Title: First Time For Everything


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This chapter is rated M, please skip the dirty parts on page five for you young-uns.


Rory walked out of Chilton and hurried to her car, speeding out of the parking lot before the lines of cars started from people trying to go home. Once she reached her house she hurried upstairs and entered her room, running over to her bed and jumping on the person waiting there.

"How was school?" Tristan asked, smirking at her. They had done this all week, he would be there when she got home and than stayed with her until late that night and left.

"Oh shut up, Mr. I'm-so-cool-because-I-got-suspended. Just remember that you have to get up bright and early on Monday." She playfully glared at him.

"Don't remind me, instead let's talk about tomorrow night." He said while trailing kisses down her neck.

"Hmm, and what is this Saturday?"

"Our first date." He stated in an obvious tone.

"Really?" She pulled away, looking at his face for any signs of joking.

"Why not?"

"Well, we already are boyfriend and girlfriend and we also already said 'I love you', isn't dating something you do before all that?"

"Well we've always been weird that way, if you want we don' t have to call it a date. It can be a night that I want to show my appreciation for my very...very sexy girlfriend." Tristan teased kissing down her neck on every 'very'.

"Well, if you have to." She pretended to sigh in exasperation. "But, I'll have to check my schedule." Tristan quirked an eyebrow and started to tickle her mercifully.

"Tris-tan!" Rory screamed between laughs.

"Unhand her!" Finn yelled dramatically showing up on Rory's bedroom doorway, running over and throwing Tristan onto the floor while he jumped onto the bed and held onto Rory.

Tristan smirked and jumped up, grabbing Finn and they started to playfully wrestle around while Colin, Logan, Kevin, and Louise entered the room. The guys all laughed and joined the fight and Louise jumped onto the bed with Rory, both of them rolling their eyes at the guys' crazy behavior.

A few minutes later the guys were all sprawled out on their backs breathing heavily except for Tristan and Kevin who were both on the Football team.

"Jeez, maybe I should stop partying so much and start working out." Finn said while trying to catch his breath, even though he was short of breath, he still had nice abs, some people were just gifted that way.

After Finn's previous statement everyone quieted before they all started laughing hysterically, including Finn.

"So...explain to me what you're doing in my sister's room, DuGrey." Kevin said from the floor.

"Stop right there, Kev." Rory said quickly. "And leave, Louise and I have to have some girly talk."

Kevin rolled his eyes along with the other guys and left the room. Leaving Louise, Rory, and Finn who sat down on the bed looking eager. Louise and Rory stared at Finn who pouted and left the room, closing the door behind him.

"So, what's up?" Louise asked immediately.

"Well, Tristan and I are going on our first date this Saturday." Louise squealed and Rory laughed.

"Where is he taking you?" She asked.

"He didn't say."

"Surprise, nice. Are you going to..." Louise trailed off suggestively.


"What! It's a valid question. You guys have been going out for a couple of weeks now and, ya know...it's Tristan DuGrey!"

"Oh thanks, I wasn't aware of who I was dating." Rory rolled her eyes.

"And you never answered my question." Louise smirked knowingly and Rory groaned.

"Louise." Rory whined.

"Mary." Louise mocked.

"Maybe, okay? Maybe." Rory answered begrudgingly.

"So, you're saying that there might be sex on this date?"


"There will be no sex on this date."

"Kevin..." Tristan groaned.

"No, listen to me, Saturday night when my baby sister,"

"TWIN sister." Tristan interrupted.

"Baby sister by ten minutes, walks into the house tonight, she better still have every ounce of innocence that she has now, got it?" Kevin threatened.

"No." Tristan answered shortly.

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me, no. I understand that you're her brother and I understand that you want to protect her, but she's a grown girl. If we decide to...then we do. You have no say in it." Tristan told a shocked Kevin before getting up and heading for the door. "Tell Rory that I had to go plan our date and that I'll pick her up at seven tomorrow night."

"He's right, you know Mate." Finn piped up from his spot on the couch.

"Shut up, Finn." Kevin said, glaring at him before going upstairs and into his room.

