Chapter 2: Bad Day

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Summary: So Athrun and Lacus start to live together.


"Athruunnn, wake uppp…" a soft sweet singing angelic voice calling him.

Although his eyes are still closed, he could feel someone stroking his hair lightly. And a very sweet scent entered his nostrils, as he feels weight by the side of his bed.

"Hmm…?" Athrun slowly opened his sleepy eyes. He tried to sit up, leaning on his right elbow as he did so; but what he didn't know is that he was placing it almost by the edge of the bed.

"Good morning…" the sweet voice whispered into his ears.

And then a blurred image of pink cloud came into his vision. Athrun rubbed his eyes once more to get a clearer vision, coming face to face to her, their faces were too close with each other till he could feel her breath upon his cheeks. And when he finally realized who it was; his elbow suddenly slipped off the bed.

Athrun gasped out load and fell onto the floor head first, hard.

It's been the third time since the accident Lacus had surprised him like that every morning. He groaned in pain, because his head hasn't healed completely yet from the previous accident.

"Oh my, are you alright, Athrun?" Lacus's concerned voice filled his ears as she quickly ran to his side. She helped him as he was struggling to get up and she helped him to sit on the bed. He rubbed the back of his head, which is in pain as it was the first to hit the floor just now. Athrun squint his eyes as he stared up at Lacus's face.

"Are you alright?" she asked him again in a more concern tone. Her eyebrows narrowed, worried about his condition.

"Um, yeah. I think so. I'm just too surprise," Athrun said. Again.

Athrun rubbed the back of his head before rubbing his sleepy eyes again. Lacus kept on looking at Athrun, just by looking at him makes her heart beat faster she don't know why. Athrun's hair is a bit messy and his shirt crumpled, but Lacus thought he looked adorably cute that way. And without realizing what she was doing, she leaned and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"I'm sorry, I hope that would make you feel better," Athrun looked at her, surprise again. He tried to look away as Lacus chuckled at him, because his cheeks are turning red.

"Um…well, thank you. I think I feel much better now,'" he said as he tried to clear his throat. And that made Lacus chuckled again.

Lacus then smoothed out his messy hair, all the while Athrun was looking at her in awe. He knew that she was just concern about him, nothing more nothing less. But he couldn't help feeling awkward around Lacus, or is it just him?

"I'm going to get your breakfast," Lacus kindly smiled at him before standing, and then she walked out of the room leaving Athrun alone in the room.

It's been three days he's been staying here. And he could not help wondering what the hell he was doing, living with someone he barely knew. He knows that Lacus and the others are just trying to make himself feel at home but, but the attention they're giving him kinda scared him. They're being too friendly with him which makes him feeling scared to live with them.

Athrun sat on the bed a little longer; trying to figure out what was he doing in this place.


Lacus felt happier than usual as she walked to the kitchen. When she reached the kitchen, the memory of this morning incident came into her mind slowly. Earlier today, she had volunteered to make breakfast again with the house chef, Uncle Phillip and the other servant. But just as she guessed, all of them disagreed at once about her doing any work when she had more than a dozen workers to do it for her.

No matter how many times she pleaded to them, all of them prevented her at once at the same time. Lacus could see that there is no sign of surrendering in their eyes. However she as well won't give up easily, so she stayed quiet.

Then the rest of them went silent too. Suddenly Lacus slowly let out a long sigh and Phillip and the other servants who were in the kitchen looked at her in horror. As if they knew something bad is going to happen next.

Lacus bit her lower lip to stop herself from laughing out loud. This method always works every time. She lowered her eyes a little and then slowly looked up. The expression on Phillip's face and the rest of the servants almost looked comical to her.

However if was the next step that she was going to do that's definitely going to melt all of them.

Then one of the servant said something, "Oh no…please. Anything but those…"

Too late, Lacus thought.

"…those puppy eyes…" another servant finished the sentence. Phillip looked at Lacus while biting his lower lip. His eyes blinked several times before he finally spoke out.

"Oh, all right. But promise me one thing," he said to Lacus.

