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The Change

A New Beginning

Alex stood silently, watching the maverick hunter base H.Q.; watching maverick hunters move in and out of the base. Something about the place was familiar. Her creator had told her that she was a rebuilt from a reploid that had died twenty years earlier.

She couldn't remember her past life; just flashes that had been hunting her day and night since her creator was killed. Their was something about this place that pulled her. Suddenly a reploid wearing a red armor appeared on the roof of the base. She was lost watching his long blond hair move silently with the wind.

She suddenly felt longing to touch him, as if being in his arms will push her inner demon away. Demons that she had fought for so long were now becoming something next to the constant memories and questions seemed to keep her alive, giving her a purpose for existing.

She was surprised when his eyes came in contact with hers, she flinched feeling that he was reading her soul. A black reploid with reddish hair appeared at his side, which caused him to break eye contact. Before he could do anything she transported in a violet light.

"Zero is their something wrong''.

He shook his head silently and looked into the direction were the strange reploid had stood a few minutes ago.

Their was something strange he felt that he knew the reploid from before. Shrugging he followed Axel into the base; something told him that it wasn't going to be the last time that they would meet.

She continued to watch the base, as the sun rose. She stayed up the whole night watching the stars hoping that she would find the answers she was looking for, but of coarse the silent night only seemed to hide answers that she longed for even more, further away from her reach. But at least it gave her time to think maybe it was time for her to pick her own future, and stop living in the past.

She knew that she probably could never go back to the person she was even if her memories returned. Her brother was another reason she wanted to join the maverick hunter base, it would give her the access she needs to find him.

She wouldn't loose hope that he was alive and something told her that he was closer then she thinks. She entered the base holding the forms she would need to apply. She new that she was more than capable of pass in any test they had she had been trained on levels only the strongest hunters in the base practiced on. But she was going to hide her shape shifting ablates, she wasn't going to let Vidal now were she was anytime soon.

Giving her papers to the recruiting reploid she followed her to a room were those who were lucky would become hunters. She felt their eyes fall on her as she ignored them and went to lean against the corner away from anyone. She was used to the lustful gazes directed at her; her creator had given her a body even human woman would die for.

She shifted slightly in her blue armor, staring at her white gloved hands she started to remember the good times she had with Dr. Michel he was a technical genius one who could me match Thomas light himself. She was pulled out of her thoughts when a uniformed reploid entered; he introduced himself to be the commander Signa welcoming the future rookies.

She knew that the base was forced to take all those who applied or the council of the united nations would cut back some of their finance, but only a few would be able to become hunters. So as far as she was concerned only those who passed the test higher levels are worthy to become rookies in the first place.

She ignored her surroundings she had no political or any command ship ambition.

She just wanted to become a hunter as far as leading a command unit, that's something only time would tell. She suddenly felt the applying reploids moving out of the room.

They entered a large dome, the surroundings changed into that of a ruined city. She couldn't stop tears falling from her eyes, the site reminded her some of the ruins she had visited from the last maverick uprising she could still see the smashed reploid parts and the charred human remains.

If anyone saw how she had lived her life constantly fighting and training now more after her creator death they would label her as a maverick .She had adapted herself to fight the way they do, as it was her only choice if she had wanted to survive all the years she had spend traveling alone, she had even met with Viel twice surviving to tell the tale.

But she actually hated fighting; she sometimes felt that Hunters were actually fighting a loosing war. Whatever they do their will still be those who are blinded by hate and destruction. But for the first since her creators' death she was willing to give the maverick hunters a chance to make her believe that something is worth living and fighting for.

She moved to an area were she could be more hidden from view but would still give her the fighting advantage, listening to the sounds of the shootings around her. She would fight her enemies on her own terms, she sensed a maverick nearby she jumped out of her hiding place and pulled out her saber slicing its head off, she quickly moved on starting her hunt.

She soon lost herself in the heat of battle she continued to destroy e very maverick she could find. She then spotted something move in the shadows but as she

was about to move the creature appeared and knocked her into the wall. The force of her collision opened wounds that hadn't properly healed from her last encounter with Veil.

She moved her hands from her side and brought it up to her face she wasn't surprised to find it covered with green vital fluids. At that moment she lost control of herself activated another beam from her saber and forming a double bladed saber and attacked the attacking machine.

Dodging its attacks and ignoring the pain from her sides she attacked the machines vital point destroying it. But she counts move fast enough the force of the explosion threw her away. She landed on her back when she tried to get up she felt an agonizing pain rip through her body. She thought that she heard his voice before falling completely into darkness she mouthed zero.


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