"Okay, who's betting?" Colin spoke up, throwing dollar bills onto the end table. "This is going to be interesting.


It was 6:58 pm that Saturday night and Louise, Madeline, and Paris were expecting Rory's outfit.

"It looks perfect." Madeline said.

"Really? Are you sure?"Rory asked frantically. She was wearing a white halter dress that tied up behind her neck and hugged every curve of her body until it flared out from her hips and ended mid thigh.

Positive, you look great...plus I think Tristan will like the white." Paris hinted, smirking and Rory playfully glared at her. Below them they could hear the doorbell ring.

"Shit, Kevin can't go downstairs! He'll threaten Tristan or ruin it!" Rory yelped.

"Don't worry, I'll entertain him." Louise said while leaving the room with a wink and a smirk planted on her lips.

"Ew, gross, but I gotta love that girl." Rory laughed, shaking her head.

"Rory! Tristan's here!" Lorelai's voice floated upstairs. Rory took a deep breath and walked downstairs. Her eyes connected with Tristan's immediately and smiled shyly at his adoring look when he saw her.

"Bye Mom!" Rory said while leaving with Tristan.

"Bye you two, have fun...be safe!" Lorelai called after them.

Rory and Tristan walked to Tristan's BMW and opened the door for her and she blushed and said thank you.

He got in on the other side and they started driving.

"So, where are we going?" She asked.

"You'll see. You look amazing by the way." He said, kissing her softly when they stopped at a red light.

"Tristan the light is green." She laughed when he groaned.


They pulled into a driveway about thirty minutes later and he stopped in front of a very large house and got out, opening the door for Rory and leading her behind the house onto a trail.

"Where are we? We're not trespassing, are we?" Rory asked worriedly.

"Relax, we're not doing anything illegal tonight, unless you want to." He smirked.

Rory was about to retort, but the words died in her throat when she saw the sight before her. They had stopped in under a big willow tree where Tristan had set up a picnic and a CD player which was playing softly. Before the tree was a dock that went over a beautiful lake.

"Tristan it's beautiful!" Rory gushed, kissing him.

"I'm glad you like it, come on." He lead her to the blanket and they both sat down. He took out take out bags that had 'Luke's' on them and laughed at Rory's delighted face when she saw burgers and fries.

"Jess works there for his uncle, he said they're really good, plus I figured you would appreciate this more then salad." He laughed at Rory's look of disgust when he mentioned the 'icky green stuff'.

"It's perfect...and oh my god this is the most delicious burger I've ever had!" Rory rambled and threw her arms around him, kissing him.

"I'm glad you like it." He smiled, taking a bite of his own burger. "Oh and of course..." He presented a thermos of coffee for her.

"You really are the most perfect boyfriend ever!" She took a sip of her coffee happily.

"I'm glad you think so." He said smugly and Rory rolled her eyes.

After dinner they looked over the lake, content. It was one of those late summer nights that were hot and silent and with a summer smell that no perfume could ever capture.

"So, you never answered my question." Rory asked, breaking the comfortable silence between them.

"Which was?"

"Where are we?"

"We are at one of my parents summer houses."

"One of them?"

"Well, this was their first summer house that they ever bought, but stopped coming years ago when they bought their other summer houses on different continents, they hired people to keep it beautiful like it is."

"Wow, but I bet it was fun growing up staying here and swimming in the lake before you stopped coming."

"Actually, you'll never believe this, but I've never swam in this lake before."

"What!" Rory sat up in shock, staring at him with a disbelieving expression.

"It's true." Tristan admitted.

"Huh, well...I guess there's a first time for everything." Rory smirked and got up walking down to the dock and untied the back of her dress and slipped out of it, leaving in her baby blue lace boy short panties with a matching bra, standing at the end of the dock with her hands on her hips.

"You coming?" She asked innocently. Tristan finally came out of shock and headed for the dock, stripping his clothes along the way until he was left in his black boxers and he grabbed Rory's waist and jumped off the dock bringing her along with him.

