As Hermione walked slowly around the corner of the corridor, she silently scolded herself.

"This is ridiculous. How did I end up playing this stupid game? I really should be back in the dormitory studying for next week's exams. This is so childish."

She always let herself get talked into these situations. She knew that she spent way too much time studying. This was 7th year and since the war had ended and Voldemort was destroyed by Harry. The wizarding world was starting to return to happier times including Hogwarts. Compared to last year when everyone was always on the edge worrying about Death Eater attacks, this year was the complete opposite. Well, not completely. There was the future to think about. What to do after Hogwarts. Most everyone knew where he or she was headed. Harry and Ron were both interested in being Aurors and Hermione had decided that she was going to work at the Ministry of Magic in muggle relations. It sounded like the best thing for her. She was a muggle after all. Anyways, all the seventh years were getting stressed about it, to say the least. That's why when Lavender suggested this little game, mostly everyone was eager to play.


Two hours earlier…

"This is starting to suck. I'm beginning to feel the pressure of an adult. Worrying about if I'm going to have a job and all. Heck, I'm too young."

"You're not too young Ron" Hermione scolded. "You are an adult, so you might as well get used to the idea of having to work everyday."

"She's right." Harry said noticing the look of satisfactions on Hermione's face and the scowl on Ron's as he said it. "Look on the bright side. At least we get paid for all of our work now."

"I guess I can live with that perk. But seriously, this is getting to me though. All this stress can't be good. How about a snack?"

"Ron!" everyone chimed at the same time. You could always count on Ron to think that food was the solution to everything.

"I have an idea" Lavender quipped. "How about a game to take our minds off of things?'

After a round of "Sure, sounds great, and I'm in" from a number of fellow Griffindors, Hermione was the only one who was hesitant.

"What kind of game? I mean we are the oldest here and Ron and I are Head Boy and Girl. We need to remember the example we are setting for the younger ones."

"Awww, come off it 'mione" Ron chided in, "Give up the stuck up princess act for a while and have some fun. We are allowed you know. Come down from the pedestal for a few and join the rest of us commoners for some relief."

"Stuck up princess act?" Hermione gritted through her teeth.

Dumb Ron, really dumb, he thought to himself. He never should have said that. He didn't mean to. He knew she wasn't like that. Hermione had spent her entire time the past seven years helping get him and Harry out of trouble and helping the entire wizarding world against Voldemort. He was just so tired of watching her be so tense and uptight about things. She needed to relax and have a good time once in a while. A good time with him he told himself. Ron had fallen head over heals in love with Hermione Granger three years ago, but never has had the nerve to do anything about it. Time was running out and he knew it. However, the look that Hermione was giving him at the moment made even his love for her want to run and hide.

"I am not a stuck up anything and I am not on some pedestal above the rest of you!" she fumed. "I know how to have fun. Just because I'm also responsible, doesn't mean that I can't have a good time as well!"

"Ok 'mione. Sorry." Ron felt horrible.

"Ah, can we get back to the game you two?" Lavender asked. "As much as we all get so excited to see you to fight once again, I think that the rest of us would much rather be doing something else."

Hermione threw her a glare and sat down on the floor. "Fine"

"What game are you suggesting?" Parvati wondered out loud.

"Hide and seek!"

"Yeah! That sounds like fun."

"I don't get it" Neville sighed

"It's simple. We pick one person to be it and then the rest of us have to hide. The person who is it had to try to find everyone. The first person you find is the next person to be it."

"What's the point?"

"There really is none. It's just for fun."

"What happens if no one finds you?"

"Then you're obviously good at hiding." Lavender remarked.

"Or else no one wants to find you" Dean smirked.

"I don't want to be stuck in some closet for hours." Neville frowned.

"Ok, so if no one had come to find you after an hour lets say, then you can come out of hiding."

"I'm still not sure if I get it, but ok."

"When do we start?' Parvati asked.

"How about in an hour? It should be dark by then."

"We're playing it in the dark? Isn't that dangerous? You could get lost in some of these places! Not to mention the trouble we could get into for being caught in the corridors after hours."

"Who's going to catch us? I mean the Head Boy and Girl are playing with us. If someone else catches you, just be quick on your feet and think of an excuse fast."

"I still don't know" Hermione said hesitantly. She looked around and could see everyone's expressions. They all had that same "we knew she'd back out. Miss goody goody look" on their faces.

"Oh what the hell!' She sighed.

"Alright then. Meet back here lets say… 9:00?"

Everyone got up and decided to do whatever until it was time for the game to begin. At 9:00 the players all met up in the common room. Harry, Ron, Dean, Neville, Seamus, Parvarti, Hermione and Ginny all gathered around Lavender at the fireplace.

"A few reminders of the rules. One, no hiding outside. Inside the castle only. Second, if you are the first person caught by the person who is it, then you become it. No hexing or cursing anyone to avoid being caught." This rule was met by groans from the boys (except Neville who breathed a sigh of relief). "If it's been an hour and no one has found you then you can come out of hiding."

"How will we know if someone has been caught or not?"

"I hadn't thought of that," Lavender groaned. " Any ideas?"

"I have an idea." Hermione ran back up to her dorm room and returned after a few minutes. "Everyone take a coin." She stretched out her hand. " When someone has been caught, then your coin will turn yellow. Then you will know to come out."

"Brilliant! Thanks Hermione. Ok, lastly, you can't hide with anyone else."

"Ahh come on! What if you don't want to be alone in the dark?" Seamus asked throwing a wicked glance at Parvati who blushed.

"Well Seamus, if you want to use this opportunity to be alone in the dark with someone else, well then be my guest. What you do in hiding is your own thing."

This could get interesting Harry thought glancing sideways at Ginny. He noticed Ron was looking slyly at Hermione as well.

"Last thing is, who is the first one it? I wrote down everyone's name. They are in the cup here. The person whose name I pick out is up first. Ok…" Lavender said as she swirled her hand in the cup and picked out a slip of parchment, " Hermione!"

End of Flashback

Creeping through the dark, Hermione had spent a frustrating 30 minutes trying to find someone when she suddenly saw movements up ahead. Slowly moving forward she jumped out "Got you!" Hermione yelled.

"Why mudblood, I didn't know you wanted me so much" Draco grinned.

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