seekers are Hogwarts, he grabbed one of the documents and the other four documents disappeared with a pop. He handled the remaining document to Hermione and said, "This is an old marriage contract, made before the time of Merlin, for a couple's whose family had died out, but served and made famous for being the template of the marriage contract between Authur Pendragon and Guinevere, and hence many, many other couples."

Hermione snatched it out of Harry's hands and read it the document. After reading it over and over again, she complained, "But it's a love letter!" And she blushed.

With a smirk on his face, Harry answered, "So? Just because Muggles have corrupted things don't make them inheritly wrong. Yes, it does read like a love letter but it is still a formalize agreement between a man and a woman setting their expectation on what they will give and take from a marriage together."