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Lost Name

Names can be lost forever if one forgets…

Blonde hair blows in the breeze as cars whiz by, mixing with navy and chestnut brown. Ocean blue eyes fill with interest as they stare ahead, watching the once enemy now escape….Escape from love….What is love? Is it something that slowly eats away at you and makes you feel like your going to vomit? What is love? Those dripping stories with happy endings? What is love? Love is…..something unexplainable…..that happened to three boys when it seemed impossible….to love someone with no memory….and the only way to unlock the memories is to unlock their heart….Can you do that?...How do you unlock someone's heart…when they can't even remember your name? How do you lose your name….

2 years ago, August 2nd 2004

Blinding light coming at them….. 'Where am I?'

Voices screaming out in pain…. 'Why can't I move?'

Broken bodies….. 'Pain…so much pain…'

Blood…rivers of it… 'Wetness around me….'

.wrapping around three bodies, pulling them into oblivion…. 'Why is it so dark?'

Sirens closer…. 'Is someone coming?'

People crying…. 'Why am I in pain?'

Voices filled with worry….worrying about three people 'What's happening…'

Voices fading…. 'Wait…I need….help…..so much pain…'

Silence….Dead Silence….

At a near by hospital…..

Rei runs down the hallway hurriedly….Not even noticing the wet floor up ahead until it's too late. Rei yelps and falls on the newly wetted off-white tiles, landing painfully on his arse.

"Damn hospital and its cursed white tile floors…" Rei mumbles as he lifts himself off the tiled floor and back to running.






Rei opens the door to room 102 and looks inside to see what he wished could be erased from his mind immediately. Sitting there on the hospital bed is an unconscious Max with his blonde hair tangled and his pale freckled face with light bruises. Max's right arm is broken along with some ribs and a nasty blood matted gash is along his side along with his forehead wrapped. Rei can't help but think Max looks like a fallen angel with his fluffed out hair and silent breathing like a whisper being told to a friend. That's how Max always looked like to Rei, an angel that belongs in a more sacred place than a war torn world filled with hate and destruction. Rei's secret love that Rei wishes belonged to him. Yep, Rei loves Max and would do anything to save him from the pain Max is in now. Rei sighs and leaves Max's room unwillingly since there are two more people to visit.

Kai wanted to strangle who ever had hit Tyson with their car. 'As soon as I get my hands on them I'll break their neck!' Kai snarls within his mind as he watches his midnight blue haired angel sleep. Tyson's leg is broken and at an odd angle while his forehead is wrapped and shows signs of bleeding with the coppery smell of blood drifting in the air. Kai brushes Tyson's bangs from his eyes and sighs as he watches Tyson sleep peacefully. Usually Kai would take advantage and grope Tyson (AN: My kai is perverted but Tyson is still a virgin….which is amazing…) but right now he was too furious at the driver that hit Tyson….and Max….and Sora….

Riku's train of thought is pretty much the same as Kai's, he wanted to kill the driver by running them over. Riku's aquamarine eyes drift over Sora's body that has a broken hand and arm and his forehead is bandaged. (AN: Notice the forehead thing? Remember that.)

Riku grits his teeth and storms out of the room and meet an equally pissed off and worried Rei and Kai.

"I'm going to run over that asshole driver and sees how they like being run over." Riku growls and Kai nods, plotting his own revenge.

A female and a male doctor hurriedly rush up to them, the female looking worried, one of the males looks like he'd been crying. The female clears her throat when all three stare at her.

"I'm doctor Niwa in charge of Sora and Max. And this is Doctor Mousy in charge of Takao. We must inform you that our patients will make it but….." She trails off and eyes them with her red eyes, "They appear to have concussions and will not remember a lot. They may only remember their child hood, but do not worry. Their memory will return within a week." She gives them a kind smile and leaves with a crying doctor Mousy.

"Their memories are …..Gone…" Rei slowly registers what has happened. 'What is they don't remember us….'

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