Title: Returning Back

Author: Gilmoregirl7878

Pairing: Trory!

Disclaimer: I own...Kevin and Mark! Yay! Oh and the name of the boarding school.

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Rory Hayden got out of her BMW Z4 and looked out at Chilton.

It had been two years...

Two years since she had been in Hartford or the Chilton School system.

When she was fourteen, she was dating a guy named Dean, who had, at the end of their relationship, started to harass her and did minor abuse towards her. She broke up with him, but then fled to boarding school in California.

When Rory was fourteen she only had three girlfriends, Louise, Maddy, and Paris. She didn't socialize much more than that. She was considered the 'sister' to all of Kevin's friends, Logan, Tristan, Colin, and Finn. They never saw her as anything else. Rory was chubby while growing up, and no one really thought she was 'amazingly beautiful'.

Before Rory left, she was shy, quiet, and a bookworm. She usually wore big sweatshirts and oversized jeans to hide her weight, because she was sensitive about it.

But then Rory went to California...

While she was at Prepine Boarding School, Rory grew up physically, getting taller and slimmed out. Also, mentally, she was very social and partied a lot with everyone else. She had a couple of boyfriends, nothing serious, just fun. She never slept with any of them, though.

Kevin hadn't seen his twin sister in over a year. While his parents went to see her during the summer for a week, he had football camp that he couldn't miss, so he couldn't go. He also didn't know that his sister was home. No one had told him and she had gotten home late last night. She had left for school after he had left, because she wanted to surprise him.

His sister was home for good.

Rory walked toward the doors of Chilton dressed in her very short Chilton skirt and her tightened shirt. She had 'borrowed' a tie from her brother...she just wasn't planning on giving it back. She had smoky blue eyeliner and eyeshadow on, deep red glossy lipstick. If she raised her arms, you could see a tattoo on her lower back and a bellybutton ring.

In other words, no one would recognize her in a million years.


Rory stepped out of the Headmaster's office and smirked. She couldn't wait to see her brother, and also couldn't wait to see his reaction.


Rory reached the lockers and saw Logan, Tristan, Colin, Finn, and Kevin talking by, what she assumed, was their lockers or at least one of theirs.

She walked confidently over to them, winking at the guys who were staring at her and stood next to Finn and Kevin.

They were in the middle of talking and it took them a minute to realize that someone had joined them.

They stopped talking and looked at the pretty girl who was smirking at them.

"May we help you?" Kevin asked her.



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