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Harry and Ginny rounded the corner into the common room to find Ron, Hermione, Neville, Parvati, Dean, and Lavender huddled in the corner of the room. As they got nearer they heard Dean shout,

"No Bloody Way!"

"What's going on?" Harry asked as he sat on the couch pulling Ginny into his lap.

"I was just telling Dean here about the conversation 'Mione and I had with Dumbledore earlier. He basically gave us permission to play our little game with no interference from Filch or any of the other professors."

"Are you sure you heard him right Ron?" Ginny couldn't believe it. "You know how you get sometimes. Maybe you just misunderstood him."

"Back me up here Hermione." Ron nudged her. "I may be thick sometimes, but we all know you don't get things wrong. Am I joking or not?"

"He's right guys. Dumbledore pulled us into an empty classroom. At first I was scared that maybe he knew about last night's game and that we were in big trouble. I was half right. He did know about the game."

"Shit" Neville hissed.

"Oh fuck. We're screwed!" Harry moaned.

"Later tonight maybe" Ginny whispered.

Ron jumped up. "I heard that little sis and there will be none of that!"

Harry ducked his head behind Ginny to hide, while she on the other hand just rolled her eyes.

Hermione slapped his arm.

"Sit down Ron or it will apply to you too."

Ron slumped back into the chair he was sitting in, sending a not so friendly glare at his sister and best friend.

"As I was saying" Hermione continued, "I was right about him knowing, but so wrong about him being mad. He actually thought it was funny. He figured we deserved to have some entertainment and promised to help us out tonight."

"Yeah," Ron added, apparently in a better mood all of a sudden, "Did you guys know all the professors actually had a bet going about when 'Mione and I would get together?"

It suddenly got quiet as the others around the couple in question looked from one to the other.

Realization suddenly dawned on Ron.

"So who won?" He asked them

Neville slowly raised his hand. "I did."

"Yeah well…congratulations."

"Oh please!" Hermione huffed. "Back to the original point of the conversation here please? As I was saying, Dumbledore even went as far as to give us the password to a certain professor's private quarters."

Now it was Harry's turn to shout, "No Bloody Way!"

"Yes bloody way!" Ron countered nodding his head, "We now have to password to the inner cave of the greasy bat of the dungeons."

Shock had settled upon the players of the game momentarily as full impact of Ron and Hermione's conversation with Dumbledore started to sink in.

"This is so not good for Snape." Lavender commented.

"But very good for us" Ginny grinned evilly.

"Wait a second," Parvati broke in. "Why exactly do we need Snape's password?"

All eyes feel back on Ron. He held his hands up in defense.

"Don't look at me. It's Hermione's idea."

They all looked back to her.

"I'm not telling yet. Just know that it's part of the hunt."

"If this hunt thing involves Snape, I might have to reconsider." Dean cringed.

"What's there to reconsider mate." Harry asked. "Think about it. We get to do something humiliating to Snape…" His gaze shifted back to Hermione "At least I hope it's humiliating to him?"

Hermione grinned and nodded. Looking back to Dean, Harry continued.

"Consider it payback for all the shit he's put us through all these years."

"Well when you put it that way," Dean high fived Harry, "Sign me up!"

"Ok" Ginny was talking now, "I was wondering something. How are we going to prove that we've done everything? I'm gonna want proof that you've done the things Harry and I have thought up."

"How about we take a truth serum of some kind?" Neville suggested.

"I thought about that," Hermione said "But I'm not sure. I want something that I can see as proof."

"I know!" Ginny jumped off of Harry's lap. "We take pictures! We can borrow some of Collin's cameras. He has enough of them. Each team has to take a picture of everything!"

"That's great Ginny!" Lavender clapped.

"There's only one problem though." She realized as she plopped back down on Harry.

"What's that love?" he asked.

"Collin is so anal about his cameras. There's no way he is going to let us use them."

"There has to be some way?" Ron moaned.

"How about we bribe him?" Parvati suggested.

"Or…" Lavender wiggled her eyebrows, "we could use our "womanly charms" on him. Flirt a little. Get to him that way."

"Wait a sec!" Dean interjected. "I don't know if I want you using your "womanly charms" as you call them on anyone else but me."

Lavender crawled seductively from the place she was sitting at on the floor to Dean. Sliding her arms up his legs, being careful to graze him where she knew he would like it.