Lacus immediately smiled. "Anything," she said smiling at him.

"I'm making dinner tonight," Phillip tilted his head, raising one eyebrow.

"Okay, deal," Lacus's smile widen and then she hugged him tightly before starting to make breakfast.

Breakfast….hmm….I feel like I'm supposed to do something…but what…

As if coming back from her thoughts, Lacus remembered about Athrun. And his breakfast. Lacus quickly prepared everything in a tray then carefully lifting it before carrying it upstairs to Athrun's room.


It's a very beautiful day today, Aisha thought to herselft. And a beautiful view too she thought again and smiled as she as she arrived at the Clyne mansion. It was just the usual friendly visit but today's visit seems to be more special that last one. Walking towards the mansion, Aisha stared down at the pavement trying to recall the memories of Lacus's late father, and when she did, she looked back up to the mansion.

Sir Siegel Clyne is indeed a man who loves and appreciates art. The honorable man despite his frequent involvement and strong influence in the political world, have put the same attention into the art world and perhaps more. First of all the magnificent looking mansion was design by him, the garden landscape was also design him and Sir Siegel collects and buys rare artworks from all around the world, no matter how expensive the price is.

Aisha kept walking but stopped when she felt a tugging at her arm. She looked down and smile to the little child beside her.

"What is it, sweetie?" Aisha said as she knelt down.

"Aunty Aisha, are you sure Lacus would be happy to see me?"

"Well, of course dear. This is a surprise visit and I'm sure Lacus will be very happy when she sees that you have come to visit her," Aisha patted Sherry's head a little and the little girl smiled.

Reaching the huge main door of the mansion, Aisha whispered to Sherry as she begins to open the door. "Okay, here we sweety. Now, since this is a surprise visit I need you to try to stay quiet, okay? You don't want Lacus to know that you're here right?"

Sherry smiled and nodded. Then the next few minutes both of them went in.


Knock! Knock!

Athrun turned was just about to walk over to the door when it swung open, hitting him exactly right in the head.

He immediately stumbled on the floor, head first again.

"Oww…." He groaned. Rubbing his forehead.

And this morning incident repeats itself again, Lacus asking if he's alright and then bend to give him a peck on the cheek.

Lacus smiled as she watched Athrun enjoyed his breakfast. Then both he and Lacus went downstairs after he finished his breakfast. And now, they were sitting face to face in the kitchen, Lacus stared at him smiling as usual, while Athrun forced himself to smile back, which almost looks like a frown. Athrun thanked her and compliment how delicious the breakfast is, trying to break the silence and eye contact.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Lacus said to him as he noticed that she was wringing her hands. When Athrun looked at her, she was staring down to her lap; her cheeks seem a bit redder than usual.

"Ah, I almost forgot!" Lacus look up to him. "Would you like me to peel you an apple, Athrun-san?"

Athrun didn't want to trouble her, but an apple sounds good to him. He eventually nodded to her in a tiny movement, and then Lacus gladly took an apple from the tray nearby and sat down next to Athrun, while she began peeling off the apple's skin.

"Lacus-sama is very nice and friendly," he politely said and smiled to her. Making Lacus blushed more.

"Well, I'm glad that you're getting better, Athrun-san,"

Athrun was just about to put the slice of apple offered by Lacus into his mouth, when he heard a very loud screaming behind him.


Athrun choked out loud, he had just accidentally gulped the whole slice of apple without chewing.



Athrun didn't know how all of them ended up outside the house at the garden. First he pathetically fell from his bed and knocked his head, then got smacked by a door right on the head again, and a few minutes ago he choked himself before falling onto the kitchen floor, ending up knocking his head AGAIN. Athrun don't know which was more embarrassing, falling onto the floor while sitting or knocking his head into the floor three times in front of Lacus.

Darn that Sherry kid, Athrun thought to himself, rubbing the back of his head. She's the one who had been screaming behind him really loud at the kitchen. Sherry had apologized for screaming out loud but Athrun knew she didn't mean it, because she was looking at him with a dirty look. 'Well, at least now I won't be hitting the floor again.' Athrun was sitting alone on one of the garden bench, leaning on the wooden table. He was watching Lacus and Sherry laughing and playing with a pink ball.