They both surfaced in the water and smiled at each other.

"Water's nice."

"You know what's nicer is what you're wearing right now." Tristan said with a smirk, he went to wrap his arms around her, but she smirked back at him and swam away towards the dock and held onto the wooden beam that was holding the dock out of the water.

"You think that swimming a little ways away is going to make me keep my distance?" He asked laughing, but staying where he was.

"Maybe, but it is kinda cold over here." She said coyly and Tristan swam over and grabbed her hip pushing her up against the beam with one hand and the other held onto the edge of the dock. They stayed like that, kissing when Rory's fingers veered lower and lower until they were playing with the top of his boxers. He pulled away and looked into her eyes, dark and lust filled which mirrored his own.

He didn't need to ask her if she was sure or not, just one look at her and he knew. Right here and right now.

In moments her bra joined the pile of clothes on the deck shortly after. Rory wrapped her legs around Tristan's wanting to get closer. He groaned when she grinded into him. He quickly pulled off his boxers and grabbed the condom out of his wallet which was laying by his jeans.

Tristan paused for a moment, looking down who was breathing heavily, legs wrapped around him, lips swollen, hair mussed, and eyes. Her eyes were what he would probably remember years from now, an image that would haunt him for the rest of his life. They were full of desire, love, and adoration for him.

With that final thought he slid himself into her, whispering apologies into her ear when she cried out in pain. Slowly he repeated the motion and she gradually responded her cries turning into ones of pleasure when he sped up. Her mind was in a haze, she had never felt this good before and never wanted it to end, she felt like she was teetering on the edge of something great and her hands went up and gripped the edge of the dock while they worked together for their final release.

When her word stopped spinning and her breath became more normal, she opened her eyes to find Tristan staring at her, his eyes full of love and worries. She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck kissing him lovingly hoping to lift his worries.

It was only moments later she started to shiver.

"Oh god, Ror. I'm so sorry, let's get out of the water."

He helped her up the ladder, just in case her legs were a little unstable and they got dressed. They packed the picnic basket up and walked back to his car in silence when he went to open the door for her she grabbed his arm and kissed him deeply.

"Thank you." She whispered.

"For what?"

"For making that more special and amazing than I ever thought possible." She answered honestly. His face broke out into a huge smile and he picked her up and twirled her around and holding her like that, her feet inches off the ground.

"I love you Rory Hayden." He said adoringly and kissed her again before opening the car door for her while she entered the car and her closed the door. She couldn't wipe off the grin that was planted on her face.

It was still there when they reached her house. He walked her to the door and kissed her again.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" He asked.

"Yes, I need to actually work so you'll have to suffer for a couple hours."

"Suffering with you? Never." He smiled and kissed her one last time before saying good-bye and watched her enter her house.

Rory turned around from shutting the front door and found Kevin staring at her. He took in her appearance; her mussed hair, damp clothing, and her smile that didn't seem to go away until she saw him there.

"Kevin..." She warned, but he didn't listen. He flew past her and ripped open the door, he walked up quickly to Tristan who was just turning around and sucker punched him in the jaw.

"Kevin! Stop it!" Rory yelled while Logan and Colin ran past her and held Kevin back.

"You fucking piece of shit! What the fuck did I tell you!" Kevin yelled at Tristan, who was rubbing the side of his jaw.

"Fuck you, Kevin. This is none of your fuckin' business."

"Bullshit, it's none of my business. It's my fuckin' business when my best friend is fucking my sister! Who the fuck does that, you asshole!" Kevin yelled. Tristan shook his head disbelieving before looking at Rory one last time and mouthing 'I love you' and she repeated the gesture and watched as he got into his car and sped out of the driveway.

Kevin turned to Rory, but was silenced when she gave him one look. "Why do you have to be such an asshole, Kevin?" She asked, but went inside before he could answer.

Later that night she was talking to Josh on the phone explaining to him about that night's events.

"What's really bothering you, Kid?" He asked softly.

"I'm scared that I'm getting in the way of two guys' friendship." She answered softly, tears running down her cheeks.


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