"What are you talking about? Magic doesn't exist." Harry said incrediously.

Damien just chuckled softly to himself. He couldn't believe that the wizards very own Boy-Who-Lived refused to even acknowledge his own heritage, it was truly ironic. "Magic does exist. There are witches and wizards out there. A hidden world undermneath the normal world. Hidden by Illusions and charms. A world that you are supposed to be a part of. "

Harry looked at Damien is shock. He was finding it extremely hard to wrap his mind around the concept of magic. His Aunt and Uncle had been extremely clear on there ciews on magic. If he even questioned there views would warrant a three day stay in the cupboard under the stairs. But as he thought over all the times his Uncle had ranted about magic, it had been after unexpalinable things happened. Despite his wishes, Harry found himself marginally excepting the idea of magic, after remembering all the things that happened around him that couldn't be explained. "So I am a ...a wizard?" Harry asked cautiously. Damien nodded slightly at him, with a smile playing at the corner of his lips. "And your a wizard too?"

Here Damien couldn't help himself, he let out a loud blast of laughter. "Me? A wizard? I dont't think so. I am actually what's called a Bender."

"A Bender? What's a Bender?" Harry asked.

Damien Sat back and looked skyward as he pondered his answer. Seemingly deciding what he was going to say, Damien leaned forward again and stared in to Harry's eyes, "What you have to understand Harry is that Wizards aren't the only Magic race on this planet. There are werewolves and vampires. There used to be Dwarves and Elves. Up until 2000 years ago there was a race known as the benders. The Bender's abilities were that they could bend the four elements to there wills. The four elements being water, fire, wind, and earth. There were four nations within the Bender race. There was the fire nation, the earth kingdom, the water tribes, and the air temples. Each, "Sector I guess, was ruled by four different lords. But those four lords answered to the leader of the entire race. A man called the Avatar." Damien sat back slowly, watching harry take in this new diluge of information. Harry himself was looking wide eyed at Damien trying to sort through all the new information.

"So your a bender?" Harry queried. At Damien's nod, he continued," But you said Up to 2000 years ago. That means there all gone doesn't it?"

Damien shook his head slowly with a sad look on his face. "No Harry, There not all gone. They hid themselves though. Cut all ties from the outside world. Even with eachother. Instead of one great race there are four fractured Nations."

"But what happened that cause the four way split?"

"2100 years ago the fire nation started a war against the other three great nations. Usually when a nation tries something like that the avatar stops the offending nation, point blank. But the next avatar, a kid named Ang disapeared 6 months before. So the war raged 100 years. When it looked like the fire Nation was set to win the war, Avatar Ang showed up again. He managed to stop the war. But it was too late, to much damage had been done. The Bender race split in to four factiond and disapeared."

Harry's eyes, if possible, got even wider. " If they disapeared so long ago, how do you know all this. I mean, ya your a bender, but how do you know all this, and are here alone, instead of with one of the factions."

Damien sighed, looking at the floor, "I know this because I am the next Avatar." Damien held up his hand to forstall any questions. "See the Avatar isn't an inherited position. It does not go from father to son. Its all based on reincarnation. When one avatar dies, another avatar is born. Thats why I seem so grown up. I have 5000 years of bender history and knowledge in my head. Plus until I am sixteen I will have flashes of memories too."

Harry was practically bouncing in his seat with his pent up questions. Finally not being able to take it anymore, he burst out, " So your the next avatar? What do you mean by flashes of memory? And why until your sixteen?"

Damien grinned slightly and answered, "Yes I am the next avatar. I sometimes get flashes of memory from previous avatars lives. And it will all go away when I go through a process known as the threshold. I will explain before you ask. Threshold is when I will drop in to a two day coma and assimilate, or absorb, all the bending tecniques and knowledge from the previous avatars. In the process I will lose there memories."

Damien's smile widened when he saw the dumbfounded expression on Harry's face. "Ok thats enough information for today. I will show you to your room I guess and tomorrow I will explain who you are." Damien got up from where he was sitting and walked out of the hut they were in and along a bridge to another slightly smaller hut. "This is where you will be sleeping. Its just a spare room I couldn't decide what to use it for."

Having followed Damine in to the room, Harry looked around the room in awe. The room to a normal person looked plain as day. But to Harry it looked like a mansion. He was in paradis. In the hut lay a frame board and a small chaird that seemed to have grown right out of the floor. There was also a desk growing out of the wall. Sitting on the Bed Harry couldn't believe house soft it was. Looking up at Damien inquisitively, Damien answered before he could ask. "Its so soft because the bed its self is stuffed with downy feathers donated by the wilderness birds. The Blanket is made of fused moss. Now go to sleep, you look tired and we have a busy day tomorrow with more explanations." With a nod at Harry Damien left the "bedroom" hut. Harry laid back and smiled as he closed his eyes, maybe this wouldn't be such a bad thing after all.