'So far, so good. No smack in the head,' he thought. Athrun slowly closed his eyes while listening to the birds singing, he was beginning to enjoy the faint breeze when Sherry screamed his name suddenly. Athrun cringe when he heard Sherry screaming and decided to open his eyes to see what was all the fuss about. Out of nowhere, something big, round and pink hit him hard right at the face, sending Athrun falling backward.

'That's it! I'VE HAD ENOUGH!' Athrun screamed in his head. He quickly got up, grabbed the ball and walked furiously towards Sherry. He was about to scream to her, when he noticed Lacus was staring at him in a concerned expression. Athrun looked down and let out a sigh, "Next time, please pleaseee be more careful." He gave the ball back to Sherry, despite the dirty look she was giving him.

Athrun turned away from them and walked back towards the bench. He looked around the garden and noticed that Aisha was watering the flowers around the garden as usual. Sherry continues to play with Lacus, acting as if nothing had happened.

Aisha had just finished watering the flowers when she spotted Athrun seating on the garden bench alone by himself. He was staring upwards to the cloudless sky, admiring the beautiful scenery before him peacefully. Aisha's eyes followed his gaze and her lips curled into a tiny smile. She slowly walked towards Athrun and could not help thinking Athrun looked like an innocent child and he seems to be in peace as he kept on gazing to the sky.

Athrun didn't notice Aisha's present nearing him, but he did hear the footsteps sound getting louder and louder towards him. When he thought it would be Sherry, trying to pull out another prank on him again, he quickly turned to the sound only to find Aisha suddenly stopped at her tracks, standing like a statue while looking back at him. He had been too busy in his thoughts to even bother or realized that Aisha was here at the mansion.

Smiling at her, Athrun opened his mouth to greet her, but the words never come out as if the words got stuck in his throat. Tongue-tied. Aisha then decided to greet him first, knowing that he was still feeling awkwardly around them. (A/N : I'm referring to Lacus, Aisha, Andrew, Sherry and the servants at the mansion)

Athrun stared at her for a moment, still tongue-tied but managed to greet her back and smiled while motioning her to take a seat with him, which she gladly took near him. But then there was silence again. Neither both of them talked, or even tried to start any conversation.

Silently, Athrun took a glance at Aisha, and noticed that she had emerald eyes like him too, only that colour of her eyes are paler. When he had first arrived here few days ago, she had greeted him so friendly and cheerfully, as if she had known him for a long time. As if he was a long lost relative. He wouldn't have thought about it if Lacus didn't say that Athrun and Aisha looked very similar. Well, because first of all they BOTH have the same hair colour.

"This is the best conversation I've ever had," Aisha suddenly exclaim. Trying to break through Athrun's self-conscious.

He quickly turned and looked at her confusingly. Aisha giggled cheerfully when she saw Athrun's comical face. Seeing her giggling makes him smiled slowly at her and continues to stare to the sky, and then his eyes slowly trailed to architecture of PLANTS's city ahead of him.

"Athrun-san," Aisha called him.

"Huh?" he answered facing her. Aisha eyes softened when she kept on staring at him. Athrun on the other hand, slowly looked away trying to avoid her eyes, feeling slightly uncomfortable. He doesn't like it when a person kept staring intensely at him, especially if was a girl…or women.

Aisha chuckled, when she saw that his cheeks burned slightly. "Have you…remembered anything yet?" Aisha shyly asked.

Knowing it's not polite to not look at the person that asked you a question and to talk to someone without even looking at them, Athrun forced himself to face her back despite his shyness. Then Athrun released a long sighed before answering. "Well, no. Not really. Nothing at all. I couldn't remember anything yet."

"I see. Don't worry Athrun-san. I'm sure you will remember everything…in time." Aisha placed a hand gently on Athrun's shoulder to comfort him. And he smiled, he feels like he might have just started to feel comfortable around her.

Oh well, I guess I'll manage to have a nice stay here…Athrun thought.


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