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A new beginning

Chapter 4

Lost Identity

She felt someone shaking her, ignoring who ever it was she turned and continued to sleep cursing who ever was trying to wake her in such an ungodly hour. Hearing a chuckle she tensed, but before she could move she was thrown out of the bed. Turning her head she searched for the person who dared to interrupt her peace. Her eyes locked on the intruder she swore under her breathe as she saw Lena leaning against the wall laughing while holding her side. Alex watched feeling her hand twitch toward her saber which was in her armor; she should thane known better then to leave her saber far from her reach.

"Why can't you leave me alone its vacation for gods' sake"?

To do what sleep'' she snorted. "We are going to hit the mall come on." "

Mall she shuddered in fear the last time the other rookies took her to the mall was still fresh on her mind. They had dragged and dressed her up in baby pink skirts and tight tank tops. She could have sworn that she heard reaping sounds as she moved in those clothe. Remembering the colour she shuddered and looked around trying to find a way to escape.

As Lena was too busy pulling her out of the door, she didn't notice Axel as he came into the room, and collided with him. She looked up and blushed, Alex who was watching stood amused. She knew that Lena had a crush on Axel probably every other girl in the base who weren't already swooning over Zero.

She herself wasn't interested in relationships, but she couldn't understand her emotions toward Zero, was it love she wondered but she would wait and see. She was curious to see where her emotions will take her.

Axel looked at Alex who seemed lost in her thoughts, he wanted to know more about her battle experience and even the temporary leadership she had on some of the missions showed a person who had battle and leadership experience. But she continued to insist that she was only built as a companion and had lived her life as an assistant in her creators' lab. He felt the truth behind her words but doubted that she had given the whole version of the truth, shrugging he called her name trying to capture her attention.

Alex felt her self being pushed against the wall checking her vital signs she found that herself still standing cursing she realized that her memories chip was pulling her out of her conciseness state. She saw a red reploid holding her she gasped as she realized that it was Zero.

She continued to stare in shock as he argued about her peace ideas. He then turned around and left as she was about to call him to come back her eyes widened as they fell on her reflection. She was in a blue armor not her own, taking off her helmet she found short jet brown hair falling to her shoulders. Her hands shook as she moved a hand to her face it was her but the same time not but she was a girl this body wasn't.

She felt a sudden rush of pain she closed her eyes trying to block the memories; she felt warm hands holding her as the flashes stopped.

Axel prove

Axel went to her side and held her, he didn't understand what was going on one moment she was fine the other she started moaning in pain and clutched her head in her hands.

Her eyes opened slightly she looked at Axel muttering a thank you she fell unconciseness. Axel carried her out of the room in bridal style as Lena who had snapped out of her shock followed Axel to the medic bay.

Alex prove

She kept on running through the dark mist, trying to escape the voices. She tripped and fell as she felt tears sting her eyes why wouldn't they leave her alone she had lost everything why did they want to destroy her sanity too. She felt one of the shadows approach she accepted her fate, and waited the shadows to take away what was left of her broken soul.

Suddenly she saw a reploid appearing and destroying any shadows that had approached. She saw him bending and stretched out his hand. She remained on the ground for a minutes looking at the offered hand, she wondered if she wanted to be saved the shadows would catch up with her later on, and it was only a matter of time.

As if answering her thoughts ''only when you give up will the shadows take what is left in you away."

What did she have to loose she wondered and she reached out and accepted his help, and stared for the first time at her rescuers face. She froze in shock it was the blue reploid in her vision.

"Its you"

The blue figure laughed "yes im you and you're me in a way."

But, how I never knew Zero before this.

The figure shook his head'' not in this lifetime, before you were rebuilt.''

She shook her head it was useless she couldn't remember a thing she felt her eyes tear from frustration as she wondered why she couldn't remember.

She felt a hand squeezing her shoulders gently'' patience time your memories will reveal it self.''

They both turned as they heard a voice call her name.

'Go, they are waiting for you''

She found herself fade as she regained conciseness" wait what about you."

''Don't worry we will meet again.''

''Can I at least know your name?''

He gave her a small smile ''my name is MegaMan… MegaMan X.''

To be continued…

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