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1 month after the defeat of Von Bolt, Omega Land was almost back to was still surprised that the land was healing so fast,but they all agreed that the faster it restored itself, the better it would be.

They all went on their way after the war. Max and Sami went back to Macro land, back to their duties. They told Andy about their adventure, and about his clone. He was sad to learn that clones had emotions and a consciousness, but was happy to learn that his clone found peace before dying.

Grit has gone back to give the story of the war to Olaf, while Colin and Sasha were appointed to the headquarters of Blue Moon in Omega Land. Grit was happy to see that Colin and Sasha grew closer as brother and sister with all that happened, and was glad to see that Colin was finally able to decide much more often by himself about important decisions.

Sensei and Grimm also stayed, while Sonja returned to see her father and give her report on the war. Kanbei was glad to learn of Hawke's redemption, though he was also sad to learn of his death.

Eagle, even if he had his duties in Macro Land, was travelling often with his jet. He was often found in Orange Star, visiting his rival Andy, but also visiting more and more often Sami. Almost everyone had an idea about what was going on between them.

Jess and Javier both stayed in Omega Land. Even if the events made them closer, Javier was too much of a gentleman, and Jess wondered when he would finally gather his courage to express his feelings.

Lash, having nowhere to go because of her traitor status with Black Hole, and Hawke's death, decided to stay with Jake and Rachel at Orange Star's headquarters in Omega Land. Jake and Rachel didn't mind, and the soldiers were used fast to see her in just a few proved helpful with the repairs of the bases that Black Hole destroyed. Though some of her ideas for upgrading them were a little too much...

Jake and Rachel both worked hard with Lash to repair all the damage that was done. He still had his headphones and his music, but Rachel was starting to worry him. She was starting to get close to a breakdown from all the reports she was reading and typing with each passing day. And he still didn't mustered the courage to tell his feelings. He was a little taken back when she said she viewed him as a brother, but he didn't gave up. And so, he plotted with Lash to try to find a way to force her to take some free time...

In the briefing room of Orange Star's headquarters...

"So, what do you think, Lash?"

"It's great, teehee. And we'll see everyone back too."

"Alright, I'll go see her now."

Jake left the room and went to see Rachel in her room. After passing some corridors and greeting some soldiers on patrol, he arrived. Upon entering, after knocking, he saw her with three reports on her desk, with her reading two and writing on the third one.

"Hey Rachel, me and Lash got a great idea."

She answered, without moving her eyes to see him:

"Good. Reconstruction use some, with all that is left to do."

Jake sighed. Sometime, and especially this last month, he found her being a little too much hard-working.

"Rachel, it's not about that."

She paused, stiffed a yawn that Jake saw, and turned her head to look at him.

"Then what is this idea?"

"With the land almost fully recovered, we both agreed that it would be nice to see everyone again. So we planned a little party for that."

"Jake, it's great, but there's so much left..."

"Rachel, look at you. You need some time off."

She took a good look at herself. She usually wore clothes properly, taking some time to always appear good to give a good impression of leadership. But since a couple of days, she was more and more looking like a wreck.

"Ok, I look a little tired, but I still need to..."

"How much time do you work these days?"

"Jake, I know you're concerned about me but..."

"Rachel, how much?"

Rachel sighed. Even if Jake looked sometime as carefree as Lash, there was not much getting past him.

"18 hours per day. But I assure you that I feel..."

"That you feel tired. Beside I'm sure everyone want to see you too."

"Alright, alright. I'll go. But for now, I must..."

"Go to sleep so you won't look beaten up when you'll see them, finished Jake."

"What! But I have much to do now, and I most of those are urgent and..."

"Nope. Tomorrow, you'll go shopping with Lash for the party, and I'll take care of things here."

"WHAT! Look, Jake, I appreciate your help, bit I must...Ahh!"

While standing to make her way to Jake, her legs failed her from too much fatigue, and she was falling. Strong arms caught her, and she was currently being carried to her bed, bridal style.

"Hmm, thanks, Jake", said Rachel while reddening a little from the situation.

"Heh, you don't need to thank me. Now, get your sleep, or I'll call Nell."

"Damn. Well, I could... maybe use some...zzzzz..."

Fatigue, after all those days,finally catching up to her, she fell asleep in his arms. Jake smiled and put her comfortably in her bed. After shutting off the lights, he started thinking of the whole situation back in her room, and chuckled a little from it. Then he proceeded to sleep as well, or he would be too much tired to force Rachel to go with Lash tomorrow...

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