"You know I wouldn't really mean it sweetie" she cooed. "It's for the good of the game. Besides, you know you're the only man that I mean it truthfully for. Please baby?"

Dean couldn't resist her.

"Alright." He conceded.

Neville, Ron and Harry all looked at one another knowingly. The each raised one hand in the air, made a swooshing motion, and said in unison, "Whipped!"

They all laughed.

"Fuck off" Dean muttered.

"Don't worry about it Dean," Ginny assured him. "Lavender can try all she wants to, but fortunately for you, Collin doesn't swing his bat that way if you know what I mean."

Everyone caught the meaning of that statement.

"Really?" Ron asked.

"Yup." Ginny confirmed. "He told me so last term. I caught him eyeing Harry here."

Harry cringed. "You're not serious are you?"

"Oh stop that." Ginny swatted at him. "I confronted him. At first he denied it, but then I told him I knew the truth because that was the way that I looked at Harry. He admitted it and went on to ask me if I wanted to join the club."

"What club?' Neville asked.

"The official Hogwarts chapter of the "Gay Admirer's of The Boy who lived" fanclub."

Harry groaned while the others laughed. Ron was laughing so hard he fell of his chair holding his stomach.

"Are you serious? That club actually exists?"

"Oh yeah," Ginny chuckled "As of the first of the year it was 18 members strong."

Ron roared with laughter even more.

"Ha ha everyone." Harry muttered. He was clearly embarrassed and uncomfortable.

"Don't worry about it Harry. It's not big deal." Ginny was trying to comfort him all the while trying to hold in her own ever growing laughter.

"Wait a sec." Hermione insisted. "Did you say official Hogwarts chapter? Does that mean what I think it does?"

Ginny nodding, knowing exactly where Hermione was going with the question.

"What are you getting at Hermione?" Parvati asked. "What's it mean."

"It means" Hermione started "that there're more than one of those fan clubs in existence."

"Bloody Hell!" Harry threw his head back.

Ginny continued. "He said well obviously I didn't fit the "gay" part of the membership, but for me, they would make an exception. I politely declined."

"So Harry can use his "womanly ways" then to get the camera." Dean suggested.

"Yeah!" Ron agreed.

"No fucking way!" Harry insisted.

"Oh come on." Ginny said. "It's ok for Lavender to do it, but not you? Talk about the double standard."

"You know there is a difference Gin." Harry growled.

"I don't care about the difference mate." Ron interjected. "All I know is that we need those cameras and it sounds like he's not going to give them up to just anyone. We all know that you don't play for that "side of the team", but can't you just maybe practice a little?"

Ron, Neville and Dean roared with laughter once more.

"Come on hun. I'll make you a deal." Ginny offered. "You get the cameras from Collin and I will…" she leaned over and whispered in his ear.

Harry's eyes got wide. His smile got even wider. Harry looked like a kid on Christmas mourning.

"Promise?" He begged.

"Oh yeah. I promise." Ginny assured him.

"Alright" Harry conceded. "Where is he?"

As if right on cue, the portrait hole opened and in walked Collin Creavy. Harry took one last look at his friends before heading toward his target.

"Way to take one for the team!" Ron yelled

Giving Ron the universal hand gesture, Harry moved to where Collin was standing by the notice board. The other players of the game couldn't quite make out what Harry was saying to younger student, but whatever it was must have been good because the next thing they knew, Collin took off up to the sixth year boy's dormitory with flushed cheeks and a spring in his step. Harry made his way back to the group.

"So..?" Ron asked.

"We got them. Cameras for each couple plus his promised to develop the pictures right away with utmost discretion."

"Great!" Hermione smiled.

"So how did you get him to agree to it?' Lavender asked.

It was Harry's turn to blush.

"I promised him an exclusive interview for the club's newsletter, an official endorsement of Collin as the club's President, and an autographed picture of me shirtless that he gets to take himself."

Once again, laughter was heard around the room.

"You so owe me big time for this." He pointed at Ginny.

"Don't worry. It will be worth it." She purred.

"Enough already!" Ron gagged.

"Grow up!" Ginny scolded.

"So" Hermione directed as she stood up. "Let's all meet back here at 9:00 tonight. Have your lists ready. This will be fun!"