What Harry saw from up in the trees shocked him to the very were huts in the trees! not small huts either; but big huts, huts the size of a normal sized room. There must have been twenty or so of the brown thatched roof huts, each in there own seperate trees. All the huts were interconnected witth wooden walways with the same material of the hut roofs flowing over then. Since it was nearly night out Harry could see little light in the trees and around the walkways. They looked like the fairy light he had seen in the store he had been forced to go to by his aunt and uncle. What amazed Harry the most though was the way that the huts looked. The branches seem to curl around and into the huts, not once breaking. It looked like the Huts and walkways had grown with the trees.

Harry was in awe. He had never seen anything so amazing nor beautiful before. it looked like its own little community. Damien was watching the emotions play across Harry's face and couldnt help chuckling a bit. When Harry turned the same slack-jawed expression towards him, Damien ciouldnt hold it in anymore and burst out laughing. He fell to his knees, holding his stomach because it was startingf to hurt. He couldn't get the image of Harry's face from his head. Finally Damien slowly calmed down and stood up while wiping the tears from his eyes to come face to face with a slightly irritated person. Damien tried to apologize to his friend while trying to stop the accasional chuckle to slip through. "Sorry Harry but your face was priceless."

Harry was realized that how he looked and probably acted might have seemed funny so he cracked a little smile while nodding. Then he looked up again in awe. He was able to control it this time so he didn't look like an idiot. Damien clapped him on his back and motioned towards a treed that seemed to have grown with groves in it that greatly resembled stairs. Damien beckoned him to follow and started up the tree stairs.

When they reached the tops of the trees Damien swung his arms wide and exclaimed loudly, "Welcome to the tree fort." Harry looked around in awe. it was amazing, it was every kids dream. "Come on let me give you a tour." Damien said while walking towards the entrance off the platau they were were on and into a hut.

As they entered the hut Damien stopped and wave his arms to encompass the entire room. "This is the living room, or the sitting room if you prefer. I got all your at home appliances like t.v. and a vcr, and comforts like chairs and couches." Harry stares at the electrical appliances in the room, wondering how they were working. He knew that they worked and weren't just there for it to look like a home. The television was currently playing a show about a bunch of cops.

As Harry comtemplated how everything was working with know outlets in sight, Damien had been pointing out things in the room and explaining what they were or how he had come across them. Harry was startled out of his contemplation when Damien yelled back from the next hut, where he had just noticed that Harry hadn't followed him, to not dawdle.

As Damien led Harry from hut to hut, Harry's confusion grew bigger and bigger. He just couldn't figure out how all of the things that needed electricity were running. At first he thought that the appliances were directly in front of the outlets. But, he soon realized that wasn't the case when he had looked behind the stereo in the hut that Damien called the recroom. There wasn't anything behind the stereo at all but a bare patch of wall.

Finally the duo stopped in the final hut, which seemed to be a dinning room/kitchen area. Damien quickley prepared the both of them some hot chocolate and sat down at the table in the center of the hut. They sat in an uncomfortable silence with Damien slowly drinkin his hot chocolate and Harry fidgeting in his seat with his mind nearly bursting with questions.

Damien slowly put down his cup and looked up to meet Harry and the eyes. "Go ahead, ask I know you have some questions. I will answer them if I can."

"How is everything running! I didnt see anything that could make it run! No electricity, no generator thing I heard my uncle talk about, how is it all runnging?" Harry burst out while leaning forward. Damien chuckled softly to himself.

"Thats a very intersting question with an equally interesting answer." Damien spoke softly. When he paused and seemed to be thing about it, Harrys impatience got the best of him, "Well?"

Damien looked directly in Harry's eyes and only spoke one word. "Magic."